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Kieran is being affectionate in new ‘Lord of Shadows’ snippet

The Dark Artifices

Ask and you shall receive. A fan asked for another Lord of Shadows snippet so Cassie posted “a snippet which is not tooooo spoilery.”

Do NOT go on reading if you haven’t read Lady Midnight! (Buy the book), read it and then come back 😉

And even odder, when Mark and Kieran had come into the library, Kieran had gone immediately over to Max and picked him up, delighted by his blue skin and his tiny horns.

Max had stuck his hand into Kieran’s wavy hair and pulled. Kieran had just laughed. “That’s right, it changes color, little nixie-like warlock,” he said. “Look.” And his hair went from blue-black to blue in an instant. Max giggled.

“I didn’t know you could do that on purpose,” said Mark, who had always thought of Kieran’s hair as a reflection of his moods, uncontrollable as the tides.

“You don’t know a lot of things about me, Mark Blackthorn,” Kieran said, setting Max down.

Alec and Magnus had exchanged a look at that, the sort of look that made Mark feel as if they had reached a silent and agreed-upon consensus …

Aw, it’s nice to see the little blueberry and his parents. He’s just so cute!

Art by Cassandra Jean



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6 Comments on Kieran is being affectionate in new ‘Lord of Shadows’ snippet

  1. Cassie has now made me like Kieran again (so long as he’s not just acting nice to get his way about something). That was adorable! Thanks Cathrin for putting up this snippet because I rarely get on Cassie’s Tumblr and I’d probably not have seen this for a while. Also, you wrote an AMAZING review for Lady Midnight. 😁 The part where you said that we’d want to throw our book across the room, well I nearly did that at times! The book was so amazing, and sweet, and agonizing all at the same time it was amazing! Lady Midnight is now one of my absolute most favorites! 💘 It’s right up there with City of Bones and The Amulet of Samarkand by Jonathan Stroud. And I’m pretty sure I know what the ‘big exciting’ part is because I nearly jumped to my feet when I read it. Was NOT expecting it AT ALL. But I can’t say anymore without being spoilery. 😊


    • Thank you so much, Avala! We’ll always write posts about new snippets so you won’t miss a single one. I’m also working on a Lord of Shadows page, but it’s still a work in progess.
      I’m glad you enjoyed Lady Midnight so much 🙂

      • Your welcome! Can’t wait to see the Lord of Shadows page. It’s going to be so awesome! And Happy Easter by the way!


  2. Wait, They decided to hyphenate?


    I love Keiran. I want him happy and soon. ihih. thou i know i´ll suffer for him more than anything before i can get any happy keiran. lol

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