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December newsletter: Two new snippets, ‘Chain of Gold’ book boxes and more!

Yesterday another issue of Cassandra Clare’s monthly newsletter made its way into subscribers’ inboxes so today we’re sharing all the news with you! We have snippets from Chain of Gold and The Lost Book of the White, news about two Chain of Gold book boxes and more.
Let’s start with the snippets. The first one features Cordelia and James having an unusual conversation:

“You should not thank me,” Cordelia said. “Or treat me as though I am being entirely unselfish.”

James raised his winging black eyebrows. “What do you mean?”

“Of course I want to help, but I also cannot help believing that if I were able to do such a service to the Clave as aiding in ending this demonic disease, surely they would grant my father leniency in his trial.”

“I wouldn’t call that selfish,” said James. “What you are talking about is undertaking to do good for the sake of your father and your family.”

Cordelia smiled weakly. “Well, I’m sure you’ll add that to the list of my many qualities when you are helping me find a husband.”

James did not smile back. “Daisy,” he said. “I cannot—I do not think that I—” He cleared his throat. “I am not the right person to find you a husband.”

Oh really, James? Please tell us more. 😉
The second snippet is for all the Malec shippers out there (so basically all of us):

They met Magnus at the point where the pedestrian part of the road ended and car traffic began. Magnus’s hair was, strangely, soaking wet, and spiked angrily up above his head. His clothes were dry, but they were not the same clothes he had been wearing when they went through the Portal. Alec was a little disappointed—he loved Magnus in a suit—but Magnus had perhaps wisely chosen to blend in, in black jeans and t-shirt and a black leather motorcycle jacket. He looked like a sexy urban ninja. Alec was in favor of it.

He swept up to Alec, put his arms around his head, and kissed him. Alec blinked in surprise and kissed him back, passionately. But closed-mouthed-ly. He was standing in front of his sister and his parabatai and his parabatai’s girlfriend and her parabatai. He had to draw a line somewhere. But he did kiss Magnus back as strongly as he was able; he was relieved, he could feel his body relax.

“I guess you also didn’t go to the Institute,” said Clary, when a significant amount of time had passed.

Magnus broke the kiss.

“Is it all right? For two men to kiss in a crowded street in Shanghai? I don’t know if I’d kiss you that way in Times Square,” said Alec.

“Darling,” Magnus said quietly, “we’re invisible.”

“Oh,” said Alec. “Right.”

“I did not go to the Institute, no,” said Magnus to Clary. “I went to ten or so meters above the Huangpu River.” He saw Alec’s look of alarm. “Then a few seconds passed, and I was in the Huangpu River.”

“What did you do?” said Jace.

“I tumbled through the air gracefully and landed on my feet on the back of a friendly porpoise,” said Magnus.

“That is very believable,” said Simon.

Magnus waved his hand. “That is how I wish you to think of me. Riding a porpoise into shore, and straight to join you. But no, I did not go to the Institute. I don’t understand it. That’s two Portals in a row that have gone wrong, in ways Portals should not go wrong. How did we get split up?”

Okay, what the heck is wrong with the Portals? This is going to bother me until The Lost Book of the White is released on 1 September 2020!
What do you think of the snippets?
Now for the bookish news: Cassandra Clare’s readers can look forward to two book boxes that will have special editions of Chain of Gold (out 3 March 2020)!
First there is LitJoy Crate:

