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Read the very first snippet from Cassandra Clare’s adult novel ‘Sword Catcher’

Credit: Tony Luong for The New York Times

You love the Shadowhunters books but are also excited for Cassandra Clare’s adult series Sword Catcher? Then this post is definitely for you!
Back in 2017 it was announced that Cassie together with Del Rey Books (Random House) would be publishing her first ever adult high fantasy duology and so far information has been pretty sparse. We know the first novel – Sword Catcher – is scheduled to be released in fall 2021 and it’s all about Kellian, the doppelgänger and literal sword catcher for a terrible crown prince. Thanks to Cassie’s latest newsletter, we do have our very first snippet from the novel and I’m really happy because this new world and its characters sound so interesting:

Since this is an unusual time, in this unusual newsletter I’m going to share an excerpt from my upcoming adult novel Sword Catcher. The manuscript is still in an early, rough phase, but I thought it was about time you saw a little bit of it…

Exclusive Excerpt

“You came with the prince, didn’t you? Monseigneur Conor Aurelian?”

“I am his cousin,” lied Kel.

“Do you like him?”

Kel was silent. To even ask such a question was treason. One did not like or not like the King, or the Crown Prince. They simply were, like the Maquis, like the dark-jade canals of the Temple Quarter, like Queensfall itself. It was like asking if one liked the gods.

“I saw my sister coming up the stairs with him and the others,” said Merryn. “House Aurelian. One cannot say no to them, can one?”

“I never have,” Kel said, feeling suddenly weary. It had been a long day, too long; he felt drained to the bone. “Maybe in play or jest, with Conor, or Bram, but not in any seriousness. No.” To his own horror, his voice shook. A sword-catcher does not show weakness. A sword-catcher is the strength of the Prince, his shield and armor.

I think Kellian’s role is going to be so intriguing since he does not like or respect the person he’s meant to give his life for if necessary.

Cassie shared a bit more in a recent podcast with Sarah Enni, starting at the 51 minute mark, and you can also read our previous Sword Catcher posts here and here.
What do you think? Sound off in the comments. 😀

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