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‘Shadowhunters’ SDCC 2017 Interview: Harry Shum Jr., Matthew Daddario & Isaiah Mustafa

As Shadowhunters nears the close of its second season, we’re gearing up for a seriously intense and emotional season finale that’s sure to shake things up for the show and these characters moving forward.

We spoke with Shadowhunters stars Harry Shum Jr., Matthew Daddario, and Isaiah Mustafa at San Diego Comic-Con earlier this month, where they discussed Malec, Luke and Maia’s dynamic, and previewed more of what we can expect.

When it comes to relationships on Shadowhunters, there’s none perhaps as hyped than Malec. Magnus and Alec’s relationship is iconic in Cassandra Clare’s books, but we haven’t gotten to see a lot of development with the characters given how early on we are in the show.

“We’re seeing the beginning of it,” Daddario said of Malec’s relationship.

Both Magnus and Alec have their own unique, and one could say “mess” of a history. But Daddario believes that eventually that’ll unite them.

“Through that they’ll find a kind of parallel, a calm, a kind of tranquility in that shared development of mess and history of mess,” he said. “We’ll learn a lot together.”

And as Mustafa pointed out, we’re still in the very early stages of Magnus and Alec’s relationship. It wouldn’t feel natural for them to take such significant steps given the small period of time they’ve known each other and been with each other.

“That’s the thing we don’t realize is that their relationship is so new,” Mustafa added. “Everybody’s like, ‘Get to it already.’ It’s like three months old, maybe.”

Some things are worth waiting for. And Malec is definitely one of them.

Watch our full interview with Shum Jr., Daddario, and Mustafa below where they tease what to expect in the remainder of the season:

Shadowhunters airs Mondays at 8/7c on Freeform.

Stay tuned for more Shadowhunters interviews from SDCC!

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