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Will and Lucie talk about Cordelia in new ‘The Last Hours’ snippet

We love how active Cassandra Clare is being on her tumblr right now! She’s answering so many questions and sharing awesome snippets like the one we got today. Cassie also talked about Lucie Herondale and Cordelia Carstairs as parabatai and what can we say? We’re so excited to see a girl-girl parabatai pair in The Last Hours!

The new snippet features Will Herondale ♥ and his darling daughter Lucie:

“What if Cordelia has changed her mind, and says she will not have a minx like you?”

“She would never!” Lucie was outraged.

“No,” Will agreed. “She would not. As far as I am concerned, you shall perform the ceremony as soon as you please. All I want is for you and Cordelia to live a long and happy life, and never be parted.”

Cassie on a pair of female parabatai:

Hey Cassie! I was wondering if we will see Will reacting to Lucie and Cordelia deciding to be parabatai. Since he had such a strong bond with Jem, I can’t stop imagining him being extremely happy with his own daughter being parabatai of a Carstairs. Thanks for taking the time to answer us, you are amazing.

Will’s delight in Lucie and Cordelia as parabatai is ongoing. Lucie is always pushing for Cordelia to become her parabatai ASAP, to visit, to move to London, and Will is always like “Yes Lucie yes” as the Clave is like “no Lucie no.” The Clave’s attitude toward women being parabatai is unsurprisingly sexist—it’s not forbidden, but their thinking is “Oh ladies, do they really know their own minds? Warrior brothers, great, gentlemen showing their lady parabatai the best way to Nephilim, great, but oh ladies, so emotional, are you two sure you want to be parabatai, are you sure?”

A pair of female parabatai are a rare thing in 1903. Moreover, these are not usual ladies. Lucie, due to her demonic heritage, is always a little under suspicion–though not so much as James, as to all appearances she is is unremarkable, whereas James’s eyes are proof nobody can turn away from. And Cordelia is under a cloud that is even more of a problem. Will is so happy for Lucie when Cordelia finally arrives. Lucie relies implicitly on her father to support her and the parabatai she wants: against the Clave, against the Angel if necessary.

We can’t wait to read about another Herondale-Carstairs parabatai pair! 🙂

The first book in Cassie’s The Last Hours trilogy – Chain of Gold – is supposed to be published in 2019!

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2 Comments on Will and Lucie talk about Cordelia in new ‘The Last Hours’ snippet

  1. Megan Herondale // March 14, 2018 at 6:49 PM // Reply

    Will still has the ability to rip my heart out, it seems.

  2. By the angel, I love this book already..

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