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Jaime makes Dru smile in new ‘Queen of Air and Darkness’ snippet + another Q&A

Happy Monday!
Cassandra Clare took to her tumblr to share a new snippet from Queen of Air and Darkness. This one is about Dru, who’s going to be one of the protagonists in The Wicked Powers, and Jaime, Diego’s younger brother and Cristina’s best friend.
Furthermore, Cassie also answered a lot of The Dark Artifices questions in the past three weeks, which I’ve included below the snippet.

Tavvy was running over to see what was happening, and Jaime was asking if Dru still had the knife he’d given her, and she couldn’t help smiling, her first real smile since Livvy.

Jaime came back, Dru thought. Finally, someone didn’t leave — they came back instead.

Aw! ♥

The questions and answers that were part of Cassie’s tumblr post:

I was wondering if we will even get to find out what Livvy was going to say to Ty at the end of LOS? Since reading that scene where she goes, “Ty I-“ but doesn’t get to finish what she was going to say, it’s been on my mind.️️

C: When people die, they leave us with questions unanswered and situations unresolved. That’s part of what’s sad (and human) about death. One of the saddest parts about that scene is that we don’t know what Livvy was going to say. We can guess, but at the end of the day there is no way to know. In a way, it stands in for everything in her life we’ll never know about or see — what kind of person she would have grown up to be, the choices she would have made, the way she and Ty would have grown up and grown old together.

It does however say something about Livvy that the last thing she says is Ty’s name.

can you tell us anything about Jules and how he’s dealing with everything?

C: Obviously it is Julian’s worst nightmare that this would happen to one of the children he has raised and thinks of as his own. He’s in rough shape in the wake of the events of LoS. But even devastated, Julian is still Julian—hyper-focused on keeping his family together and looking out for the people he loves. In Queen of Air and Darkness, he has to figure out how he can best protect them going forward—from himself and the parabatai curse as much as from anyone else. As always, he’s facing some tough choices about how he can do that.

My friend and I have had a question for a while now: can you tell us if there is any reason for Emma not having told Julian she loves him yet? We noticed that she always thinks about it, but never tells him. We also thought this could be a massive spoiler from qoaad, but we’re craving for answers! Can you at least tell us if we’re gonna find out about that?

C: I get asked this a lot about different characters — here’s it being asked about Jem — and I wound up writing a post about it called “Beyond ‘I Love You.’”

I would say that Emma often doesn’t get to express how she feels about Julian in the way she wants to, which is symbolic of the fact that their ability to express their love for each other is being limited by the situation they’re in. Still, she does express that she loves him. But it’s also true that Julian is the sweet-talker and Emma is the strong, silent type — it’s of the aspects of gender-reversal with the two of them that I like a lot, so partly she’s just not the speechmaker Jules is.

Lord of Shadows: [Emma] looked at [Julian] miserably. “Because of what Jem said. That finding out that what we had was forbidden for good reason would just make it worse. Believe me, knowing what I know hasn’t made me love you any less.”

LoS: Emma: “All the people we don’t know that we’d be harming—destroying this thing that’s as fundamental to them as how you love me and I love you—”

So she does say it — but I think hoping for her to be able to say it more openly is pretty normal.

Could you tell me anything about how you might feel about Jamie and Emma? Would she give him a kick for the pain he caused Cristina?Thank you very much for the time you spend with us. We love and respect you very much.

C: Thank you! I respect my readers a lot, too. Y’all are kickass. I don’t think it’s likely Emma would make Jaime stand on a red ant hill or anything though, because Jaime’s been living a pretty miserable life on the run and I think she’d figure that was enough punishment — especially considering he really was trying to help out his family. As Julian’s parabatai, Emma understands doing everything you can for your family.

I was really interested in Dru and Jaime’ s relationship in LoS. Could you tell us a little more about them and maybe give us a little snippet of them from QoAaD or any future books?

C: Dru and Jaime are friends, having shared some intense experiences in LoS and QuAD.

More questions from tumblr! About Kit’s mother, Kieran, grief and many more topics:

I have a question about Helen and Aline. Sorry if it sounds silly or I’m asking something obvious. At the end of Lord of Shadows, they both get brought back to Idris to be with their siblings at the meeting that went wrong. We know during Queen that they stay to look after the younger Blackthorn’s and the rest of them. My question is this: has their exile been lifted or, given how wrong things have gone, is it a case that the Clave have forgotten to send them back??

