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Cassandra Clare shares new ‘Queen of Air and Darkness’ snippet in September newsletter

Time to check your inboxes, Shadowhunters! A new issue of Cassandra Clare’s newsletter was sent out yesterday – just in case you haven’t seen 😉 – and it’s filled with awesome stuff!
Of course we got a new Queen of Air and Darkness snippet so this is the first bit that we’re sharing:

Reluctantly Cristina followed as they pushed swiftly through the crowd. The air was full of sweet, harsh smoke, mixing with the mist from the occasional pool of water.

“Prince Kieran.” A faerie woman with hair like a dandelion clock drifted up to them. She wore a dress of white filaments, and her eyes were green as stems. “You come to us in disguise.”

Mark’s hand had gone to his weapons belt, but Kieran made a quick settling gesture at him. “I can trust you to keep my secret, can I not?”

“If you tell me why an Unseelie Prince would come hidden to his own brother’s revel, perhaps,” said the woman, her green eyes keen.

“I seek a friend,” Kieran said.

The woman’s eyes darted over Cristina and then Mark. Her mouth widened into a smile. “You seem to have several.”

“That’s enough,” said Mark. “The prince would proceed unhindered.”

“Now, if it were a love potion you sought, you might come to me,” said the faerie woman, ignoring Mark. “But which of these two Nephilim do you love? And which loves you?”

Kieran raised a warning hand. “Enough.”

“Ah, I see, I see.” Cristina wondered what it was she saw. “No love potion could assist with this.” Her eyes danced.

“Enough, I said!” Kieran flushed. “What would it take to end this bedevilment?”

Uh, the plot thickens. Who is going to end up together? Mark and Tina? Mark and Kieran? Kieran and Tina? Or will we have a hot faerie threesome as Emma likes to call it? 😉

Furthermore, Cassie also talked about The Last Hours:

I’m working incredibly hard on Chain of Gold, the first book in the Last Hours series. It’s great to plunge back into historical fantasy. It’s so much fun to be writing about Cordelia, James and Lucie in Edwardian England — the clothes, the adventure, the romance of the city, the carriages, the changing face of London, the secret Downworlder club called the Hell Ruelle, the clothes . . .

This is so exciting! I cannot wait to return to London to see what Will, Tessa and the children are up to. 🙂

If you have pre-ordered Queen of Air and Darkness, don’t forget to submit your details to get the fairytale retelling booklet that Cassie and Cassandra Jean have been working on (US only):

You can find all the art that’s been shared so far on our Twitter: Click me.

Cassie is also really looking forward to her upcoming tour – you can find there cities and dates below:

And last but certainly not least, new Queen of Air and Darkness by Charlie Bowater!

What’s up with the wings, Ash?

That’s it for today! What do you think of the snippet and the art? Sound off in the comments below!

Queen of Air and Darkness is published on December 4.

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  1. I love the art! ♥️ And I have so many suspicions on who his parents are, so I will be surprised if those two aren’t his mom and dad , lol! Oh December is so close yet so far away~

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