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Happy release day to ‘The Red Scrolls of Magic’ + an international giveaway

Happy release day to Cassandra Clare, Wesley Chu and all the Malec fans out there! ❤
The Red Scrolls of Magic is finally available in stores and online and we couldn’t be more excited that this book is now out in the world. 😀
Magnus and Alec have been fan-favourites for many years and today is their time to shine (or should I say sparkle in Magnus’s case?). We’ll find out what happened while they were on vacation during City of Fallen Angels and I just know readers will fall even more in love with these two.

Thanks to Cassie, we can share an exclusive art piece and quote straight from The Red Scrolls of Magic:

Art by Cassandra Jean

“Helen tackled Aline to safety at the very last second. The demon missed them and went past, the turned for a second charge. It bared its fangs, each as long as a human hand. Helen rose to her feet, clutching her hurt shoulder. She dropped to her knees as the monster leaped, jamming her seraph blade upward, slicing the demon from its navel to its neck.”

Woohoo, you go, Helen! What an amazing treat for TMI Source’s readers – thank you, Cassie!
But that’s not all: to celebrate today’s book birthday, we have teamed up with Cassie and will be giving away one signed US copy of The Red Scrolls of Magic!
This giveaway is international and will run from today (April 9) until April 16 (11:59 pm EST).
Here’s what you need to do once you’re on the Rafflecopter page:

  • Follow Cassie on Twitter (@cassieclare).
  • Follow TMI Source on Twitter (@TMI_Source).
  • Tweet about the giveaway.
    –> The first three are mandatory. You need to follow Cassie and TMI Source and also tweet about the giveaway.
  • Optional: tell us below (in English, German or French) why you should be the one to win a signed copy of The Red Scrolls of Magic. (TMI Source approves comments before they are shown online so if you don’t see yours immediately after sending, don’t worry and wait a bit 🙂 )

Good luck and happy reading! 😀

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62 Comments on Happy release day to ‘The Red Scrolls of Magic’ + an international giveaway

  1. I have always wanted to meet Cassie and get my books signed but I live too far from the US and can’t afford international shipping for signed books. This would be a great opportunity for me to receive my first signed book. Furthermore, I’ve followed Malec since the beginning and they’ve been very important to me in discovering my sexuality – to receive a signed book with a story focusing on them would be amazing ❤

  2. I absolutely love the shadowhunter universe and the books never fails to suck me in! I want to buy the book but currently can’t because I’m a poor student and I could never eat my books no matter how hungry I get!

  3. Malec has been so important to me as I journeyed and discovered my sexuality. To receive my first signed book from Cassie, with the main characters being Alec and Magnus, would be invaluable to me.

  4. I really want the book. I love Malec ao much and I have been waiting for this forever. But int shipping cost so much… But am so happy she is releasing a whole trilogy for my fav couple.

  5. So excited! I love Malec so much I can’t wait to read these books!

  6. I really want to win this book because this series means so much to me and love Magnus and Alec and can’t wait to see Aline and Helene meet

  7. Csenge Laczkó // April 9, 2019 at 11:18 AM // Reply

    When i firs heard about this book i just look at the wall for a long time ‚couse i just felt “this is the book what will be in my heart for a life time.„ And then when i saw the first citation from that book my heart is stoped for a few second. This is the book what i was waiting for a really long time. Cassie is changed my life when i started to reading her books and now i feel like i need that book to be a part of my life.

  8. Being a huge fan of Cassandra Clare’s TMI series, it’s always been a dream to get to meet her but it is practically impossible for me to do so and getting a signed copy of anything would be pretty expensive.
    Also, Malec is my all time favorite couple in this series and this is definitely a must have for fans of theirs.

  9. Angie Iglesias // April 9, 2019 at 11:20 AM // Reply

    I want this bc Malec changes my life, they relationship, the way that Magnus and Alec grow up together to be the person who the other one needs… All this things teaches me how to love, and I love them and love Cassie for creates an amazing universe of demons and angels.

  10. I love the Shadowhunter world so much! It’s my life. Malec is my OTP, and I relate so much to Alec. Both Alec and Magnus have gotten me through so much in my life. I’d love to win! Having a signed copy of this book would mean so much!

  11. Michelle Cristobal // April 9, 2019 at 11:21 AM // Reply

    I would like to win the signed book because I’m a huge Malec fan! And because I don’t live in the US and I have not been able to get a signed book.

