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Cassandra Clare announces ‘The Red Scrolls of Magic’ contest

Who is excited for Alec and Magnus’s first solo book that hits book shops next year?

I’m sure it’s a lot of us and one very lucky reader now has the chance to read The Red Scrolls of Magic before its April 2 release date!

Here’s what Cassie shared on her tumblr:

I promised a surprise yesterday, so!

I just received a very exciting thing in the mail! It was an artist’s copy of The Red Scrolls of Magic, which is the pre-proofread manuscript with the cover, as a mock-up for what the advance reader’s copy itself will look like.

It’s been ages since I had one of these… it’s been a while since we had advance reader’s copies at all… !… and seeing it was a bit of a thrill. I was never sure I’d get to write a book like this, and I’m so happy it’s a reality. I thought it might be a thrill for you guys to see it too, but then I thought of something else.

I’ve never given away one of these before, but I’ve been so touched by the enthusiastic response as people learn more about The Red Scrolls of Magic, and their support for Malec and my first book with an LGB+ central pairing. I thought: maybe today’s the day. So… who would like to be the first person to read The Red Scrolls of Magic?

There’s only one of these in the world, and the person who reads it would get to read the book before anybody else. The RSoM manuscript will be the grand prize; two runners up will receive Magnus plushies.

I want this to be a random draw for my lovely readers all over the world, so in order to enter the draw, you just have to show you are one of my lovely readers! So, write a little bit about what you like about the books or Magnus or Alec or them together. Write anything book-related: a thought you’ve had, a funny limerick, I don’t mind. 😉 Draw some art. Really, it can be anything, just put your hand up as one of the readers I adore, and I’ll put you in the hat! Put it anywhere on social media, tag it #malec or #malecparty, and email the link to shadowhunterchroniclescontest@gmail.comto make sure we see it! You have 24 hours starting at noon EST (New York time) today (Friday the 29th).Winner will be notified on Monday!

OK, enough from me. It’s a #malec party, let’s go. ; ) And don’t worry — this won’t be the only ARC contest for Red Scrolls, but it is the first!

How amazing is contest? Cassie is so kind to give away her one copy.

Lots of luck to all the readers who enter – I cannot wait to see the entries online and also on Cassie’s tumblr once the winner is announced! 😊

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