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Cassandra Clare shares new ‘Chain of Gold’ snippets, art and more!

More info on 'Chain of Gold' first edition

Happy Sunday, Shadowhunters! Today I have two Chain of Gold snippets for you, more information on the book’s first edition and beautiful art by Cassandra Jean all thanks to Cassandra Clare’s September newsletter.
Let’s start with the Chain of Gold snippets and pre-order information for the book:

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Chain of Gold. Always love a spooky old house. 👻

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Oh, I like how dark this sounds!
The other snippet is a conversation James and Cordelia are having:

James broke off. The wind caught the edges of his black morning coat. They flew like wings at his sides.

“You worry about Lucie?” asked Cordelia, a little puzzled.

“It’s not that,” James said. “I suppose I worry we all tumble into our roles too easily—Christopher the scientist, Thomas the kind one, Matthew the libertine. And I—I don’t know what I am, exactly.”

“You are the leader,” said Cordelia.

He looked amused. “Am I?”

“The four of you are tightly knit,” said Cordelia. “Anyone could see that. And none of you is so simple. Thomas is more than just kind, and Christopher more than beakers and test tubes, Matthew more than wit and waistcoats. Each of you follows his own star— but you are the thread that binds all four together. You are the one who sees what everyone needs, if anyone requires extra care from their friends, or even to be left alone. Some groups of friends drift apart, but you would never let that happen.”

James’s amusement had gone. There was a little roughness in his voice when he said, “So I am the one who cares the most, is that it?”

I can’t wait to see James as the leader in The Last Hours!
Now let’s talk about Chain of Gold‘s first edition and the bonus content:

The entire first print run in the US will be a special first edition. It will contain a beautiful portrait of the main characters by Cassandra Jean, and will also include the long-awaited short story Fairy Tale of London, about Will and Tessa’s wedding! (x)

This is ALL FIRST EDITIONS OF THE BOOK, so it can literally be ordered at any bookstore online, or even any standard bookstore. There is no specific edition to look for. It just means pre ordering the book in English. (x)

So it does not matter where you live (Germany, South Africa, India, New Zealand, Peru …), if you pre-order the book, you will get a first edition and once that print run is sold out, you will have the book without the bonus content.
Cassie’s UK publisher Walker Books, who are publishing Chain of Gold as a hardcover, confirmed that their first edition will have the same bonus content as the US first edition:

You can pre-oder your copy of Chain of Gold on

You can also go to your local book shop and ask them to pre-order the book for you. The ISBN for the US hardcover (McElderry Books) is 9781481431873 and the ISBN for the UK hardcover from Walker Books is 9781406358094.
Right now we don’t know whether the bonus content will also be included in ebooks but we will let you know if there is any news.
Chain of Gold is released on March 3, 2020!

Walker Books is also publishing the 10th anniversary edition of Clockwork Angel (November 7) and we have a new character portrait!

Other releases/news in a nutshell:

The US paperback of Queen of Air and Darkness will be released on October 8 and there’s going to be a The Dark Artifices, the Complete Paperback Collection aka The Dark Artifices paperback box set coming on April 28, 2020!

The third volume of The Mortal Instruments: The Graphic Novel hits shelves on October 29.

And last, but certainly not least:

Next year it looks like I’ll be touring in the US, Spain and England, details to come! I’m also hoping to visit Brazil — fingers crossed! (x)

So exciting! 😀

That’s your The Shadowhunter Chronicles update for today. If you do have any further question about the Chain of Gold first edition or other stuff, tweet @TMI_Source or @Catreads.

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