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Preorder Cassandra Clare’s ‘Lord of Shadows’ (links and more)

Greetings, fellow Shadowhunters! Cassandra Clare’s Lord of Shadows hit shelves on May 23 – that’s in exactly one month  – so we’ve made a “masterlist” with all the information you need to know and where you can preorder the book.


  • Simon & Schuster: regular hardcover (ISBN: 9781442468405)
  • Barnes & Noble: bonus story featuring Julian and Emma (ISBN: 9781534406162)
  • Costco: Julian’s portrait of Emma (art by Cassandra Jean. ISBN: 9781534406346)
  • Target: Map of Alicante (ISBN: 9781534406179)


  • Easons and WHSmith: paperback including interior cover printing of Shadowhunter runes (ISBN: 9781471116650)
  • Waterstones: paperback with extra scene and blue page edges (ISBN 9781471116650)
  • Waterstones: limited edition hardback with bonus story (Julian & Emma) and map of Alicante (ISBN: 9781471165269)

If you want to see sneak peeks of the bonus content, skip the additional links part.

Additional links:

You can also go to your local bookshop and preorder your copy there to save shipping costs.

Links to ebooks not included but try the ISBNs.

What is the bonus content?

  • More than thirty new runes by Val Freire in the first editions (that includes the Waterstones limited edition hardback):
  • Art by Cassandra Jean (Costco edition):
  • Map of Alicante (Target edition and Waterstones limited edition hardback):

What is a first edition?

Publishers print books in batches called print runs. Every book printed in the first batch of books printed is a first edition. “A first edition book is a copy that was printed in the first print run, when the book was originally published. If the books sell out, the publisher will authorize the printing of a new batch, called the second edition. When that stock is depleted, the next print run is called the third edition, and so on.“ […]

The best way to make sure you get a first edition is to pre order.

Let us know if you have any more questions.

Are you going to get a special edition or have you preordered one yet? Let us know in the comments!

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16 Comments on Preorder Cassandra Clare’s ‘Lord of Shadows’ (links and more)

  1. Anybody know if the Waterstones special hardcover will have the new runes?

    • We were told that it should have them.

    • It didn’t have them after all. (I live in Finland, so mine just got to me). Really disappointed and upset – I know it’s not your guys’ fault, but I wish whoever had told you the Waterstones special edition would include the extra runes had double-checked.

  2. Where can I find the link to the Costco edition?

  3. I already pre-ordered (yay!) get it 1 week after its out.

  4. Will I still get bonus content if I pre-ordered on Amazon or no?

  5. Constanza Rama // April 27, 2017 at 12:42 PM // Reply

    What would be the date of publication of the book in Spanish?

  6. Is the special poster in the BAM edition the same as in the Costco one? Do you or Cassie know that? 🙂

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