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Cover Reveals: ‘Ghosts of the Shadow Market’ No.1 to No. 3

It’s been a while since we’ve had a cover reveal for a Cassandra Clare novel – the last one was for Queen of Air and Darkness last November – and today we actually do have three cover reveals for you! That’s definitely a first 🙂
Last year Cassie announced Ghosts of the Shadow Market, which is a short story collection similar to The Bane Chronicles and Tales from the Shadowhunter Academy, and its first short story is going to be published on April 10, so in less than three weeks.

USA Today’s Happily Ever After has now shared the first three covers for the ebooks, the synopses and an excerpt from ebook #1, Son of the Dawn. The covers are designed by Iranian artist Davood Diba.

Wow, these look so great! We love Anna’s cover, she looks so dapper and nonchalant. 🙂

Thanks to USA Today we also have a really great excerpt from Son of the Dawn, which you can read here in its entirety.

Every world contains other worlds within it. People wander through all the worlds they can find, searching for their homes.

Some humans thought their world was the only world there was. Little did they know of other worlds as close to their own as a room, or the demons trying to find a door through to them, and the Shadowhunters who barred those doors. Still less did they know of the Downworld, the community of magical creatures who shared their world and carved out their own little space therein.

Every community needs a heart. There had to be a common area where everyone could gather, to trade for goods and secrets, to find love and riches. There were Shadow Markets, where Downworlders and those with the Sight met, all over the world. Usually they were held outside.

Even magic was a little different in New York.

The abandoned theater on Canal Street had stood since the 1920s, silent witness to but not part of the blaze of activity that was the city. Humans who did not have the Sight passed by its terra-cotta façade in a hurry about their own affairs. If they spared the theater a look, they thought it as dark and still as ever.

They could not see the haze of faerie light that turned the gutted amphitheater and bare concrete halls to gold. Brother Zachariah could.

He walked, a creature of silence and darkness, through halls with sunshine yellow tiles, panels of gold and red blazing on the ceiling above him. There were busts grimy with age set in alcoves along the walls, but for tonight faeries had coaxed flowers and ivy to twine around them. Werewolves had set little twinkling charms depicting the moon and stars in the boarded windows, lending brightness to the decayed red curtains still hanging in the arched frames. There were lamps with casements that reminded Brother Zachariah of a time long ago, when he and all the world had been different. In one vast echoing theater room there hung a chandelier that had not worked in years, but tonight warlock magic had encompassed each bulb with a different-colored flame. Like burning jewels, amethyst and ruby, sapphire and opal, their light created a private world that seemed both new and old, and restored the theater to all its former glory. Some worlds only lasted one night.

If the Market had the power to lend him warmth and illumination for only a night, Brother Zachariah would have taken it.

Read the rest here.

The excerpt makes us so excited for Jace’s story! ♥
In addition to the synopses for Son of the Dawn and Cast Long Shadows which we tweeted a while ago, we now also have a synopsis for Every Exquisite Thing, which Cassie and Maureen Johnson co-wrote.

Anna Lightwood, eldest child of Gabriel and Cecily, is mad, bad and dangerously dapper. Every rake has an origin story, though: now under Brother Zachariah’s eye we see Anna’s doomed love story unfold.

Son of the Dawn is published on April 10, Cast Long Shadows on May 8 and Every Exquisite Thing on June 12.

What do you think of the covers? Tell us your thoughts in the comments below! 🙂

To catch up on all the Ghosts of the Shadow Market news, you can check out our tag and if you do have any further questions, also leave a comment below or tweet @TMI_Source or @Catreads. We’re always happy to help!

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