  12. I AM SOOOOOOO EXCITED!!!! IDK when the book will be published in my country, but i cant wait to get my hands on a copy!!

  13. Everyone deserves to have this precious book, why you ask? Because it’s Malec!!!!!!! Everyone is a huge Malec fan. Even people who wouldn’t admit they’re into gay couples, are huge Malec fan. They just wouldn’t admit. And why should I win this giveaway? I don’t know, but one thing is for sure, I’d give everything up to experience Alec being Magnus’ bitch in this yet another masterpiece.

  14. Cassandra Clare’s books are my favourites! I’ve read them all and I can’t wait to read all the new ones that will come! Magnus Bane is one of my absolute favourite characters. To have a signed copy by Cassndra Clare herself would be like a dream! Let’s hope for some luck.

  15. I’m so in love with Magnus Bane. His self sacrificing, heroic, loving nature makes me fall in love with him more and more
    And can’t wait to learn more about his life, of course there is Malec as well.
    Thank you Cassie for this.

  16. Catarina Corça // April 9, 2019 at 12:23 PM // Reply

    I have no words to describe how much Malec means to me! And it would be mind blowing to win a copy of the book signed by Cassie, I can’t wait to read it

  17. I really want to win this book because I love this serie with all my heart since I read the first book. The Shadowhunter Chronicles are a big part of my life, because The City of Bones was one of the very first book I read in my firsts teenage years and these books really help me when I wasn’t doing well and also to developp my imagination. Moreover, because I live in a foreign country, I can’t often buy signed books because of the price of international shipping. I’d also like to meet Cassandra Clare, so to have this signed book is the only opportunity for me to start realizing my dream as I live in a distant country.

  18. I would like to win the signed book. I love Malec! Thank you for the chance.

  19. i would love to win a signed copy bc i cant wait to read it, i own and have read the other books too, and i met cassandra clare last year at bookcon and got some of my books signed, so it would be cool to have another signed copy, also im in canada quebec so most of the times giveaways like this arent for people in canada or quebec. cant wait to read from magnus perspective :3

  20. wanderingsofabookbird // April 9, 2019 at 1:37 PM // Reply

    I’d love to win because Cassie’s books are a huge part of my life and have helped me through so many difficulties. They really mean a lot to me.
    Megan S.

  21. Happy Book Release to „Red Scrolls of Magic“
    The first book I read from „the Shadowhunter Chronicles“ was „City of Heavenly Fire“. I know I should have read the first book but then I didn’t really know the order and after reading just two lines I fell in love. I read all the books and I just absolutely love them. They are what I read when I am lonely or just sad. They lift my spirits up when I am down and give me hope. I love you Cassandra Clare. I have been counting down days since I heard the release date of „Red Scrolls of Magic“. I want to read and be with my favourite characters‘ journey. Alec Lightwood has always been my favourite. It would be mindblowing for me and my family if I could get a copy

  22. Sofia Lourdes Galeas Landaverde // April 9, 2019 at 2:19 PM // Reply

    Well I had pre-order the book and thought that it was already paid, however they tried to get the money until today that I have no balance in my debit card so I’m dying here… I live in Honduras 🇭🇳, Ill never gonna meet Cassie so it would me my complete honor to have a book sign by her. I was counting the days for this book…. Porfavor me ló quiero ganar

  23. Plenilunio Owens // April 9, 2019 at 2:59 PM // Reply

    Me encantaría ganar está copia autografiada porque Cassandra ha es una gran inspiración para mí, todo su mundo es perfecto lleno de misterio, aventura sin dejar de lado el amor. Todo esto me ha impulsado a escribir mis propias historias. Tener una copia autografiada por ella sería de lo mejor que me podría pasar en el mundo.

  24. I want win the red scrolls book because always that I read the books of Cassie I feel that Im traveling to another World, a world that I really love,because this can remember me that all of us are magic to our way. And this book is my ticket to take the train that will come back me to the Mangus and Alec beautiful adventures💕.

