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Lucie has a secret in new ‘Chain of Iron’ snippet + Q&A Part 6

Happy Friday! I hope you’re all doing as well as possible. ♥ The last Chain of Iron snippet featured James and Alastair, and in a new snippet that Cassandra Clare posted yesterday on her tumblr, it’s their sisters Lucie and Cordelia.

“I know that you’ve been doing something — something you’re keeping secret. I’m not angry,” Cordelia hastened to add. “I  just wish you’d tell me what it is.” 

Lucie tried to cover her surprise.

I love how perceptive Cordelia is and hope all the secrets will be shared eventually. What do you think?

Cassie was quite active on Thursday, because she also shared more questions and answers. She talked about Chain of Iron‘s cover reveal, a pre-order date for the book, word count and more!

First from Cassie’s post that also included the snippet:

s p o i l e r s

fairchild-squad: Hi, Cassie! How are Lucie’s relationships with Cordelia, James, her parents, etc., affected by the secrets she’s keeping from them? I can’t help but think that Lucie’s experiences with the Blackthorns could change her, and that Cordelia/her family especially wouldn’t be oblivious to that change. Like you’ve said, TLH is very much a story with secrets, so how do those secrets put Lucie at odds with those she cares about? 

[Snippet]Lucie is up to a LOT, and this is a question at the heart of Chain of Iron. It’s very much a book about secrets and the perils of them. Lucie is keeping secrets for Jesse’s sake, but also to protect other people from information that she thinks could hurt them. She feels justified in doing so, but there’s no way to keep secrets that large without cracks beginning to show in the facade, and there’s no way to maintain lengthy deceit without doing damage to one’s close relationships. I can’t tell you specifically how this will play out in Lucie’s various relationships… But I will say that many secrets will be revealed as the Last Hours continues, and that the fallout from them will have serious repercussions for the characters going forward…

Cover reveal and pre-order information:

That’s it for today. Have a great weekend!

Chain of Iron is scheduled to be released in March 2021.


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