C: All I can say is that since Queen starts up right after Lord of Shadows ended, you’ll get to see how this plays out. Nothing is elided in a time-skip.

will we see any characters getting a redemption arc in qoaad (eg. zara?)

C: Zara is a pretty clear analogue for some real-life political figures. I mean, I guess the question is, what would a redemption arc mean for Zara? What would it entail? It’s not as if Zara has someone who’s done bad things for good causes or even understandable causes, like Kieran. People can absolutely make mistakes and find redemption. Zara’s whole belief system is poisoned at the roots. She’s an abusive bigot, and it’s her whole life. So it would depend: what would you consider a redemptive arc for someone like that and what would be the inciting factor for her to start to realize her whole worldview is broken? More of a TBD than an answer. 🙂

without giving anything away, how do you think we’ll feel at the end of QUAAD?

C: I asked my friend Kelly Link this (she’s read it) and she just laughed and laughed and is still laughing. O_o (x)

Cassie and Kelly are so mean!

will we see more interactions between Kieran and Cristina in Queen.

C: But of course. They have a very significant relationship, just as Cristina has one with Mark and Mark has one with Kieran.

I was thinking a lot about Julian and Emma and I wondered what actually crosses the line into a romantic relationship with parabati? Theoretically if there was a parabati pair who had a physical relationship but with platonic feelings would they still be affected by the curse? Or if Julian and Emma just stopped acting on their feelings would it go away?

C: A purely physical friends with benefits type thing would theoretically be fine. Julian kind of says so in Lady Midnight (that if they have no feelings for each other the sex doesn’t matter.) The fact is though no one really understands everything about the curse, but so far they’ve behaved — and those who know more, like Magnus, seem to have agreed — as if the emotions are what is important, not whether they act on them, what they say or do. Simply what they feel matters.

My question is about Kit. He seems to be fitting in with the Shadowhunters well (which is great!) however I wanna know if Church is gonna take a special liking to Kit? Maybe he already did and I missed it, but since Kit is a Herondale I just wondered?

C: Church is partial to Carstairs, but not so much Herondales. He thinks they’re okay, but Jem has always been his epic love!

Please tell me Ty will have at least a tiny bit of happiness in QoAaD?! I’m so worried for him

C: Hey! I appreciate your love for Ty. 🙂 I think one of the interesting things about the process of reading is that the biggest stakes for readers are rarely “Is so and so going to blow up the world?” but “Is so and so going to be ok/find love/reconcile with their family?” I guess my point is that it’s normal to be worried about whether Ty will be okay — not only has he suffered a big loss, but Will Julian/Ty/Emma/Dru/Mark be all right? are in essence the major questions that the books pose. We care what the Cohort does, not because they are abstract villains, but in the way in which it affects characters we care about. We care about deaths not just because of the character who dies, but because of the characters left behind. I guess what I’m saying is that worried about Ty is how you’re supposed to feel, not a sign that something has gone wrong that needs fixing. 🙂 (x)

Without giving away spoilers, how much Jemma angst should we expect in QOAAD?

🙂 (x)

By the Angel!

I have a question about QoAaS; will Jace and Clary be present at Robert’s funeral? Will we see Jace’s reaction to the death of his adoptive father? Surely, it does something to him!

C: Of course. Jace certainly has feelings about Robert’s death and we do get to see them. Whether Jace and Clary can make it to the funeral though depends on if they can make it back from their mission safely …

will Lily and Maia show up in qoaad?

C: They both do show up, though I would say Maia has a bigger part than Lily. Lily has a bigger part in TEC though.

hey! will we see more of kieran’s brothers (or sisters) in QOAAD?

C: You’ll see Adaon again and meet at least one more significant sibling of Kieran’s. Meeting all fifty of them would be a little too chaotic though. 😀

I was wondering about touring/events for Queen of Air and Darkness? Considering it is released in early December, would be touring around that time, and would you be coming to the UK? 🙂

C: I will be touring for Queen of Air and Darkness. I’ll be touring in the US and Canada in December, and I’ll be flying to the UK and Ireland to tour in January/February of 2019. And I’ll be in some other countries, too — still trying to get to Brazil and Australia!

