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November newsletter: bookish news and a new ‘Chain of Gold’ snippet

A new issue of Cassandra Clare’s monthly newsletter landed in her subscribers’ inboxes yesterday so today we have a new Chain of Gold snippet, art, tour news and more for you!
The new excerpt from Chain of Gold features an angry Anna and Cordelia:

Anna was in trousers and a jacket of sharp French tailoring. Her blue eyes were the exact color of Will’s, darker than Lucie’s: they matched her waistcoat, and the lapis head of her walking stick.

“Have you seen James?” Cordelia demanded without preamble. “No,” said Anna shortly. “No clue as to his whereabouts, I’m afraid.”

Cordelia frowned, not because of James, but because of Anna’s expression. “Anna? What’s wrong?”

Anna scowled. “I had come here to horsewhip Charles, but it appears that he is elsewhere.”

“Charles Fairchild?” Cordelia echoed blankly. “I believe he’s at home—he called a gathering at his house for high-ranking Clave officials. You could go horsewhip him there, but it would make for a very strange meeting.”

“High-ranking Clave officials?” Anna rolled her eyes. “Well, no wonder I don’t know about it. So I suppose I’ll have to wait until later to puncture him like the pustulant boil he is.”

I wonder what Charles did to make Anna have such a violent reaction to him.
Furthermore, there is new art by Charlie Bowater. Have a look Lucie!

Doesn’t she look stunning? Will and Tessa have beautiful children! I also love Lucie’s dress. ❤
Another exciting thing that Cassie shared online: the very first look at a Chain of Gold ARC!

I cannot wait to see BookTubers, Bookstagrammers and book bloggers posting photos of their ARCs! 😀

Once Chain of Gold is published on March 3, 2020 Cassie will go on tour and so far she’s “likely to hit Atlanta and Texas, among other stops.” More details will be announced in December’s newsletter so subscribe if you haven’t already! Head to, scrolls down the page and enter your details to subscribe to exclusive content.
If you aren’t able to see Cassie during her tour, but still want a signed or even personalised copy of her newest book, Good Choice Reading is the place to go! They are once again hosting a virtual signing and you can even get some goodies:

GCR is offering 1,000 Chain of Gold Themed boxes filled with goodies, which include a signed & personalized Collector’s First Edition copy of the book. Included in the box:
·  Will and Tessa Wedding Invitation
·  Charm
·  Bookmark
·  A Shadowhunter inspired Seraph blade keychain

You can order here!

Cassie also addressed the release dates of international Chain of Gold editions:

For my international readers: we’re beginning to get a sense of when Chain of Gold will be coming out around the world. Nothing is final yet but here are the estimated times:

Italy – 2nd half 2020
Germany – Fall 2020
Russia – October 2020
Brazil – Fall 2020
Spanish – November 2020
France – August 2020
UK – March 2020

Make sure to follow our friends @ItShadowhunters, @IdrisBr, @TMI_TID_Spain and my private account @Catreads on Twitter for release date news and more!

That’s it for today! Have a lovely week.

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