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Cassandra Clares shares ‘Lady Midnight’ spine art and two ‘Lord of Shadows’ snippets

Cassandra Clare’s tumblr ask box was open for a little while so fans asked her some questions about Lady Midnight and Lord of Shadows. While answering some fan questions, she also shared two snippets from Lord of Shadows:

“Manuel is limping,” said Cristina. She had come up behind Emma and wrapped her arms around her from behind, resting her chin on her friend’s shoulder. “Did you do that?”
“I might have,” Emma murmured. She heard Cristina giggle. “He was trying to talk me into joining the Cohort.” (1)

Kieran’s gaze seemed dazzled by moonlight. He reached for Mark and laid his hands on Mark’s shoulders. There was a moment where Mark could have drawn away, but he didn’t. (2)

I love Emma and Cristina’s friendship so much, if only they were parabatai *sighs*

Cassie also took to her Instagram to share the spine art for Lady Midnight‘s paperback edition:

Hello Emma! I love the art and can’t wait to get my hands on this edition.

Lord of Shadows is published on May 23!

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1 Comment on Cassandra Clares shares ‘Lady Midnight’ spine art and two ‘Lord of Shadows’ snippets

  1. I’m going to start running out of room for all these beautiful editions of all the Shadowhunters books! Had to order this paperback edition too, the spine art is beautiful!

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