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Cassandra Clare shares cute Herondale family moment from ‘Chain of Gold’

The first month of 2020 is almost over so we got a new issue of Cassandra Clare’s monthly newsletter. Cassie talked about her US tour for Chain of Gold, research for The Last Hours, the new The Red Scrolls of Magic US paperback, shared stunning Will and Tessa art, and more! Of course she also included a new snippet and this time we’re seeing the whole Herondale family. ❤

Lucie hesitated. She knew what she ought to say about the way Matthew had chosen to address his pain, but she could not bear to say the words to her brother. A moment later she was spared the choice as footsteps sounded in the hall. Her mother and father came in, both bright-eyed from the brisk wind outside. Tessa stopped to set her gloves on a small Moroccan table by the door, while Will swept over to kiss Lucie and ruffle James’s hair.

“Gracious,” said James, his tone light. “What is the meaning of all this unbridled affection?”

“We were with your aunt and uncle,” said Tessa, and Lucie realized her mother’s eyes were a bit too bright. Tessa took a seat on the sofa. “My poor loves. All our hearts are shattered.”

Will sighed. “I remember when Gideon and Gabriel could barely stand each other. I am glad you and James have each other, Luce.”

Will sat down beside his wife and pulled her into his lap. “I am going to kiss your mother now,” he announced. “Flee if you will, children. If not, we could play Ludo when the romance is over.”

“The romance is never over,” said James glumly.

I’m happy that Will and Tessa are still so in love after all these years, but I’m also scared because of Tessa’s comment. Whose hearts are shattered, what happened?

Talking about the elder Herondales, have a look at the beautiful art that’s going to be in all first editions of Chain of Gold! Instant heart eyes, am I right?

I love this so much! Two days ago Cassie shared another snippet from Fairytale of London aka Will and Tessa’s wedding night, you can read it here.
To make sure that you’ll be getting a first edition, pre-order your copy of Chain of Gold now or buy the book on release day. Follow this link for more information.

Chain of Gold is published on 3 March, that’s in 33 days!

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  1. God, I am so in love with Cassie’s writing!

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