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Happy release day to ‘The Wicked Ones’

It’s time to celebrate the release of another Ghosts of the Shadow Market short story! This time congratulations go out to Cassandra Clare and Robin Wasserman because The Wicked Ones is now available wherever ebooks are sold. Happy release day, ladies! 🙂

Celine Montclaire goes to the Shadow Market to escape. She would go anywhere in Paris, or the entire world, to escape the suffering she experiences at the hands of her family. She did not expect to meet Valentine Morgenstern there, or to have him promise her freedom and the heart of the man she secretly loves. On one condition, of course. At the Shadow Market, nothing is for free. (x)

This sixth story is perfect for fans of the Circle and everyone who always wanted to know more about Jace’s mother Céline. Furthermore, we find out something very important about a certain mission that Jem has been on. 😀

You don’t actually need an ebook reader, Kindle or Nook to read The Wicked Ones. If you have an Amazon account, you can download the free Kindle Reading Apps for smartphones, computers or tablets.
Amazon US/Amazon UK/Amazon Germany/Amazon Canada/Amazon France/Amazon Spain/Amazon Italy/Amazon Australia/Amazon India

If you are more of an audio book fan, you can listen to Arrow actress Emily Bett Rickards while she narrates Céline’s story.

Still undecided? Maybe this snippet is going to help:

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Great news! EMILY BETT RICKARDS, best known as brilliant Felicity from Arrow, will be narrating the tale of Jace's mother Celine in THE WICKED ONES, due out Tuesday Sept 11 on audio and Kindle. Welcome her to the Shadowhunter books family! # An excerpt: Stephen clapped a hand to his heart. “Bien sûr, mademoiselle.” Unless you counted the starring role he played in her daydreams, Céline hadn’t seen Stephen since he’d graduated the Academy four years before. Back then, he’d barely noticed her. He was too busy with his training, his girlfriend, his friends in the Circle to give much thought to the slip of a girl whose eyes tracked his every move. But now, Céline thought, her cheeks burning again, they were practically equals. Yes, she was 17, still a student, while he was 22, not just a full-fledged adult but Valentine Morgenstern’s most trusted lieutenant in the Circle—the elite group of young Shadowhunters sworn to reform the Clave and return it to its pure and ancient glory. But Céline was finally a member of the Circle too, handpicked by Valentine himself…..

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The next story, The Land I Lost, is released on October 9, and we will discover how Rafael Lightwood-Bane joined Magnus and Alec’s little family ♥

A print edition with two additional stories will be released next year (just like The Bane Chronicles and Tales from the Shadowhunter Academy).

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