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Tessa and Cordelia talk about books and more in new ‘Chain of Gold’ snippet

We haven’t had a lot of The Shadowhunter Chronicles news lately, probably because Cassandra Clare is too busy working on her novels to actually be online, but today she took to her tumblr to share a short snippet featuring Cordelia and Tessa:

Aw, I love how Cordy is spending some time with her future mother-in-law 🙂 This snippet also addresses something that Cassie has talked about before: the young Shadowhunters not knowing any kind of battle because they’ve grown up in times of peace. Looks like life in London and elsewhere isn’t that peaceful any longer.

What do you think of the snippet? Sound off in the comments below.
Chain of Gold is published on March 3, 2020!

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1 Comment on Tessa and Cordelia talk about books and more in new ‘Chain of Gold’ snippet

  1. I loved it!! I can’t wait to learn more about Cordelia and the others!!
    As for the book Cordie refers to, about Layla and Majnoun, I cannot help but think that she sees herself as Majnoun…

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