  25. Malec means the world to me, they’ve inspired me in so many ways and for a very long time. I’m not exaggerating when I say they’ve helped me through my darkest times. So I really, really, really need to win this, because I’m Spanish and we don’t know if it’s gonna be translated (for example ToSA wasn’t, we’re still waiting). Thank you very much for the chance and love from Spain ❤

  26. I think this is the book that every Shadowhunter fan needs.

  27. Emmaly Gridley // April 9, 2019 at 5:18 PM // Reply

    So exciting! I’d love to win

  28. Nicole Howie // April 9, 2019 at 5:35 PM // Reply

    Love this series and am so excited to read more about my favorite couple! Love Malec to death. I own all of Cassandra Clare’s books and would love to finally have a signed copy!

  29. I love Cassandra and The Shadowhunters chronicles❤! Is special to me, because it was his books that made me fall in love with reading; the characters so different but so inspiring, I love them and they are my inspiration. I love you Cassandra.❣

  30. Dude I just really want to win one 😭

  31. Seriously, Malec has been my OTP since I found out about them in 2014 (since I began reading the TMI books) and this is just so exciting!! Thanks so much for the chance!!

  32. Happy book birthday to The Red Scrolls of Magic. It’s been quite a ride for Magnus and Alec up until now – and I can’t wait to go back to reading about the early days of their relationship. I still remember the wait after City of Glass and I’m constantly baffled how much time has passed since then. The Shadowhunter Chronicles have given me so much and will always remain special to me.

  33. Achiad Rotenstein // April 9, 2019 at 7:13 PM // Reply

    I think i should win because really want this book and i love the mortal instruments and the infernal devices and the dark artifices books and evrey book that connected to the shadowhunters world

  34. Michelle Langner // April 9, 2019 at 7:48 PM // Reply

    I have the whole Cassandra Clare collection (as in one copy of each book she’s written, not all the separate covers, unfortunately), and do not have any money in my account to buy the copy 😥 I would love to read this book, I always wondered what the boys did on vacation with all those fun and interesting pictures they sent Jace in City of Fallen Angels.

    I did all the required steps for the giveaway. Was already following Cassie and TMI Source, and I tweeted about the giveaway at @MicheyFanGirl02

  35. I would love to win a signed baby book for my collection !!!!
    And hace the amazing opportunity to read it before I enter college !! 💕

  36. I have loved all of cassies books for a really long time, they all mean so much to me. All of her characters are so diverse, extremely inspiring to me and i love every single one of them. The shadowhunters chronicles are something i will never be able to forget. I would really love to win it!

  37. When I first read about Magnus and Alec I was struggling a lot with my own identity. It was really difficult because I didn’t really know what my feelings were labeled as. I eventually learned that I’m bisexual and quickly felt a sense of belonging when Magnus further delved into his identity. I also resonated with Alec’s worry and that awful tightness you feel when you’re in the closet. Thankfully, I’m able to relate to how free it felt when he came out and to how everyone close to him came around to who he is too. These books offer great representation and they just keep getting more and more diverse.

  38. I’ve been a fan for more than six years, and I’ve enjoyed reading Cassie’s books. I really love all the characters in these stories, you laugh and you cry, you get attached to them. So every time I hear there’s going to be a new book in the same universe, I get so excited. 🙂 Thank you so much for this opportunity 💖

  39. Magnus and Alec are the character in the which I really love. I’m really happy for this book.

  40. Sariel Tomar // April 10, 2019 at 5:01 AM // Reply

    I’m so happy that it is finally released. I had been waiting for such a long time and now it’s finally here. I hope I can win the book because the Shadowhunter series and every single book in the series and every character holds a lot of importance in my life. I have learnt so much from them, and especially from Malec. I love the bond that they have. I just finished Queen of Air and Darkness and you can guess how excited I must be to read about Malec. Even if I don’t win, I hope I can afford the book and read it. Cassandra Clare, thank you for writing such wonderful books and giving life to such amazing characters. Moreover thank you so much for Malec.

  41. I have always wanted to know more about the shadow world. And it would be nice to add another book to my collection.

  42. I love this whole universe of Cassandra Clare`s. To have a signed copy would make me have to frame it instead of reading it, but it will make my year!

  43. Julya A. Fusuma // April 10, 2019 at 8:42 AM // Reply

    The thing that strikes me most about these characters is their personal stories and how they were led to each other. Malec was never something that was only there to show representation, and that’s the kind of representation people deserve, they are two people who struggle with past, present and future, but more importantly, they simply love their friends, family and each other unapologetically. They are ruled by their hearts and their sense of what is right, and earth be doomed if they aren’t right for each other. That’s what they mean to me: they are the the kind of people the world desperately needs, they deserve to have their stories told, and to have that story in the words of someone I admire is a gift I’m already thankful for, the signature would only make it more personal.

