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Cassandra Clare shares new information about ‘Queen of Air and Darkness’

In addition to sharing the Queen of Air and Darkness chapter titles yesterday, Cassandra Clare also did a rather extensive Q&A for the last book in her The Dark Artifices trilogy. I had a look at her tumblr and collected the most important pieces of information. I’m pretty sure some will cause quite an uproar.

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8 Comments on Cassandra Clare shares new information about ‘Queen of Air and Darkness’

  1. I feel like there will be a lot of ‘shadowhunters killing other shadowhunters’

  2. The biggest surprise for me is the epilogue POV. What?!? The Seelie Queen? I almost don’t believe it. She’s….terrible?

  3. I’m wondering what this physical change will be between Emma and Julian??

  4. I’m not scared at all for this book

  5. Billie J Metz // January 3, 2019 at 10:28 PM // Reply

    The epilogue on Queen of Air and Darkness leaves me feeling that there has to be another continuation of this book. Please tell me you wouldn’t leave us hanging! Love your Shadowhunter novels. I’m 63 now, my granddaughter turn me on to your books & I own all of them, first time I ever read books, thank you so much!!!

  6. I need to know is the epilogue a lead on to the wicked powers series or not?????

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