Yesss! I’ve been waiting for tour news regarding the UK, looks like I’ll be in England next year to bring you all the latest news 🙂

A few days ago I saw some readers talking about Queen of Air and Darkness ARCs, which struck me as odd because it’s the last book in the series so the risk of spoilers on the Internet would very high. In short: no QoaAD ARCs, right? And is there maybe going to be other fun stuff  that readers can look forward to while waiting?

C: Hello! Yes, no ARCs for Queen — we never do them for last books in a series (at least we haven’t since City of Glass, and that turned out not to be the last book anyway!) Chapter Samplers from Queen will be given out at conferences like BookCon and ComiCon, there will be the stories from Ghosts of the Shadow Market to tide people over and bridge the gap, and of course there will be ARCs for the Red Scrolls of Magic starting in around September, so we’ll be able to do giveaways with those and generally have some fun there. 🙂

I just wanted to know if you could give us a hint about how is going to be kieran and diego’s relationship?

C: They actually get along pretty well! I would say they have a certain George/Simon roommate vibe, complicated by the Cohort trying to kill Kieran.

Will we see Church again? Is he alright?  

C: Church is just fine — he was in Lady Midnight and Lord of Shadows — and in Queen, he provides an important clue to our heroes. (x)

There is something you can tell us about Cameron’s role in QoaAD? For example, we’ll see him interact with Emma and the Blackthorns? Also, will he have a love interest different from Emma?

C: Cameron’s role is pretty complex, but we do see him interact with Emma and the Blackthorns. And I’m going to say yes, he does have a love interest different from Emma, in a somewhat unexpected way. O_o (x)

We know how this thing about names, and how they are called, is something important to fairies. So why does Adaon and Unseelie King call Kieran “little dark one”?

C: It’s the literal translation of Kieran. Origin of the name Kieran: A borrowing from the Irish, Kieran is the Irish form of the Gaelic Ciarán (little dark one), which is from ciar (black, dark), a word meaning “dark-haired” or “black-haired” when applied to humans. Var: Kiaran.

It’s not Kieran’s “true name”, which we will find out in QoAaD. (x)

If you are allowed to say, how big will the time jump be between LoS and QoAaD?

C: There really isn’t one. QuAD picks up where LoS left off. (x)

One of my favourite characters from TDA has to be Kit Herondale, and i’ve been wondering, how come we don’t hear anything about his school, or any old friends he might have had. Was him disappearing without notice something that his school didn’t care about? Will he ever get to go home and get his stuff?

C: As we know from Lady Midnight, Kit has not attended school for a long time, probably years:

“Resisting the urge to react was the hardest. Walking home from school one afternoon he’d seen a pack of werewolves tearing each other apart in a deserted playground. He’d stood on the pavement and screamed until the police came, but there was nothing for them to see. After that his father kept him at home, letting him teach himself out of old books. He played video games in the basement and went out rarely, during the day, or when the Shadow Market was on.”

So it would be a long time before any educational institution noticed Kit’s absence, and knowing Johnny Rook, Kit’s name probably disappeared from school records in the state of California.

Friends weren’t a big part of Kit’s life—when your father’s a con man and criminal who uses dark magic, you aren’t allowed to have friends over. Most of Kit’s friends were other people who had some connection to the Shadow Market (like Wren and Hyacinth), and there weren’t many of them. Perhaps Kit will one day go back to his house? — but we certainly see Kit in LOS thinking about how having friends like Ty and Livvy is a new thing for him.

Johnny and Kit already basically lived in the magical world, so the transition to Shadowhunter-living wasn’t as shocking as it was for, say, Simon.

Will Mark and Helen ever learn the truth about their mother? Especially Helen with her doubts about her humanity, and how she fears she’s more like the evil, manipulative, and uncaring mother she’s heard about and been shunned for, Or will she find out her mother was, in fact, a hero in her own right?

C: In Tales from the Shadowhunter Academy, Helen was instructed to come to the Academy to tell a horrible story about her family, and she did so knowing that the story she was telling was not an objective perspective of events, but instead a version meant to serve as anti-fey propaganda. She did so because she needed a favor from the Clave in order to be allowed to return from exile for her own wedding. Helen knew that the story she had to tell was biased, and she knew that parts of it were being emphasized and other parts left out.

