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Cassandra Clare shares new publication schedule and answers fan questions

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2020 is going to bring fans of The Shadowhunter Chronicles two new books: Chain of Gold (March 3), the sequel to The Infernal Devices, and The Lost Book of the White (September 1), the direct sequel to The Red Scrolls of Magic. There are many more Cassandra Clare books to come, though, like Cassie’s first adult novel Sword Catcher, so she has made a list of her books that will be published in the future:

I love that Cassie already has a release date for Chain of Iron! I hope it’ll stay the same. 🙂
The Wicked Powers is the only series on that list which hasn’t been sold yet so we’ll know more once a publisher has picked up the rights to the final Shadowhunter Chronicles trilogy.

Moving on to more news: Queen of Air and Darkness as well as The Red Scrolls of Magic have made it into the Semifinal Round of the goodreads Choice Awards 2019! Click on the book titles to vote and congrats to Cassie and Wes!

I also have another long tumblr Q&A for you. Cassie answered lots of questions and you can either read some highlights or scroll down to read all the posts:

  • Cassie is waiting for news about the updated flower book and the fairy tale book (the pre-order offer for Queen of Air and Darkness).
  • Unedited sexy scene(s) from Queen of Air and Darkness will be shared on Valentine’s Day next year.
  • Mina is too young to have powers similar to James and Lucie.
  • Spoiler for Ghosts of the Shadow Market: “Dru will not be always unaware of Livvy-the-ghost’s existence!”

That’s it for today. Thanks for reading and have a good day! 😀

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  1. So many books to look forward to 🙂 Though I need TWP like I need air, desperate to know what happens next! I am hoping Zara meets her demise in it!

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