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Cassandra Clare shares Malec snippet from ‘The Lost Book of the White’ for Valentine’s Day

Ok folks, this is not a drill! Cassandra Clare just shared a Malec snippet from The Lost Book of the White – her upcoming novel which is co-written with Wesley Chu – and she tagged it with *deep breath* “malec’s first time”.

The two of them went straight for the bed, kissing and pulling and stumbling over each other, nearly falling over in the process. They tumbled onto the mattress in a tangle and clawed their way toward the headboard, hands in each other’s hair, on each other’s bodies, stirring each other to incandescent life.

Magnus tore himself away from Alec’s lips and yanked futilely at the knots that kept the bedsheet looped around the Shadowhunter’s body. “How did you tie this thing on?” he growled.

Alec, lips kiss-swollen and eyes dazed with desire, didn’t seem able to respond — he just went for the buttons on Magnus’ shirt with shaking fingers before eventually giving up and just tearing the garment apart down the middle, sending buttons flying across the room. Finally, more out of frustration that expediency, Magnus flicked his wrist at the bedsheet as if shooing away a fly and sent the entire thing fluttering somewhere over the Indian Ocean.

Alec raised his head to watch the sheet disappear. When he looked back at Magnus, the warlock was gazing down at him with a deep seriousness in his gold-green eyes.  “You spend your entire life looking out and sacrificing for people,” Magnus said, and his gentle fingers traced their way along Alec’s bare torso, making him shiver. “It’s your turn to just lay back and relax …”

By the Angel! What do you think, Malec shippers?

We’ve already read an early draft of The Lost Book of the White – thank you, Cassie ❤ –  and you have so much to look forward to in November! 🙂

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9 Comments on Cassandra Clare shares Malec snippet from ‘The Lost Book of the White’ for Valentine’s Day

  1. The anticipation for all these books is torture! 😉

  2. hot damn! that is going to be a seriously sexy chapter!

  3. Holy sh¡$!!!
    This sounds super sexy! I can’t wait to get the whole book.

  4. I’ve been in need of this for approximately

    2017 years

  5. Clary Herondale // February 14, 2017 at 8:15 PM // Reply

    Dayum Malec

  6. I need to read this

  7. formyourownopinionblog // August 29, 2017 at 1:16 AM // Reply

    There’s a typo: “Finally, more out of frustration that expediency…”
    It should be “Finally, more out of frustration THAN expediency…” 😉

    Other than that I’m very excited 😀 Malec ❤


  9. I can’t wait for this book to come out. It is going to be great.

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