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Cassandra Clare shares a Lucie and Matthew snippet

Happy Sunday, happy Mother’s Day (if you live in a country that’s celebrating mums today)!

Cassandra Clare just took to her tumblr to answer a few questions about Matthew Fairchild and Lucie Herondale and also shared a snippet featuring these two:

A coat settled on Lucie’s shoulders, bottle green superfine and warm from the heat of Matthew’s body, smelling of expensive cologne. Lucie glanced up to see Matthew’s face above hers, limned by sunlight and the gold of his hair, serious for once as he carefully buttoned the coat closed. His hands were usually swift and bright with rings, flying through the air when he talked or to the curving hilt of his rapier when he fought, but now they were moving with great deliberation over such a small task. She heard him draw in a slow breath.

Cassie’s addition to the snippet above: “Have a snippet to interpret as you will.” Thanks! That’s really helpful *sarcasm off*

The answered questions are all related to Cast Long Shadows, the second Ghosts of the Shadow Market short story that centres around Matthew, so don’t read Cassie’s answers if you haven’t read this story yet (unless you don’t mind spoilers, go ahead then 🙂 ):

I had a feeling Matthew has a crush on Lucie, how does Lucie feel about Matthew? Does she thinks of him as maybe more than a friend?

That’s a tricky question you ask about Lucie! What does Lucie think of Matthew in Cast Long Shadows, when he’s the adored best friend of her much-loved big brother, who is always happy and carefree and compliments her? Or what does Lucie think of Matthew in The Last Hours, when he’s still sweet and seems carefree, but is much more distant emotionally, pulls back from her touch sometimes, and is drinking up a storm? She thinks differently about him at different times. Lucie is a writer, and she notices things about people. She certainly loves Matthew, and she’s certainly worried about him.

I have a question about Matthew and Lucies relationship. I have sensed some things in CLS and have been nit picking in some other asks and I think I have substantial evidence that. There could be something there. Am I delusional? If not, please elaborate.

If you’re asking if Matthew has a crush, well, we’ll see! Matthew does think Lucie is very pretty, and he wants to be more intimate with her–wants to be someone who she would consider worthy of reading her book, or telling her secrets to. But since he doesn’t feel like he can tell anyone his secret, advancing intimacy is almost impossible.

Matthew seems a little bit conflicted about his feelings towards Lucie. Has it always been that way or did something triggered that?

Matthew feels very conflicted about all of his feelings for those he loves, after the end of Cast Long Shadows! His natural inclination to try and keep those he loves safe has now twisted, since he hurt someone he loves so badly, into a desire to keep those he loves safe *from him* lest he bring disaster upon their much beloved heads, as well as a feeling he doesn’t deserve their love and closeness–even while he hides his secret because he desperately wants to keep their love. I do think Matthew loved all the Herondales, very much from the start, and arrived in the Herondale household immediately after Nothing But Shadows as a golden whirlwind who insisted on taking them all to his heart. And certainly Lucie has always had a special place in his heart, and he wants to be closer to her–but now he feels he could never deserve to be.

CLS is amazing so far, tlh couldnt come faster, im in love with all the characters. Is there any hope for matthew and lucie? Theyre adorable

C: Now you know I cannot give spoilers, but I’m so excited you’re excited for TLH and it makes me really happy to see people taking my new characters to their hearts! Lucie and Matthew definitely do have an interesting relationship! They’re one of the tangled connections in TLH, which I hope will bring everybody joy and pain… and pain… and joy.

What do you guys think? Is there more between Matthew and Lucie? Sound off in the comments below!

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2 Comments on Cassandra Clare shares a Lucie and Matthew snippet

  1. I think there ‘could’ have been more between Lucie and Matthew, but I’m not sure Matthew will be able to forgive himself enough to feel like he could be close to her. I hope he gains resolution before the end of TLH. I totally ship them, but I trust Cassie to give us a great book either way. I ship James and Cordelia, and Thomas and Alastair (I really think Alastair will have a redemptive arc). At this point, I’m cool with Christopher ending up with Grace (like the family tree suggests) and I hope Anna finds her lady love. It might also be fun to see Grace and Anna. With this crew, who knows who will fancy who. I sort of hope first cousins don’t end up together, but that’s my only stipulation. And even though it’s unlikely, I don’t want any of them to die. 😦 It’s going to be so hard to wait another year and a half until the first book!

  2. I hope they do have something going on!

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