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Cassandra Clare shares new ‘The Last Hours’ snippet about Christopher and Thomas Lightwood

Another day, another snippet. By the Angel, Cassandra Clare is really spoiling us right now. 😀 She just took to her tumblr to share a short The Last Hours snippet, which features the two Lightwood cousins and James.

“Christopher,” said Thomas. “Would you take James away immediately and show him an interesting scientific experiment?”

Christopher frowned. “Which one?”

“Any one at all!” said Thomas. “I will escort the ladies home.”

Christopher’s brow cleared. “Ah, I understand perfectly. This is what Matthew said we were to do, about not letting James out of our sight and above all else keeping him away from…”

He trailed off, gazing at Grace with distant alarm.

The snippet above was part of another Q&A post:

I wondered if you could tell us more about Christopher Lightwood? I have a feeling he’ll be my favourite in TLH. Also, I wanted to tell you how much I love Ty. I’m autistic too and he’s the first character I’ve ever properly related to. Much love from the UK xxx

I also love Ty — and Christopher, and am glad your heart is open to him! Christopher is very absent-minded, and that means even when he tries to be helpful, he doesn’t quite manage it. Christopher is also an oddity in the Shadowhunter community, in that he doesn’t value the same things they do: Christopher is actually a very skilled fighter, but it mystifies him that the people around him place so much weight on battle prowess, and that his father Gabriel wishes him to concentrate on his knife-fighting rather than his disastrous experiments. Christopher is also fun to write in the same way Henry is fun to write about–the passionate inventor is a great, fun personality, and Henry is very much Christopher’s role model. But Henry when we met him was already a good deal older than Christopher, and married; he was always kind-hearted and grounded by his love for Charlotte. Christopher does not have that one very strong tie. Christopher is somewhat too removed from the world, but he loves his friends and they love him, and maybe that will save him. That’s what love is supposed to do, right? 😉

We love all these snippets! Cassie is so lovely for sharing them with us ❤

Who is your favourite Lightwood in The Infernal Devices and The Last Hours? Sound off in the comments below!

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1 Comment on Cassandra Clare shares new ‘The Last Hours’ snippet about Christopher and Thomas Lightwood

  1. My favourite Lightwood in The Last Hours would almost certainly be Anna Lightwood, because I have already fallen for her in Every Exquisite thing😊. Too bad she’s not into guys😢. Anyways, I have noticed that out of the amazing characters that Cassie (blessed may she live) whips up in that genius of a mind, I am always captured by the witty, glamorous characters who have that courage to live their lives freely and seek glamour and adventure, and the ones who are sarcastic and beautiful: the Magnus Banes and the Camille Belcourts.
    I feel like Anna is most definitely the next in line.

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