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Emma thinks about loving Mark in new ‘Lord of Shadows’ snippet

We are fast approaching the end of April so Cassandra Clare’s second book in her The Dark Artifices trilogy – Lord of Shadows – is going to be published next month! Can you believe that we are so close to the finish line?
Cassie might have thought the same because she took to her tumblr to share another snippet. This one features Emma and Mark and it hit us right in the feels:

24 days until Lord of Shadows hits bookshelves! Catch up here with all the other snippets.

What do you think of this snippet and how are you preparing yourself for Lord of Shadows? Sound off in the comments!

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10 Comments on Emma thinks about loving Mark in new ‘Lord of Shadows’ snippet

  1. I hope that she’ll not fall for him!

  2. this is gonna be one of those heartbreaking ones where its like why does it have to be this was and why can’t they just be together and yet theres that stupid thing separating them which is so frustrating cos its like you guys seriously love each other and all this miscommunication and cassie just screwing with our hearts and minds…but she loves a happy ending…so far…so hopefully…i reckon they become the greatest parabatai everrrrrr… please dont kill one cassie

  3. Emma and Julian are obviously going to end up together. And I’m very nearly positive Mark will end up with Kieran somehow. Clare’s done some forced love triangles before and the outcome is always quite predictable. These books are really great, but all the love angst stuff isn’t their strong point.

    • No idea? I mean… I wanted Jem/Tessa, and we got Tessa/Will. What if now we get Emma/Mark? I am tired of love triangles, I would love it more if we would get

  4. I think Mark will end up with Christina.

  5. I believe we are in for a heart wrenching novel. I hope that Jules and Emma finds a way to be together, because they love each other so much. But I also believe that their love is going to be stretched thin..because Emma and Mark are pretending to be in love (I don’t ship it but to those of you who do keep on shipping.) And I have a feeling that is going to hurt Julian but he wont let anyone see how much it is killing him (but Emma)…But what if the “Secret Prince” may be Jules (probably not gonna happen) and somehow he figures out how to be with Emma through his powers….(screams)…As far as Mark and Christina goes i don’t think they will end up together (cries) because I think he loves Kieran more than he lets show in Lady Midnight. But i also don’t think that Diego and her will work out very well (because she is falling for Mark and he might see)…these love triangles!!!

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