  44. Skywclouds // April 10, 2019 at 9:25 AM // Reply

    I participate in the giveaway because I’m very excited to read this book. Magnus is one of my favourite characters in TMI saga and Malec is a beautiful ship.

  45. Neeti Vakharia // April 10, 2019 at 9:36 AM // Reply

    I absolutely love the Shadowhunter Chronicles and can’t wait to read what Cassie has got for us. I wish to read the Red Scrolls of Magic so muchh. If I had a signed copy, I would faint from happiness! It will make my year, not my day, my year! Plus, it’s Malec, my most favourite ship!

  46. Neeti Vakharia // April 10, 2019 at 9:42 AM // Reply

    I absolutely love the Shadowhunter Chronicles! It’s amazing and getting a signed copy will make my day. Plus, Red Scrolls of Magic so Malec- my Fav!! ❤

  47. Magnus Bane is my favorite character in the Shadowhunters Chronicles. He taught me it’s okay to be myself 🙂 Also, this series made me fall in love with reading and I can’t wait to see what my boys are up to this time. The way Cassie put such different characters together is beautiful and shows us that love and happiness can be found in the most unexpected places. Plus, is Malec, who doesn’t love Malec? ♥

  48. Anthony Heng // April 10, 2019 at 7:38 PM // Reply

    I was going through tough times through anxiety and depression and when i read cassandra’s novels i would always find hope in reading them her words inspired me and motivated me and i felt less pressure on my back. After i read cassandra’s books i found a passion for reading and eventually my anxiety became little. I would always worry that i was different from others and that i didnt fit in but malec taught me you didnt need to fit in you just have to accept yourself and then i felt that light appear into my life again and her words truly are magical. I live in the down under in Aussie where authors rarely come so having a signed cassandra clare book in my hands would feel like being blessed by the angel. Cassandra is an inspirational person she devotes her life into the shadowhunter chronicles and she is an important role model to all shadowhunter fans ☺️

  49. Thank you for this international giveaway, it means a lot for us, overseas readers!
    I love Cassie’s books and have been reading them for what feels like ages. I also collect them (I mean, they’re gorgeous and phenomenal, right?) so it would be amazing for me to have this signed edition to add to my shelves 🙂

  50. I have been in love with the Shadowhunter Chronicles for more than six years now. It all started because I saw the movie poster with Magnus in it and thought he looked amazing and made my family get me the books for my birthday because I needed to know more about him! I devoured the books and was so dismayed to know there was one more book and it wasn’t released in my country yet and I had to wait to know the end… I waited until I could buy it as soon as possible and read TID in the meanwhile and since that time I have only grown more in more in love with the TSC series and Magnus Bane. He is the light of my life, I love everything about him and his growth, I want to know everything about him always and I am so happy we get the chance to know more with TEC! Cassie is my absolute hero and the person I most look up to in the world, both as a writer and as an example of a human being. She came to my country once when I was still getting into the books and later when I found out she had been here and I had missed it for not knowing the books earlier I was heartbroken and I have been waiting for a chance to meet her ever since as it’s my dream. It might never come true, but getting a book signed by her would the absolutely next best thing, specially a book about these characters and this couple that means so much to me. It’s so rare that there are giveaways open internationally and so I thank you all for this amazing opportunity.

  51. I am a fan of Cassandra’s work since I was 13 and I am waiting for every book. Last year, when I saw first information about full novel about Malec, I almost screamed with happiness (I still remember being on holiday with my family, reading CoLS for the first time and screaming „Magnus no!“ when he broke up with Alec which made every person on the beach look at me, my parents asking what’s wrong and me hiding beneath the book with embarassment – I was so into the story and terrified by ending of Malec that i forgot there were other people as well). I feel… proud and happy when I see LGBTQ+ representation in my favourite writer’s books beacuse I know I chose the right writers. I love reading about people who are not homophobic and let others love freely – seeing how the world should be. Less than 2 years ago I started thinking more about my sexual orientation, considering if I am really hetero as I previously had thought. After 2 years i think I should create with Magnus a club for bisexuals who think black hair and blue eyes are their favourite combination 😉 Magnus is a person who makes me feel that I should not hide with my feelings and love interests but just be myself no matter what others think about me. I feel like this book is something fresh and people waited for book like that for so long: boy – boy main couple and of course amazing Haline (Helen is my first ever book girl crush) – since i read for the first time about Helen and Aline I was interested how their relationship began.

