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Cassandra Clare shares super sweet ‘Lord of Shadows’ snippet

Yesterday’s Lord of Shadows snippet was a real doozie but Cassandra Clare just took to her twitter to share a very sweet and short snippet that made us go ‘aw’  ❤

Who do you think is the heart of the (Blackthorn) family?

Lord of Shadows is released on May 23. Click here to catch up on all the snippets that were shared so far.

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3 Comments on Cassandra Clare shares super sweet ‘Lord of Shadows’ snippet

  1. I reckon it’s Mark talking to Livia? I know that she wants to be Parabatai but Ty doesn’t, maybe she confided in Mark with her worries relating to it, and this was his response? But it could also be Helen? That would be super lovely of it was 💖,

  2. Mark talking to Emma maybe?

  3. It has to be a Blackthorn speaking, because as far as we know they are the only family with multiple brothers and sisters. I think most likely Mark, because it sounds quite (as Jules put it) like a Fairy poem, and its defenitely someone older speaking so it can’t be Tavvy. Jules and Ty would never say ‘sweet girl’ so that leaves Mark. But then ‘the voice that only his brothers and sisters ever heard’ makes me think Jules…

    Its to either Livvy or Dru- (I can’t imagine anyone calling Emma ‘sweet girl’). Livvy because she’s so protective and likes everyone being together and would do anything for her family (especially Ty). Or Dru, because Dru is the sweet caring one and loves everybody and looks after Tavvy and is just so loving and awww I love Dru shes so cute. Maybe Dru was feeling down about herself (you know how she was quite self-concious in LM?) but Mark/Jules tells her this to cheer her up.

    My money is on Mark/Jules says this to Dru.

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