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Ty meets Shade and Church in new ‘Queen of Air and Darkness’ snippet #QoAaDcountdown

The wait for Queen of Air and Darkness is almost over! We’ll only have to wait four more days and then the final The Dark Artifices book hits book shelves 😁

Today’s snippet features the mysterious Shade and Church 🐱

Who is Shade?! How does he know Church? Seriously, he better be Ragnor Fell!

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2 Comments on Ty meets Shade and Church in new ‘Queen of Air and Darkness’ snippet #QoAaDcountdown

  1. Claps hands together. Oh please be Ragnor! The real question if it IS Ragnor. Who knew he was still alive? Did Magnus know he’d gone off grid? I always felt like Magnus didn’t seem like someone who’d just discovered one of his oldest friends had died, when Clary arrived at Ragnor’s destroyed house with Sebastian. The smoke hearts don’t seem like someone grieving. On the other hand, Magnus didn’t know Clary super well at that point and he might not reveal his true feelings to her.

  2. Could he be James Herondale? I keep hoping he ended up immortal.

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