    I don’t know why but since i remember I’ve always wanted to witness my favourite writer’s new book having premiere on my birthday (maybe I would feel more connected to it). Red Scrolls of Magic has its premiere exactly 10 days before my 20th birthday. It is my dream to get this book as a birthday gift. I hate the idea of turning 20, starting being an adult and loosing teenage life, so I think 19th April won’t be the best day of my life but winning RSoM would make it so so so much better (I would probably even scream with happiness – especially that I have never won anything). I am Polish and I am not sure if there will be polish translation of RSoM, beacuse we don’t have any information yet and i really wish to read this book, hold it in my arms and cry over beauty of Magnus and Alec’s relationship and their adventures (and there is Tessa so I hope she will mention Will so I could cry even more beacuse I love that boy) and crying over the fact that I am forever single 😀 But maybe this novel could give me hope of finding my own soulmate.

  52. If I win I’ll buy you beer to all you people!

  53. Maria Agustina Josa // April 14, 2019 at 11:47 AM // Reply

    I love this series with all of muy heart. It Will mean the world to me if i win. Love tmi source. Thank you for this giveaway.

  54. Merary Hernández // April 14, 2019 at 8:09 PM // Reply

    It would mean the world to me if win this book. Cassandra Clare is one of my favorite authors and I been dying to know more about Malec’s story. Thank you!

  55. Rocío Alba // April 14, 2019 at 8:34 PM // Reply

    Okay the Shadowhunters Chronicles have been a HUGE part of my life, I started them when I was 11 and I’ve LOVED THEM with all my heart since then. I could talk about how important Malec is for me,and how much happiness they have brought me, but I think loads of people feel the same way, because this series simply brings happiness to the world (and despair sometimes,but it is for a good cause :)) Thank you so much for making me happy all these years and…I hope to win! Love from Argentina!

  56. Thank you so much for the international giveaway!!

    • I’M SO EXCITED TO READ THIS BOOK! Magnus is my favorite character of all, can’t wait to read more of his story! Thank you so much for this giveaway, y’all are the best ❤

  57. Karolayne Araújo // April 15, 2019 at 11:12 PM // Reply

    I want to rsom bc Alec and Magnus changed my life! I grew up with them to be a better person. They teach me how to love, be friendly and fight for what I believe!

  58. Janet Filigrana // April 16, 2019 at 4:15 AM // Reply

    I would like to win bc I’m a big fan of the shadow world books not just bc the amazing story lines but bc when I started the saga I was in high school and didn’t even understand what LGBT representation in books mean and didn’t even understand that I could be a part of the community as well.. now as an adult studying in collage and learning about in real life a long side as reading on my favorite books is really encouraging so I love how this saga teached me it’s okay to not fully understand your sexuality and doubt about it even just go out and try to discover it while having fun and meeting new people. It can be hard and not as pretty and fast as you would like but maybe it’s not about that but to just keep discovering new things about yourself and loving every part of it.. so yeah I really can identify with Alec about his doubts and fears but having people to support you as well. Finally I would really love to win this 🙂 (sorry for my English I’m not a native speaker)

  59. Franceline Lima Galvão // April 16, 2019 at 10:00 AM // Reply

    I would love to win this book, because I really love magnus, alec, and the shadowhunters‘ chronicles world… I don’t know when I’m going to be able to buy this one and I’m dying to have it!! These books has been a big part of my life since I read it the first time, i can’t imagine my life without them… and last but not least thank you for the international giveaway!!

  60. I have always been a fan of Cassandra Clare’s books. The books have helped me so much through the tough times in my life. The books are absolutely amazing and I can’t wait to read the story about Malec! So excited! I’m also inspired by the fact that Clare’s books have created this huge Shadowhunter fandom and I’m so happy to be a part of this community. Malec is one of my favorite couples and I would love it if I won this giveaway! Thank you for the giveaway opportunity!

  61. I want to win the giveaway, because, Malec is one of the reasons of my inspiration, my security and all in my life right now

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