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Happy release day to ‘Clockwork Angel: 10th Anniversary Edition’

I’m so happy I get to write this: Happy release day to the 10th anniversary edition of Clockwork Angel! ♥ The book that introduced us to the Shadow World of Victorian London, to Tessa, Will, Jem and many other characters was published nearly ten years ago (August 31, 2010) and to prepare readers for Chain of Gold (March 3, 2020), Cassandra Clare and Walker Books are publishing this edition “ahead of schedule” aka today. 😀

The anniversary edition has some amazing extra content:

  • 8 color character portraits by Cassandra Jean
  • Original chapter heading art by Kathleen Jennings
  • Brand new cover by Dan Funderburgh
  • Chain of Gold 1st Chapter with an introductory note

I love the cover and I’m excited to see Kathleen Jennings’ chapter headings – her art for the 10th anniversary edition of City of Bones was gorgeous! I can’t wait to add this book to my collection!
My favourite extra, though, is finding out the birthdays of some of the characters and Cassandra Jean has definitely hidden some hints in her character portraits.
Happy reading to the ones who dive back into (or maybe even discover) The Infernal Devices with this edition!
Will you be buying the anniversary edition and what’s your favourite extra? Leave us a comment below!

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2 Comments on Happy release day to ‘Clockwork Angel: 10th Anniversary Edition’

  1. Ahh so excited! I cannot wait for my copy to get here!

  2. I love the full portraits on the inside covers of Tessa and Will. Gorgeous. ❤

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