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Cassandra Clare updates her fans on ‘The Eldest Curses’

Yesterday Cassandra Clare took to her tumblr to also share new information about her upcoming series The Eldest Curses and she explained that her novels which are co-written with Wesley Chu are now going to be Young Adult novels instead of adult novels! I’ve highlighted this announcement with **.

Can you explain the timeline of The Eldest Curses? Magnus childhood, more about the past, other things about a future we don’t know yet? How Alec is going to be introduced in the story?

We’re going to get a lot more about Magnus’s past—in flashbacks, in Magnus’s thoughts, and as Alec learns more about his man—but we start The Red Scrolls of Magic in Paris, and follow their adventure through Europe switching off between Magnus and Alec’s points of view. So Alec is always there. The Eldest Curses is throughout very much both Magnus and Alec’s story, how they become willing to die for each other and learn to live for each other.

will TEC have a Villian or an intricate plot? If something major happens, wouldn’t Alec have told Jace and the others about it in CoFA?

TEC I hope has an intricate plot and for sure has villains, though I’m not going to spoil you for who they might be! Alec is an honest soul, and would tell Jace anything to do with himself, but in the first TEC book, The Red Scrolls of Magic, their troubles come from Magnus’s past, sins Magnus has committed—sins he might have committed—and the secret of his father, which Magnus does not dare tell Alec, but which is a huge weight on Magnus’s mind and heavily influences the plot. Alec is very keenly aware of the harsh prejudice of the Clave (as is Aline the Consul’s daughter, and especially half-faerie Helen!) and Alec does almost everything he does during and after the book to protect Magnus. The fewer people who know what went down, the fewer slip-ups there could be. (The titles are all very focused on magic, to reflect the fact they’re very Downworlder-heavy—warlock-focused specifically—books.) The gang of the Mortal Instruments know more about what happens in TEC 2 (more on that later!) but as people who have all been helped out greatly by Magnus, and who love him, they are all onboard with aiding and protecting Magnus in their turn. So things go down in TEC 2 which none of the New York gang would tell the LA gang… and there are certain hints of that in TDA already…

I was wondering about The Eldest Curses, for some reason in my head I pictured them as only one book like The Bane Chronicles or Tales From the Shadowhunter Academy but I was looking at ur release dates list and it looks like actual books rather than short stories… and I was just wondering if these books will be big in page number like your other books like TMI, TID and TDA? Thank you for listening! And Happy International woman’s day, you inspire me all the time.

Thanks! My readers inspire me every day. The Eldest Curses is an actual series of books, more like the Mortal Instruments, the Dark Artifices, and the Infernal Devices, but focused on Magnus and Alec. The first book, the Red Scrolls of Magic, is coming out in March 2019 (less than a year away now!) and is with my publisher and going into edits. **Actually, I have some new information about it. The Red Scrolls of Magic is going to be published as YA, since now it is complete, my publisher believes that it clearly is a YA book—full of teens like Alec, Helen and Aline, figuring out love for the first time.** In recent years there’s been a sea change in YA, and it’s much more open to gay romances taking center stage, when once there was the harmful attitude that gay romance was necessarily more adult than straight romance. I’m really happy that gay teens and my other loyal readers will be able to find The Red Scrolls of Magic in the YA section with my other books, and I’m really honored that The Red Scrolls of Magic is going to take its place among other amazing YA gay romances, like Mackenzi Lee’s The Gentleman’s Guide to Vice and Virtue, David Levithan’s Boy Meets Boy, Malinda Lo’s A Line in the Dark, and Rainbow Rowell’s Carry On.

As to length The Red Scrolls of Magic, because it’s a romance very much focused on the two main characters rather than a sprawling tale of action and adventure like my other books, is currently a little shorter than those other books. (Though still longer than most YA books. I am as I am.) The second book, The Lost Book of the White, may be a bit longer (though I don’t know for sure yet) due to reasons I’m about to disclose in the next answer…

I want to ask how far in the future will the last book of TEC take place *like is it going to take place during the dark artifices or maybe during the wicked powers*? *pls don’t write another epilogue like the one in Clockwork princess, it was amazing but so sad and I’m afraid the TEC epilogue is going to be just as heartbreaking*.

