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Cassandra Clare shares two new ‘Lady Midnight’ postcards

I doubt I have to tell you how many days we have left until Cassandra Clare’s Lady Midnight is released 😉 so I’ll jump straigh to the point. Cassie shared two new postcards by Cassandra Jean and I love how the first one resembles the cover. The first card shows Emma and the second one the mysterious Johnny Rook:

Emma Lady MidnightJohnny Rook Lady Midnight[…] Emma underwater, Johnny Rook in a protective circle […]

Two more to come – and six days to Lady Midnight!

I’m already looking forward to seeing the last two postcards and I cannot wait to ‘meet’ Johnny. 🙂

What are you excited for?


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8 Comments on Cassandra Clare shares two new ‘Lady Midnight’ postcards

  1. I’m excited to see what happens in the book. And its a birthday gift to myself because it comes out the day after my birthday! Weird luck, right? Can’t wait to ‘meet’ Johnny as well. He is a very interesting character.


  2. I want book now! Never have I had such a strong need for anything.

  3. Got my copy of Lady Midnight today and am super excited about it! Guess I won’t do anything else for the rest of my day except for reading *-*

  4. I’m curious about the ocean motif. The suckers on the “whatever” that Emma is reaching for could be the cause of the weird lesions found on her parent’s bodies and I guess other murdered shadowhunters.

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