When Helen and Mark were growing up, their father never spoke of their mother as though she were a monster. He spoke of her in respectful terms because he wanted them to know that he was not ashamed of them. Andrew had his own version of the story, one that falls somewhere in between the ones we hear in Tales from the Shadowhunter Academy. While he didn’t go into that story in depth with his children, he raised them to respect their mother and think well of her, in spite of the tragic nature of their relationship. In Queen of Air and Darkness, Helen is in touch with Nene, her mother’s sister, so she has the opportunity to learn more about her mother. She and Mark also discuss their faerie heritage a bit. Rest assured that they don’t hate their mother or think she’s a monster. They know that the truth is more nuanced than that. (x)

In qoaad, will we have any new interactions? I had always hoped that there would be a scene or conversation between Julian/Cristina or Dru/Kit.

C: There are always new interactions, I think — Diego andKieran has been fun. Kieran thinks Diego is stiff-necked and overly rule-abiding, and annoys him by constantly hiding in the Scholomance. Diego thinks Kieran is annoying for constantly hiding in the Scholomance; however they do have fondness for Cristina in common.

Kit does wind up spending more time with Dru; he discovers she has an affinity for crime and enjoys teaching her cons, lock-picking and other tricks. (x)

That does sounds really cool, I can’t wait to read Kit and Dru’s scenes together!

Can you give us information about Shade? So sorry I keep asking these but homeboy here is desperate.

C: We will find out who Shade really is in QoAAD.

Is Max also sick in TDA? Or is he to young and doesn’t have magic yet so he’s not affected?

C: The sickness does affect those who have used magic more, as they discover, so Max is not yet sick as of Queen starting, because he’s too young to have ever used it. Magnus, on the other hand… (x)

I wanted to ask something that will not let me sleep that it’s about Dru, will she ever find Ash or Jaime again?

C: She will definitely see both of them again. 🙂 (x)

Will we see Kit’s mother in QOAAD or is she set to show up in TWP?

C: A very popular question! Obviously the identity of Kit’s mother is a mystery right now, and a significant one. Kit only knows the story his father told him, which isn’t true. A great deal of the details of this mystery are shown in Ghosts of the Shadow Market: we will meet her, as part of Jem and Tessa’s search for the Lost Herondale. If you don’t read Ghosts, you’ll get the answer to Kit’s mother’s identity in Queen and TWP.

It’s a fairly significant part of Kit’s story, and part of the reason Jem and Tessa were so keen to find him.

Can you tell us more about the dynamic of the friendship between Ty and Kit in QoAaD??

C: Obviously the dynamic between Kit and Ty is going to be significantly affected by Livvy’s death. It’s a crushing occurrence for Ty, and the way he responds to it is going to affect his future and his relationship with Kit. Kit is desperate to make sure Ty is okay in the moment, so much so that it may blind him to longer-term issues.

could you tell us something on we don’t know yet on Rayan Maduabuchi? I love him in Lord of Shadows!

C: I’m fond of Rayan too — along with Divya Joshi he forms a sort of power triad with Diego at the Scholomance, in terms of the Centurions who aren’t assholes. He helps Diego hide Kieran, and rescues Kieran from a specific and unusual torment set up by the Cohort. He also runs afoul of Horace Dearborn …

I would like to know if Jamie has a big role in this book? And if we meet more Rosales, like Cristina’s mom?

C: You might well meet Cristina’s mom 😉 Jaime has a role in this book, but it is not huge — Diego has a much much bigger role, because Jaime is one of the main characters of TWP and so this series is meant to serve as an introduction to him, not a telling of his story. This is Cristina and Diego’s time (as far as Rosaleses go) and Jaime’s comes later. Jaime’s a lot of fun, so I’m definitely excited for his place at the forefront.

will we be seeing a lot of Dru & Helen bonding now that she’s back and Livvy is gone? I’d love to see more sisterly bonding in TDA especially after what happened in lord of shadows!

C: I think it’s natural to look at Dru’s situation (and Helen’s) and think they each just lost a sister, so here’s a sister restored to them, and clearly they would be joyous. And they are, but people are more complex than that. Dru worries Helen has been away so long that they won’t understand each other, and resents Helen for doing the things Julian usually does because it feels to her as if he’s being replaced. Helen worries that Dru won’t love and accept her, and worries she has no idea how to deal with kids or raise them. Aline makes a frittata. It’s not as if they don’t bond, but it’s a complicated path!

Is Kieran ok? Do they take care of him in the Scholomance? Are they giving him good food?

