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Tatiana threatens to ruin someone’s life in new ‘Chain of Gold’ snippet

It’s time for another Chain of Gold snippet! 🙂 The first The Last Hours book won’t be released until next spring, but Cassandra Clare is busy sharing snippets, art and flash fiction with her fans to make us even more excited for this next The Shadowhunter Chronicles novel. She took to her Instagram yesterday to share a new snippet with James and the mysterious Tatiana Blackthorn.

I really, really want to know whose life Tatiana is talking about and how James is involved in this. What are your thoughts? Leave them in the comments below! Also, raise your hand if you don’t think that caring for others is a weakness.

Pass pages mean that the book is almost done. From an old tumblr post:

The book is laid out to look like a book. I get this one last chance to read it over, as does my editor, and make any final changes. At this point the changes have to be small, because otherwise you risk running over the length that the book has been laid out to be.

Chain of Gold will be published on March 3, 2020! Make sure to pre-order your copy before its release day to get an exclusive first edition with bonus content (a Will and Tessa short story and new character art).

You can also go to your local book shop and ask them to pre-order the book for you. The ISBN for the US hardcover (McElderry Books) is 9781481431873 and the ISBN for the UK hardcover from Walker Books is 9781406358094.

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