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Read a ‘Chain of Gold’ excerpt thanks to Hypable

The clock is slowly ticking down and we only have eight days left before Cassandra Clare’s Chain of Gold is finally published! 😀 We just cannot wait and I know you guys feel the same. The awesome people from Hypable gave us readers a special treat today and I’m really excited to share this one. They just posted an exclusive excerpt from Chain of Gold and it’s such an interesting one!

Cordelia couldn’t understand why she was so worried about Lucie. Several withdrawing rooms had been opened up, and Lucie could have wandered off to any of those, or returned to her own bedroom. She could really be anywhere in the Institute. Matthew had told her not to worry before he’d hurried off somewhere, but Cordelia couldn’t shake her sense of unease.

“For pity’s sake!” someone called, interrupting her thoughts. It was a man’s voice, low and baritone. “Someone come help her!”

Cordelia glanced about: everyone seemed to be looking surprised and chattering to each other. In the distance she could see a loose circle of people standing around whatever was going on. She picked up her skirts and began to push her way through the crowd.

She could feel her hair coming out of its carefully arranged curls and spilling down over her shoulders. Her mother would be furious, but really. Why didn’t people move? They were Shadowhunters. What on earth were they doing standing around like sticks while someone was in distress?

She wriggled through a small knot of onlookers and there, on the floor, was a young man holding Barbara Lightwood’s limp body in his arms. Oliver Hayward, Cordelia realized. Barbara’s suitor. “We were dancing,” he was saying, looking bewildered, “and she just collapsed—”

Cordelia dropped to her knees. Barbara Lightwood was ghastly white, her hair dark with sweat at her temples. She was breathing in short, erratic bursts. In times like this, all shyness deserted Cordelia: she could only think of what to do next. “She needs air,” she said. “Her corset is probably tormenting her. Has anyone a knife?”

Anna Lightwood pushed through the crowd and moved forward, kneeling down opposite Cordelia with fluid grace. “I have a dagger,” she said, drawing a sheathed blade from her waistcoat. “What needs to be done?”

“We need to cut her corset off,” Cordelia said. “She has had a shock, and she needs to breathe.”

Head over to Hypable to read the rest of the excerpt!

I love this, Cordelia is so pragmatic! I don’t really know Barbara, but I’m worried for her.

What do you guys think of the excerpt? Don’t forget that you can also read the prologue and first chapter, but only until the 29th!

Pre-order Chain of Gold now (Amazon / Barnes & Noble / Book Depository (UK edition)) and keep an eye on because we’ve prepared some posts for you starting from tomorrow. 🙂

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