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Cassandra Clare shares “All the book news!” (snippet, art and more)

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Buckle up, Shadowhunters, this is going to be a long article because we got lots of news in today’s newsletter and on Cassandra Clare’s Twitter! Here’s a little overview of what you can look forward to:

  • Forever Fallen snippet
  • BookCon announcements
  • The Last Hours artwork
  • Clockwork Angel 10th anniversary edition

Before I share a new snippet from Ghosts of the Shadow Market, let me quickly quote from Cassie’s newsletter:

Thanks so much for all the good wishes for my health and recovery. I’m doing well, and looking forward to seeing many of you at BookCon!

More BookCon news after a new Forever Fallen snippet (you can read another snippet from the final Ghosts of the Shadow Market story here):

“Actually,” said Jace, “I’d appreciate it if you didn’t tell anybody. You two are about the same age my friends and I were when we saved the world. I think I can trust you two. I think you could do great things. I’d love your help.”

They looked at each other with awkward, surprised enthusiasm. “Help with what?” said the werewolf.

Jace told them. It seemed to go well at first. Their eyes were shining. They wanted so badly to be heroes. He’d wanted to be one himself, once.

The werewolf girl, who seemed to know about Alec and the Jace in this world, was nodding eagerly. The faerie boy nodded less and said very little. Jace wasn’t certain of him. After he was done talking and pretended to leave, Jace swung around and quietly followed them. He could feel his Soundless rune sparking against his skin: a novel sensation after so long.

“I don’t care who he is,” said the faerie boy. “I don’t trust him. I’m going to tell the King.”

Well, win some, lose some. The important thing was knowing when to cut your losses.

Jace cut their throats and buried the two young lovers side by side under the green leaves of the springtime trees. He made sure to close their eyes and clasp the girl’s hand safe in the boy’s before he smoothed the soil over them, so they were sleeping peacefully together. He gave them the death he would have wanted for himself.

Um, what the heck are you doing, Jace??

Ghosts of the Shadow Market is a series of short stories that came out in ebook form last year. The Shadow Market has long been a gathering place for Downworlders, but a lone Shadowhunter frequented the Market for over a century. These stories follow Brother Zachariah AKA Jem Carstairs through a variety of years and settings, from 1901 to 2013. The print version will include two new stories (which will exist only in this print book, or in the ebook version of the collected short stories) both set after the events of Queen of Air and Darkness:

The Lost World, co-written by Kelly Link:

While at the Scholomance, Ty and Livvy test the limits of Livvy’s ghostly powers, while Jem and Tessa prepare for the birth of their child.

Forever Fallen, co-written by Sarah Rees Brennan

The Jace Herondale who crossed into our world from Thule is torn between his feeling of responsibility to Ash, who is ever-increasing in power, and his desire to take back the life he lost from the Jace of our world, by force if necessary.

Meanwhile, in the peaceful countryside of England, Kit Herondale struggles to adjust to a new life and a new family, and to forget Ty.

The print edition of Ghosts of the Shadow Market will be published in less than three weeks (June 4)!

Like I’ve already shared before, Cassie is going to be at BookCon and she’s posted a useful graphic for her readers who will be there as well:

At BookCon, Simon and Schuster will be handing out Chain of Gold chapter samplers, as well as posters!

As part of my BookCon schedule I’ll be doing an event with David Canfield, where we’ll discuss the challenges of maintaining and expanding a growing universe like the Shadowhunter world—what it means to introduce new characters (The Last Hours) while at the same time going back to revisit old characters (The Eldest Curses).

Talking about Chain of Gold chapter samplers, doesn’t it look amazing?

I just love everything about it: the model’s hair, the dress, the background, the colours ♥

And don’t forget the tag line:

An inheritance of shadows.
A love in chains.
An unconquerable foe.

Since we’re already on the topic of The Last Hours, Cassie shared this artwork and I am totally swooning!

James Herondale, I cannot wait to meet you on March 3, 2020! ♥
And now to the news that I’m most excited for: Before we finally get to meet James in The Last Hours, we will return to his father Will Herondale in the 10th anniversary edition of Clockwork Angel!

Cassandra Jean is back to contribute “8 color character portraits” and Kathleen Jennings is once again drawing the art for the chapter headings. We’re also getting a new cover which will be by artist Dan Funderburgh. And finally, the 10th anniversary edition will have the first chapter of Chain of Gold with an introductory note!

The anniversary edition is published on November 7 and as soon as we have more than the link, I will tweet the links (@TMI_Source) so that you can pre-order your copy!

We do have four more 2019 releases in addition to Ghosts of the Shadow Market and the Clockwork Angel anniversary edition:

  • June 18: Shadowhunter Short Story Collection (The Bane Chronicles, Tales from the Shadowhunter Acadey, Ghosts of the Shadow Market)
  • July 11: Queen of Air and Darkness UK paperback
  • October 8: Queen of Air and Darkness US paperback
  • October 29: The Mortal Instruments: The Graphic Novel Vol. 3

2020 will give us Chain of Gold (March 3) and The Lost Book of the White (September 1):

It’s 2010 and Magnus and Alec have just adopted baby warlock Max. They’re settling in to family life (with a baby who occasionally turns into a bat) when an old friend from Magnus’s past appears bearing a terrible secret. To rescue him, Magnus and Alec must journey to Shanghai, bringing with them the formidable assistance of Clary, Jace, Simon, and Isabelle. But will they be able to help him, and in doing so, prevent the Book of the White from falling into the worst possible hands?

Max is probably going to be the cutest bat ever 😀

This is it for now. Thanks for reading and have a great weekend!
If you do have any questions, you can leave them in the comments below or tweet @TMI_Source or @catreads.

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