I don’t know, I think the end of Clockwork Princess worked out pretty well, I really enjoy readers’ response to it, I make no promises. 😉 The Eldest Curses as a series is very much set in the deliberate interstitials between other stories—so the first book is Magnus and Alec’s holiday away from everyone in which their relationship clearly deepened and strengthened, and which we’ve never seen or heard much about. It was a time I carved away just for them, and hoped to revisit. I have my fingers crossed you will all enjoy the fun and the danger and the love in March 2019. I don’t want to give too much away, but I will say this about the second book: it is set during the next interstitial, which is the space of years between the end of The Mortal Instruments and The Dark Artifices: also after Tales from the Shadowhunter Academy (you don’t need to have read TftSA to read TEC 2, but I do think it’s fun to do so—plus that’s when we meet Magnus and Alec’s son Max for the first time). In TEC 2, we get to see all the Mortal Instruments characters becoming the adults we meet again in The Dark Artifices. So we see how Simon and Isabelle learn to be a couple in a new way after having A Long-Distance Relationship Complicated by Amnesia (LDR&A), when Simon comes back to live in New York as a Shadowhunter. We see how Jace and Clary become the co-Heads of the New York Institute, and how that affects their relationship with their friends. We see all this through the eyes of Magnus and Alec, who are both dealing with being new parents—and whose experience of new fatherhood is interrupted by the necessity of going on a dangerous quest, which must be kept from the Clave at all costs due to what it means for Magnus in a world reeling from the Cold Peace and a Clave slowly becoming more conservative against Downworlders. Alec is trying to fight against the rising tide of prejudice through the Downworlder and Shadowhunter Alliance he has formed with vampire and werewolf leaders Lily and Maia, and which is extremely important to him. Now he has a Downworlder son as well as a Downworlder partner, Alec has to confront what that means and what plans he wants to make for the future, and now that Alec’s name is famous among Downworlders, Alec is facing unique challenges as the only Shadowhunter in the world who some Downworlders can bring themselves to trust. The dark reality of being his father’s son is something Magnus has been running away from all his life (we get a good deal more about that in TEC 1!), and now that Magnus is a father himself, he has to face it… and his own terror that he might, simply by being who he is, fail Alec and their child—or even endanger their lives. These are spaces I kept open in the story, hoping to get to fill them in, and I hope you guys will be excited to get Magnus and Alec and the Mortal Instruments family in March 2020, in a way you’ve never seen them before.

Fans of Raphael Santiago will also be pleased to find out that he is in The Red Scrolls of Magic as well as Son of the Dawn (Ghosts of the Shadow Market#1, out on April 10)!

i was wondering what sort of a role raphael will play in the red scrolls of magic and son of dawn?

Raphael will play a significant part in both Red Scrolls of Magic and Son of the Dawn. Since both are set before City of Heavenly Fire, it was fun to have him back on the table for a while.

In The Red Scrolls of Magic, Alec gets to know Raphael as someone who clearly knows Magnus pretty well. Since Magnus has become pretty well acquainted with Alec’s Shadowhunter friends, it was fun to write Alec’s world expanding as he gets to know the Downworlders Magnus cares for and see better from their point of view, which will put him on the path to not only the relationship he and Magnus are going to have, but the man Alec will become. Raphael is at a party the Downworlders are throwing to celebrate the defeat of Valentine, and by attending it Alec can see how under threat the Downworlders felt, and how proud they are to have their own heroes. (A dryad asks Raphael for his autograph. Raphael writes “LEAVE ME ALONE” on a leaf. Alec is amazed to find someone worse at parties than himself.)

You can read the rest of Cassie’s reply here.

Who’s excited to read about our beloved The Mortal Instruments characters again? Malec, Clace, Sizzy, little blueberry and more 😀

The first book in The Eldest CursesThe Red Scrolls of Magic – is going to be published on March 5, 2019 and trust me, you do not want to miss Malec’s story ❤

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  1. ahhhh!!!!! i can’t wait it!!! i want to see alec and magnus so badly!!

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