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7 Things We Loved From the ‘Shadowunters’ Season 2 Trailer

As Shadowhunters gears up for its second season, Freeform has released the first trailer for the new season as promotion kicked off at New York Comic Con. The trailer featured our first look at what essentially is a reboot of the show as it gains two new showrunners — Todd Slavkin and Darren Swimmer. And we’re loving what we’re seeing.

The trailer set up the overarching storyline for season two, which involves the conflict surrounding the revelation that Jace is Valentine’s son. We’re going to see Jace’s dark journey but also how his absence and the revelation is affecting the main cast of characters that comprise the series.

From stunning cinematography to Malec to action sequences to badass, empowering ladies, here are our 7 favorite things from the Shadowhunters season 2 trailer:

1. The Cinematography

Something that immediately stuck out to me after watching the trailer was how beautifully shot it was. The cinematography was so wonderful that it gave it a feel that the first season lacked. The scenes were fluid; the scenes were meaningful; the scenes left a lasing impression. With new producers in the mix, it appears as if they’re already making their presence known with a palpable shift in the right direction with cinematography. There’s a noticeable difference in the quality that has us craving more.

2. The Action

One of the things that was severely lacking last season was our Shadowhunters actually going out and being the warriors we know them to be. The trailer alone previewed some of the amazing action sequences we can expect, including many involving Jace, as well as Simon coming into his own as a vampire and facing everything that comes with that. Shadowhunters are warriors, and as such we should be seeing them in action every single episode. That’s what they do. Not only was it great seeing some action sequences, but they looked very well-executed. Give us all the action!

3. A Cohesive Season Arc

One of the things that defines a season of television is the overarching season arc. It was something that was all over the place in season one, but this season two trailer reassured us that this season is going to revolve around a central storyline, which happens to involve Jace. It’s not just about finding Jace. It’s also about seeing how everyone is reacting to Jace’s decision to go off with Valentine. It’s going to allow for great character moments, as well as drive the storyline action wise. We’re seeing how Alec and Maryse differ in their feelings, as well as how Jace’s absence and the search for him are going to affect all of these characters in some way.

4. Malec Tension

“When things get crazy, don’t push me away.” It appears as if there might be some conflict for Magnus and Alec in season two. But tension and conflict aren’t necessarily a bad thing for a relationship. Conflict allows these characters to breathe and to really explore their dynamic. It’s showing that they’re evolving; it’s allowing moments for their characters to grow; it’s strengthening their relationship. While I absolutely love Malec, one of the things that I didn’t love was that the show didn’t explore their relationship to the depths that they could’ve. And the fans — and the characters — deserved that evolution. That brief Malec glimpse in the trailer reassures me that we’re going to see a greater focus on that dynamic.

5. Clary Standing On Her Own

Something that didn’t sit well with me last season was how Clary was written. Not that it was Kat McNamara’s fault, but the way her character was written wasn’t reminiscent of the strong, empowered young woman we first met in the books. The trailer is showing us a new Clary; one that has experienced this Shadow World for an entire season, and is now standing on her own and standing up for herself. Although her mother is back, Clary isn’t that same little girl that we met in the pilot. She’s seen things; experienced things; grown up. And this trailer really hinted at how her character has evolved and could continue to evolve in this second season.

6. Isabelle Being a Badass

There’s nothing we love more than watching Isabelle kick ass like no other. While we didn’t get nearly enough of Izzy in the brief minute trailer it was great to see a few shots of her decked out in her Shadowhunter gear and preparing to kick some ass. One of the shots was from the training montage with Clary (one of the sneak peeks from the new season), where we saw Isabelle really step into that badass role that we can’t wait to see more of!

7.  The Introduction of Maia

One of the new additions that we’re beyond excited to see in season two is Maia Roberts, who made her official debut in this trailer. She’s got the sass that we’ve come to know and love from her book counterpart in her brief appearance, and we can’t wait to see more.

What did you love most about the Shadowhunters trailer?

Shadowhunters season 2 premieres Monday, Jan. 2 at 8/7c on Freeform.

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1 Comment on 7 Things We Loved From the ‘Shadowunters’ Season 2 Trailer

  1. Warlock Bane // October 10, 2016 at 4:55 PM // Reply

    I agree with all of these. I am more excited for this season than I was the first and hoped they would turn things around with less plot holes and characters tossed in that were killed off for little to no reason at all. Anyway, this one is looking a lot better! Let’s go!

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