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Clary needs to talk to Magnus in new ‘The Lost Book of the White’ snippet

+ 'Chain of Iron' cover reveal info

It’s been a while since our last post and I hope you’re all still hanging in there during these rough times. Remember to be kind to yourself and others. ❤
Since it’s pretty much the end of the month, you probably know what’s going to follow: a recap of Cassandra Clare’s latest newsletter. She shared a new snippet from The Lost Book of the White, the exact time when her readers can see the new cover of Chain of Iron and new Chain of Gold art!
Let’s start with the snippet, though.

Clary suddenly grabbed his arm and said, in a quiet but intense tone, “I need to talk to you for a moment.”

Magnus regarded her. It was so strange to see her now, a proper adult. For years, she had been a quiet, wide-eyed child whom he’d met over and over for the first time. She knew nothing of the Shadow World—and it had been Magnus’s job to make sure that remained true. And so when her mother would bring her over, she always had the same reaction—awe, uncertainty. Each time, she noticed his eyes, luminous and slit-pupiled—each time, he expected her to be frightened, but she was only ever curious. When she got old enough, she would ask him, “Why do you have cat eyes?” He got to try out plenty of responses.

“I traded them with my cat. Now he has human eyes.”

“The better to see you with, my dear.”

“Why do you not have cat eyes?”

It was strange to know that Clary didn’t share those memories.

To have watched someone grow up without them remembering it. Until, of course, the day he saw her at Chairman Meow’s birthday party, surrounded by New York’s Shadowhunters, and without warning, transformed into the warrior she had been born to be, already the spitting image of Jocelyn at her age.

Now she looked uneasy, as though she was thinking about how to deliver bad news. A few years ago she would just have blurted it out, but now she was his friend and she was concerned about his feelings. It was nice, but strange.

She said, “I had a dream about you, this morning. Just before Alec’s call woke us up.”

Why do I feel like that this wasn’t a nice dream about Magnus? *worries*

Following The Lost Book of the White (September 1), there is the sequel to Chain of Gold and we now know when the cover of Chain of Iron is going to be released! I’m so excited to see it. ❤


Once the cover has been shared on Cassie’s Instagram, we’ll share it as quickly as possible. 😀

On the topic of The Last Hours, there’s new artwork and it’s so stunning!

How gorgeous does Ariadne look? I can completely understand how a certain someone fell in love with her at first sight.
There’s also other news:

UK readers: The hardback rune edition of Lost Book of the White from Waterstones has sold out! But never fear, there are still a limited number of copies of their other special edition hardback available. It includes:

  • Vibrant blue sprayed edges
  • Reversible cover
  • Jem and Tessa’s wedding story

Click here to pre-order Waterstones’ exclusive hardcover.
And last but not least, catch Cassie and Julie Murphy, the author of Dumplin, on July 6th, 7:30pm EST. Follow the link for more information and to register.
Stay safe and have a good weekend!

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