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We have INCREDIBLE NEWS! LitJoy will be selling our own special edition set for Chain of Gold by Cassandra Clare! We are creating an exclusive SLIPCASE, a Promotional Free PRINT, and LitJoy-Exclusive LETTER FROM A CHARACTER, written by Cassandra Clare!! All will come with the book! You’ll want to read all the details below! . 🍁 Pre-orders OPEN CYBER MONDAY, December 2nd, for the highly-anticipated Cassandra Clare novel: Chain of Gold! . Chain of Gold is book #1 in The Last Hours series . 🍁 With every LitJoy Chain of Gold order you recieve: . 1. A publisher’s Collector’s First Edition of Chain of Gold . 2. Color interior frontispiece depicting the main characters . 3. New short story about Will & Tessa’s wedding called “Fairytale of London” . 4. A FREE exclusive print (of James Herondale) artwork by Qistina Khalidah @qissus . 5. A LitJoy-designed slip case – ARTIST REVEAL COMING SOON! . 6. SIGNED bookplate from Cassandra Clare! . 7. A BONUS CHARACTER LETTER! A letter written by Cassandra Clare from a character in Chain of Gold! Exclusive to LitJoy! . Price: $34.99 . 🍁 QUANTITIES ARE LIMITED! . 🍁 Extra information: . LitJoy tentatively plans to continue this Slipcase collection for all books in The Last Hours series, along with a free promotional art print! We cannot commit to this 100%, but this is what we hope to offer in the future! . Chain of Gold release March 3, 2020 and will 📦ship the first week of March📦! . . #litjoycrate #chainofgold #cassandraclare #mortalinstruments #shadowhunters #litjoy #slipcase #litjoyexclusive #books

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The second box is from Illumicrate and it’s called Glamour & Gold: The Shadowhunters Edition.

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This is going to be so cool! I’m in love with the gorgeous items in this box. Pop over to @illumicrate to see what it’s all about. Repost from @illumicrate using @RepostRegramApp – We are so very excited to announce our next Illumicrate Editions box – Glamour & Gold: The Shadowhunters Edition, created in collaboration with @cassieclare1! This box will include a stunning exclusive hardback edition of Chain of Gold, the first in the new Shadowhunters trilogy: The Last Hours. This @walkerbooksya edition will be clothbound with sprayed edges, stamped with Cassie’s signature, and will only be available through Illumicrate. 💛 This box is a little different to our usual special edition boxes. We will be including 5 – 6 high value and extremely unique items that we are thrilled about! We have never seen some of these items featured in boxes before. All our items have been designed in collaboration with Cassandra Clare and are officially licensed. We’ve worked with some of our favourite suppliers and as usual our items will be of the highest quality. 💛 The box will be on general sale on 15th January 2020 at 7PM GMT and will be priced at £52, plus shipping and VAT where applicable. Boxes will ship in the first few weeks of March, shortly after the release of Chain of Gold.⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ 💛 We will be having a pre-sale, which will be open to active box and book only subscribers. We also recognise that customer loyalty doesn’t just come from maintaining an active subscription, so anyone who bought one of our 2019 Illumicrate Editions/Collections boxes (Saints & Scars, Blood & Blades, The Cruel Prince Collections) will also be eligible for pre-sale! 💛 Pre-sale details will be emailed out in the week beginning 6th January 2020 and you do need to be signed up to our newsletter in order to receive this email. Pre-sale orders will be limited to one per person. 💛⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ Thanks to @chattynora as always for this gorgeous graphic! Are you guys excited about this box?! 💛⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ [ #illumicrate #illumicrateeditions #cassieclare #cassandraclare #thelasthours #chainofgold #shadowhunters #theinfernaldevices #clockworkangel #themortalinstruments ]

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Both boxes sound amazing and I can’t wait to see pictures of them once they are out in the world in March. Will you be buying one box or maybe both?
Talking about spending money – TopatoCo, the official Shadowhunters merchandise shop, is having a sale until the end of the year and there are some really cool items you can buy for a great price like a Garroway Book tote bag, the beautiful Careful of Books Quote scarf or a Taki’s Diner mug. Simply follow the link and happy (holiday) shopping!

Cassie is actually in holiday right now and she’s been sharing a few amazing pictures online:

Stunning! We hope she’s enjoying herself and will share more of her pics on Twitter.
That’s our final newsletter wrap-up for this year. Have a Merry Christmas if you celebrate and a Happy New Year! 🙂 ❤

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