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Win a ‘Lord of Shadows’ ARC!

Folks, just when we thought we couldn’t get more excited for Lord of Shadows, Cassandra Clare decided to post about a Lord of Shadows ARC contest. ‘Nuff said because I’m sure you’re all dying to know how to get an ARC:

Lord of Shadows Contest

I have FIVE ARCs of Lord of Shadows to give away!
Here’s how you enter the contest:

Take a picture of yourself holding a copy of any Shadowhunters book you already own.
(Foreign editions are totally fine. Ereaders are OK as long as there’s a visible image of the TITLE PAGE on the screen.)

Try to make your the picture creative. For example, you could take the picture in an interesting location, include elements of what you love about the books, or wear a costume. (You don’t have to go anywhere elaborate to do this: one girl won a contest like this for taking a picture in a bathtub full of spaghetti!)

No Photoshop

This is about love for the books and having fun, not showing off your (totally awesome) photoship skillz, plus we don’t want to exclude people without Photoshop.

Post your picture to social media: tumblr, twitter, facebook, instagram, Snapchat. Whatever your favorite platform is.

Then email the link to that post to before May 16.  We have to be able to click the link and see the image so it must be publicly available. If it is on a private or locked account we can’t see it so we can’t judge it.

The contest will end in a week (May 16, midnight EST). Winners will be contacted shortly after the contest ends and LOS will be express mailed to them so they get it before it is released.

This contest is open to readers all over the world, ages 13 and up. One entry per person.

How awesome is this contest and how sweet is Cassie for making it an international one?
This is Cassie’s second ARC contest, she also did one for Lady Midnight, and later shared some entries.

I can’t wait to see what fans will come up with. Lots of luck to all of you!

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5 Comments on Win a ‘Lord of Shadows’ ARC!

  1. Thank you so much for this amazing chance! 😀 *hope to win*

  2. Have the winners been announced?

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