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Magnus and Alec need a babysitter in new ‘The Lost Book of the White’ snippet + special editions information

Another month – May, in case you have lost track – is almost over so we all know what this means: another newsletter by Cassandra Clare! The May issue hit inboxes yesterday so today we have all the information for you: a The Lost Book of the White snippet, special editions, art and more!

Alec was getting a little frustrated. He’d called Catarina and asked if she could look after Max for a couple of days, only to find out that she was working double shifts at the hospital and would barely be home (though she did agree to stop in and feed Chairman Meow in the evenings). He’d called Maia, who turned out to be hosting friends of Bat’s. He’d considered, but rejected, calling Lily. Lily often spoke of how Max was “so delicious” that she just wanted “to eat him up,” and while Alec trusted Lily, he was not completely sure she was speaking figuratively.

“What about your mother?” Magnus said. He had put Max into an iridescent magical bubble and was rolling him around the bed- room while Alec fetched suitcases from the back of their closet.

“What? No,” Alec said. He watched Max for a moment. “Is he in a magical hamster ball?”

“No! Well, kind of, yes,” said Magnus. “He likes it. Why not your mother?”

“This kid floats up to the ceiling sometimes,” said Alec. “He sets a blanket on fire in his sleep every three weeks or so.”

“Another advantage of the magical hamster ball,” said Magnus. “Magic shield. I didn’t want Max knocking out the neighbors’ cable again.”

“Well, my mother doesn’t have a magical hamster ball,” said Alec.

Magnus rolled Max out into the hallway, to squeals of delight, and called back, “She’s a Shadowhunter! She’s supposed to be able to handle warlocks. She raised you!” He ducked his head back into the bedroom and raised his eyebrows. “She raised Jace.”

“All right!” said Alec, laughing. “You win. I’ll call her.”

LOL, I think Magnus is completely right. Maryse raised four kids so she should be fine.

In addition to the snippet we also got information about different special editions and their bonus content that will all be published on September 1.
Ready for all the info? Here’s what Cassie wrote:

In the US: The limited first edition run will include the short story In Dreams Begin, set during Jem and Tessa’s wedding. (Finally we find out why no one remembers it!) It will also include a reversible cover, with the other side matching the original cover design for Red Scrolls of Magic. Best of both worlds here! Pre-order to make sure you get one of the special first editions.

In the UK, there are a few special editions to choose from! I’ll be sharing preorder links as they become available.

  1. All UK first editions will include the reversible cover, and Jem and Tessa’s wedding story, as well as a bonus deleted scene in which the TMI gang goes out to celebrate Simon’s graduation from Shadowhunter Academy.
  2. Waterstones Special Hardback: This will include the reversible cover and the wedding story, as well as blue sprayed edges!
  3. Waterstones Special Wibalin Edition with Vision Rune: Waterstones is also doing a beautiful limited hardcover rune edition, which will include the wedding story and the bonus scene. It will match the special rune edition done for Red Scrolls of Magic.


Easons: This special edition will include the wedding story and will have purple sprayed edges!

Oh, I’m super excited for the Waterstones rune edition, all of their special editions are so gorgeous and this one is no exception! I need it because of the runes and also the Simon bonus story. I can imagine that it’s a bit sad because of what happened during Simon’s Ascension.
Furthermore, FaeCrate – known for their Queen of Air and Darkness hangover recovery kit – is going to work with Cassie to put together a The Lost Book of the White box! “Items are being curated currently, but there may or may not be a custom decorative dust jacket and a plushie involved! Follow @FaeCrate on social media for more news such as on-sale dates and more.” So cool!
Due to the global pandemic Cassie won’t be able to go on tour for The Lost Book of the White, but there will be online events her readers can join. The first two events will be at the end of May and at the beginning of July respectively:

May 31, 2020, 1:40 PM – 2:20 PM
BookCon Live Online
A conversation between Cassandra Clare and Holly Black. Watch live on Facebook.

July 6th, 7:30pm EST:
Launch of Julie Murphy’s FAITH: TAKING FLIGHT
Hosted by Charis Books & More via Crowdcast

We also have non The Eldest Curses related news: The fourth The Mortal Instruments: The Graphic Novel is being published in October and Cassie shared some Jace artwork.

Talking about guys with peculiar eye colours, have a look at Charlie Bowater’s Christopher Lightwood:

Aw, he looks so cute! Don’t you agree?

And for the final news: “The anthology I edited, Shadowhunters and Downworlders, is on sale with my publisher! You can get 50% off the paperback with code SHADOWHUNTERS50, or get the ebook for only $3.99 with code SHADOWHUNTERS399. Visit their website here and apply codes at checkout.”

There are lots of interesting essays in the anthology so I can highly recommend it. 😀
This is all for today. Stay safe! ❤

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