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Aline is having a straight talk with the Blackthorns in new ‘Queen of Air and Darkness’ snippet

Happy Friday! I’m loving all the snippets that Cassandra Clare is sharing for Pride Month. ♥ After already sharing a really cute Diana and Gwyn snippet earlier this week, Cassie took to her tumblr to post the following snippet about Aline Blackthorn Penhallow.

Another Pride Month Snippet! Aline stands up for her woman against some dangerous foes. 🙂

“What’s that?” Tavvy asked, his eyes big.

“This,” said Aline, “is a frittata. And you’re all going to eat it.” She slammed it down onto a metal trivet in the center of the table.

“Don’t like frittata,” said Tavvy.

“Too bad,” said Aline, crossing her arms and glaring at each of them in turn. “You made Helen cry yesterday, so you’re going to eat this frittata — which, by the way, is goddamn delicious — and you’re going to like it. It’s what’s for breakfast and since I’m not Helen, I don’t care if you starve or eat Cheetos for every single meal. Helen and I both have a lot of work to do, the Clave isn’t giving us an inch, all she wants is to be with you guys, and you are not going to make my wife cry again. Understood?”

The younger Blackthorns nodded, wide-eyed.

You tell them, Aline! 🙂 Fingers crossed things will look up for the Blackthorn family soon.

If you can’t wait for Queen of Air and Darkness to be released, make sure to preorder your copy today! The book’s first edition is going to be really special and you don’t want to miss these amazing extras!

Queen of Air and Darkness is going to be published on December 4.

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  1. Love it, love it. love it. !!!!

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