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Emma and Julian talk about being parabatai in new ‘Queen of Air and Darkness’ snippet

The last Queen of Air and Darkness snippet that was shared online – in the Shadowhunter Army May newsletter – was rather shocking, but today there is a more mellow snippet although it was the result of a very serious discussion on Cassandra Clare’s tumblr:

There’s an interesting bit in Queen of Air and Darkness where Emma talks to Julian about something one of the Cohort said, in which they mocked him for having a girl parabatai (boys are often judged for this by sexist Shadowhunters, as if having a girl warrior partner makes them weaker or more feminine.)

“Julian, remember what Dane said, that you were the kind of guy who would have a girl for a parabatai?” She knelt up on the bed, raising her chin to look him directly in the eye. “That’s what I always loved about you, even before I was in love with you. You never thought for a second about it diminishing you to have a girl as your warrior partner, you never acted as if I was anything less than your complete equal. You never for a moment made me feel like I had to be weak for you to be strong.”

I love this snippet and I also love how Cassie reversed Julian and Emma’s roles in The Dark Artifices. If you want to read more about gender reversal, I strongly urge you to read Cassie’s whole tumblr post, which also addresses toxic masculinity, slut-shaming and more. It’s a long post, but it’s worth reading!

What do you think of this new snippet? Sound off in the comments below!

Queen of Air and Darkness is published on December 4 and you can catch up on all the snippets here.

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3 Comments on Emma and Julian talk about being parabatai in new ‘Queen of Air and Darkness’ snippet

  1. Loved that post too. I don’t totally understand the hate for Julian. I think he’s a really interesting and natural character. I don’t even think a lot of what he’s done has been that bad. I was surprised so many people dislike him so strongly. Manipulative in someone’s book is just strategic in mine. He’s careful about what he says and doesn’t say, but that doesn’t make him bad, especially since he’s protecting his family. I’m hoping for a happy ending for those parabatai! I like both of them. And that last line in Cassie’s post….LOL.

  2. The post was great! I was surprised too when I saw there was that much hate for Jules. He is willing to do anything to protect his family, and that’s why he is a good person.
    PS: yeah, that last line .. !

  3. Julian is literally my favorite character, no hate necessary for a person who is willing to sacrifice themselves for their family. i know i would. doesnt hurt that hes delicious either 🤗 but seriously i dont get the hate either…think about a 12 year old kid taking care of his small siblings, running an institute, taking care of a mad uncle and being a Shadowhunter and hiding it, see if it doesnt change you

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