C: Diego is the one who takes care of Kieran in the Scholomance (along with Divya and Rayan) and it’s all from his POV. The Scholomance experience really changes Kieran, in the way he looks at the world, at Shadowhunters and even at his own responsibilities to his people. In the meantime he annoys Diego by sleeping under his bed, and Diego feeds him juice, berries, meat, and anything else unprocessed. 😛

i absolutely loved kieran! his redemption, his flaws, his strength, his relationship with christina. i have made some awful mistakes, and seeing characters like kieran who have too but then overcome them is so comforting and inspiring, in a way. i am wondering if we will see more of kieran as a character in himself? not just mark’s ex, but as the exiled faerie prince?

C: I’m glad you like Kieran! Of course Kieran’s relationships with other characters, including Cristina and Mark, are extremely significant to him — they are an enormous part of how he has changed, and overcome his past mistakes. All characters are defined in part by their relationships with other characters, as Emma and Julian’s relationship is significant to them, as Emma’s relationship to Malcolm defines her, as Julian’s relationship with Ty changes him, as Mark’s relationships with Kieran, Cristina and Julian define him  — we are all an interconnected web of love and friendship and enmity and forgiveness. No man is an island, etc. 😉

That said, Kieran being an exiled Faerie prince has always been significant, from his ability to gather information that would save Tavvy in LM, to his summoning of his father and meeting with Adaon in LoS. It is even more significant in Queen, where we start to see how the politics of faerie are falling apart and building back up again, and what role Kieran has in all of that. Who will sit the Unseelie Throne if not the King we know is a big piece of the QUAAD puzzle, and Kieran is integral to that — with Mark, or Cristina, or both, by his side. 😉

I was wondering if you could tell us more about Helen and Aline in tec and tda.

C: I always love to see love for Helen and Aline! Helen and Aline are back in Queen of Air and Darkness with a bang, and we see how they work with the established dynamic of the LA Institute. Everyone is thrilled to have them back, but it is also weird when a disruption comes to one’s life, even if it is a joyful disruption. Aline is always standing up for her lady, and sometimes Helen really needs it.

Will we see Jace and clary in Qoaad, and if so will we get their POVs?

C: You will see them. POVs are pretty unlikely, but there is a special additional story about them in the first edition of Queen! (x)

For more information regarding the first edition of Queen of Air and Darkness click here.

will we see julian go on an anti-hero kind of path for qoaad or maybe twp?

C: I guess I would say there’s a big difference between a hero, an anti-hero, and a villain. We’re all pretty clear on heroes, but anti-heroes are a bit more complicated. They tend to be heroes who lack the traditional qualities of heroes — often lacking the “always choosing the unselfishly right thing” quality we attribute to heroes.

But they can also lack characteristics I would consider part of the traditional stereotypical gender binary — male heroes who aren’t physically strong, female heroes who have vices like smoking or drinkingin short, characters doing significant work at undermining traditional gender roles is sometimes enough to get you labeled an anti-hero or even a villain. We are often cued to see flouting of gender roles as an aspect of immorality, since we are all influenced by the stories which came before us, many of which feature very traditional takes on gender—that is, in fact, what traditions are made from. (Good women need to be rescued, witches have agency, villainous men take an interest in clothes and are openly emotional, &c.) I definitely did want to interrogate and invert gender roles for Emma and Julian in some aspects, so Emma is the stronger fighter physically, and the one with sexual experience, while Julian is the cerebral one, focused on children and homemaking. And I think that does make people eye them sideways, feeling unconsciously cued to discomfort. I get a lot of questions about Emma’s morality tied into her sexual past, and Julian’s morality tied into what he might be plotting (as if he wasn’t always working towards the clear goal of protecting his family, and instead had “burn down the world” yearnings a la Sebastian), and I do think it’s partially because we are used to having characters who seem to differ from the societal norm be “immoral.”

But of course, characters don’t just seem anything—what makes character is what characters do, and why. Antiheroes include Sherlock Holmes, Tony Stark, Jessica Jones, Severus Snape, Jaime Lannister, House, The Bride in Kill Bill, Spike in later seasons of Buffy … Will in Clockwork Angel appears to be an anti-hero and turns out to be a hero. Hero, villain and anti-hero all exist along a spectrum of morality, and they can switch places with surprising ease.

