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Will and Jem are reunited in ‘Learn About Loss’ snippet

Today is a sad day in the Infernal Devices fandom since it is Will Herondale’s (unofficial) day of death 😦
To remember Will and his life, Cassandra Clare shared a snippet from her upcoming short story Learn About Loss, which she co-wrote with Kelly Link:

In honor of Will Herondale Remembrance Day, a snippet from Learn About Loss! Coming out on ebook and audio July 10.

He was Jem again, and he was in the city where he had been born. Shanghai.

Someone said, “Jem? Am I dreaming?” Even before he turned his head, Jem knew who would be sitting there beside him.


And it was Will. Not Will old and tired and wasted as Jem had last seen him, and not even Will as he had been when they’d first met Tessa Gray. No, this was Will as he had been in the first few years when they had lived and trained together in the London Institute. As he had been when they made their oath and become parabatai. Thinking this, Jem looked at his shoulder, where his parabatai. rune had been inscribed. The flesh there was unmarked. He saw that Will was doing the same thing, looking under his collar for the rune on his chest.

I AM NOT OKAY! What is happening in this short story?

Let us know your thoughts about the snippet in the comments below!


Learn About Loss is published on July 10!

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3 Comments on Will and Jem are reunited in ‘Learn About Loss’ snippet

  1. Meeting again in heaven?

  2. This one is going to really hurt. I think I’ll cry. Those two are my favorite characters. I wonder if the setting is some kind of ‘mind meld’ or something that Jem does to have a chance to say goodbye to Will as himself and not brother Zachariah. Who knows. Jem does sleep as a brother so I don’t think it’s a dream.

  3. NOO! I can’t even. This will break my heart.

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