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February Newsletter: ‘Fairytale of London’ snippet, artwork and tea!

Cassandra Clare’s final newsletter before the release of Chain of Gold hit inboxes yesterday and it was such a great one: We got a new snippet from Fairytale of London and three different art pieces!
Let’s start with the Will and Tessa excerpt, though:

Will only nodded. Tessa narrowed her eyes; she knew him better than almost anyone in the world, Will thought. She would see his fears and doubts.

What if she thought they were about her?

Tessa gestured, and she and Sophie passed through the bedroom and into the dressing room as Will looked numbly at his hands. Bloody hell, he hadn’t had a single fear or second thought leading up to his wedding. He had woken up every morning wondering if it was possible to be so happy, so full of expectation.

Then he would want to tell Jem about it, and Jem would not be there. Grief and love, twinned like dark and light in his soul. But he had never doubted his love for Tessa.

He could hear movement and soft laughter in the dressing room, and then Sophie emerged, winked at Will, and departed, closing the bedroom door firmly behind her. A moment later Tessa stepped out. She was wrapped in a blue velvet dressing gown that covered her from neck to ankles. Her hair was down, spilling over her shoulders in a riot of soft brown waves.

She crossed the room on bare feet and sank down onto the window seat beside him. “Now, Will,” she said gently. “Tell me what is bothering you, for I know something is.”

I’d like to know as well! What’s up with Will? We’ll find out in five days (or whenever you are getting your book)!

The artwork we got is by three different artists and I seriously can’t pick a favourite! Click on the tweet/the picture to enlarge it.

So amazing, right?? About the bookish artwork, I don’t actually think that Lucie is reading a book, I’m sure she’s writing The Beautiful Cordelia. 😀 What do you think and what’s your favourite piece of art? Sound off in the comments below.

Some non-newsletter content:

Publishers Weekly interviewed Cassie and although they only asked four questions, it was a really great and insightful interview. Click here to read it.

If you love tea and Shadowhunters, Cassie has the perfect Instagram post for you:

That’s such a cool idea!
From Sips by’s website:

Shipping is FREE to the United States. Shipping to Canada usually costs $9.50, and shipping to western Europe usually costs $13.50 – $17.00. Please email us at for specific questions about rates.

Pre-order Chain of Gold now to get a collector’s edition with Cassandra Jean’s art and Fairytale of London!

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1 Comment on February Newsletter: ‘Fairytale of London’ snippet, artwork and tea!

  1. My favorite artwork is of Grace Blackthorn, she looks appropriately beguiling.

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