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Cassandra Clare shares special Malec snippet

A while ago Cassandra Clare teased her fans that she was writing a very special Magnus x Alec scene that shippers have been waiting for since City of Fallen Angels or possibly even longer: Malec’s first time. A few days ago she then tweeted a few lines from this scene which is now as long as a novella:

Alec liked Magnus best like this, when he wasn’t particularly dressed up, when he was just in a t-shirt and his dark silky hair was free of gel or spikes. It wasn’t that he didn’t like Magnus’ clothes, it was that sometimes he felt like Magnus wore them like armor, a layer of protection between him and a world that didn’t always meet someone who burned so brightly and so differently with open arms.

Cassie also answered a question about the extra scene on her tumblr:

hey cassie! will the malec first time scene be an online post like the clace one, or will it be a bonus in a future book?

[…] it was conceived of as part of a charity project. That means it wouldn’t be either just posted online or in a book. It would likely be like the short story about Jace and Clary and Kaye and Roiben that Holly and I wrote, Not For Humans – you’d get a PDF of the story for a small donation to the charity project. And much like Not For Humans, that means after some length of time I probably would be able to put it online (I don’t think my publisher would ever want or accept something like this or After the Bridge as a book extra anyway. Just – not happening.)

Because the project isn’t set up by me, I can’t tell you exactly when the story will be available. Also it’s turning out longer than I thought (what a surprise).  But you know, in the next few months likely.

I can tell you it’s set in Paris. Allons, enfants de la patrie…

Furthermore, we were told that “it is a short story for an lgbtq charity.” As soon as we know more we will let you know!

Meanwhile, you can read the scene with Magnus and Alec’s first kiss here. 🙂


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16 Comments on Cassandra Clare shares special Malec snippet

  1. I’m so excited about this! I always assumed they first slept together during their trip, so its great to know that that assumption was in fact right.
    Can’t wait to see how the story turns out!!!

  2. Was the Jace and Clary one just an online one? Because I remember reading that on her tumblr. And will you guys let us know when this hits? If I have the money I most certainly will be donating.

    • The Jace and Clary one was an extended scene which Cassie posted on her tumblr.
      The Malec extra will be for charity and as soon as there’s more information, we’ll post about it. My guess is that the scene will be sent to you once you have donated money.

      • Thanks Cat. I thought I had read the Clace one. It was maybe the wording I was looking at weirdly making me think she had originally put it out like this Malec one will be. And that’s what I figured, that once you donated you get the story. I just like the cause she’s doing it for too. 🙂

  3. Clary Herondale // April 4, 2016 at 5:54 PM // Reply

    Wait, what Clace story? I remember Not For Humans, wasn’t that the one with Jace running down Madison Street naked? That was hilarious. Is there another short story with Clary too?
    Ah..I remember Malec’s first kiss. And their first date in the Bane Chronicles. I love all of these couples so much!

  4. Awww i cannot wait to read the whole novella. IDK if Amazon will sell it or if it will be only in this specific site, but i do want to buy it and read as soon as she released. I cannot wait for more Malec in LoS. I also crossfinger and praying that Cassie write some novellas of Malec family in the future. 🙂

    Also, i have a doubt, in Biten Magnus said he would marry Alec in a shawdonhunters tradicional weeding, but in lady midnight, i think its Emma questions why they didn´t since SH and Downworld can marry? did a misunderstand that?

    • The Malec extra will only be for the charity site. As soon as Cassie has released more information we will share all the details here.
      Shadowhunters and Downworlders can get married, but I think Magnus wants Alec to be able to get married in gold. As if both of them were Shadowhunters.

  5. Alec Lightwood Bane // April 13, 2016 at 6:40 AM // Reply

    Even if I´m not a lesbian, I love the fact that there are several homosexual couples in the Shadowhunter-World.
    I´m from Germany and there are hardly any gay/lesbian couples in the books/movie/TV.

    But I hope that things will Change soon.
    Three weeks ago, our former Minister of foreign affairs died after he battled with cancer for two years. And the tears of his widower moved the entire Country.

    • Soap operas like “GZSZ” had some gay/lesbian couples way back, but I agree with you, there needs to more diversity in German books, films and on TV.

  6. Read the Malec scene. So full of warm fuzzies. Makes the treachery that is school a little more bearable. ^u^

  7. I liked the line where Magnus refers to the Lightwood family (who first appeared in the Infernal Devices) as “sort of low-rent Borgias” and always plotting. Then he says that Alec is an exception because of his straightforwardness.

  8. Ok OK i am a little bit behind here so was it already released Ö_Ö ?!?!

  9. Love this. But I think Sizzy deserves a short story too. I mean, besides Tales of a Shadowhunter Academy.

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