In some ways Julian has always been an anti-hero so asking if he will turn into one — well that horse has left the barn. Julian lies to protect his family and does ruthless things to protect his family: he chooses his family’s good over the greater good and always has. He is able to keep secrets from both Emma and from the reader, which makes him (I hope) an interesting character but also an unsettling one. We don’t always know what he’s up to, while by the end of Clockwork Prince we knew what Will was about.

It’s natural to feel unsettled about Julian — he’s shown a willingness to go to extremes to protect his children. We know he’s suffered a huge blow at the end of LoS and we know big moral choices are coming up for him in terms of figuring out how he and Emma can be together (a solution they are both desperately invested in). Julian will make some complicated ones. But so will Emma, and Kit, and Ty, and Cristina, and Kieran, and Mark … Julian isn’t the only one to worry about in the wake of Livvy’s death, and while he has always been an anti-hero, he has never yet been a villain. (x)

I’ve had this question brewing in my mind ever since I first read this quote in LM. It’s a very sad thought but I haven’t been able to stop thinking about it. Julian said, “If she died, I would want to die. I know it’s not healthy. But it’s the truth.” So my question is – if Emma died, would Julian kill himself? On one hand, his family means everything to him, and he’d be having to make the conscious decision to leave them. But on the other hand, he loves Emma so much – too much.

C: My feeling about Emma and Julian is that their situation is what is unhealthy, rather than their relationship. They’ve known each other for a long time. They’ve been through a lot together, and grown together, and developed into the people they are together, and while some of that has been difficult and complicated and painful, there is a core of strength and love and support to their relationship that has been an overwhelmingly positive force for both of them. Neither would ever intentionally bring any harm to the other.

In some ways Julian and Emma have a problem like Mark and Kieran did when they were in the Wild Hunt: How do you have a healthy relationship in a messed up situation, when you’re under crushing pressure, some of it magically induced and messing with your natural reactions? I’m not sure Julian loves Emma “too much” as much as he lacks coping strategies for dealing with his emotions — he’s only seventeen, and he’s had to be his own parent for years. Therefore he has had to rely on Emma in ways that, were they in an ideal situation, he’d never have had to. Because of the way they have been forced to grow up, there’s a weight on their relationship that there otherwise wouldn’t be. While it does influence their feelings, it is in some ways external to them, and their relationship would be much less fraught if that weight was lifted.

In Lady Midnight, Julian says: “If she died, I would want to die. I know that’s not healthy. But it’s the truth.” Aside from the fact that it’s good that Julian recognizes that this is not healthy, there is a big difference between not wanting to exist without another person, and hating the imagined idea of that absence, and actually not being able to exist without them—feeling like there is no choice in the matter. Things being as they are at the end of Lord of Shadows, I don’t think Julian would end his own life if Emma died. He cares about his family far too much. He’d never put them through that, especially not after they all lost Livia. (x)

 Yikes, Cassie really shared a lot of The Dark Artifices stuff in the past weeks. I hope some of you made it until the end of this article.

What do you think of the new snippet? Sound off in the comments below!

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5 Comments on Jaime makes Dru smile in new ‘Queen of Air and Darkness’ snippet + another Q&A

  1. So much info!!!! I followed most of these on twitter, but the one from today about Jules’ reaction to Livvy’s death potentially confirms a theory that Jules might think he and Emma’s love are partially responsible for Livvy. I don’t think this is true, but I wonder if Jules blames himself and the parabatai curse, in part, for what happened. If Jules thinks it’s a contributing factor then he’ll be looking for ways to stay away from all of his family, and maybe Emma too.

  2. I feel like Emma and Julian should have tried amother healing ruin on Livvy. They were able to catch that brick church on fire by there extra conection but it took a few times. Then Livvy is hurt and they apply one ruin. 😣 I wasn’t ready to give ip on her yet.

    • But they cant exactly ay on top of livvy and draw a healing rune there are too many people there and tgey would all find out that jules and emma are in live amd tgat would be really bad since they could end up getting exiled or stripped if there runes and tgen the kids would be all alone and cristina would do god knows what snuce shes in such a bad state after fonding out what happened with deugo and mark would be styck with deugo god knows where and how be will survive which would end up meaning thaf cristina would have to take care of ty atvvy and dru on her own for a year and who knows what would happen after that

  3. *Sorry for my spelling

  4. JayGwen23 // June 2, 2018 at 3:52 PM // Reply

    Still would be better than Livvy being dead.

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