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New ‘The Lost Book of the White’ snippet and more!

Happy Saturday and good morning, afternoon or evening to you! Today I have lots of The Lost Book of the White news for you due to Cassandra Clare’s July newsletter. There are some snippets, the announcement for the audiobook narrator and oh, an international ARC contest. 😉
Let’s start with the snippets, though.

“We definitely want werewolf dim sum,” Tian said.

Werewolf dim sum turned out to be not all that different from New York mundane dim sum, except that the tough gray- haired women pushing the carts around were all werewolves. They also spoke no English, but this was, for one thing, also not very different from New York, and for another, easily solved by simply pointing to the stacked steamer baskets and metal bowls as needed. Alec was not the biggest congee fan and had eaten only a small bowl so as not to insult Mother Yun, so he dug into shrimp dumplings, turnip cakes, steamed buns, clams in black bean sauce, stir-fried gai lan—and carefully watched Tian’s face and the subtle shake of his head when things came by that were too werewolfish for them: tiny blood sausage, slices of raw red meat, what appeared to be some kind of deep-fried small rodent in sweet-and-sour sauce. Tian tried to stop Magnus from grabbing chicken feet, but once Magnus was contentedly nibbling on one of them, he gave in and ordered some chicken feet of his own. Oddly, so did Jace.

“You like chicken feet?” Tian said, surprised.

“I like everything,” Jace said, mouth full of food.

LOL, I love this. The gang seems to be well fed in Shanghai.
Here are some other, shorter snippets:

We also got the news that BD Wong is returning to narrate the audiobook of The Lost Book of the White.

Cassie is working with Hebel Design right now and she posted this on her Instagram:

The necklace is currently sold out but maybe there will be more.
And now for the ARC contest:

I’ll be giving away five ARCs next month. Here’s how to enter to win one:

  1. Between July 31 and August 7, create a social media post about Red Scrolls of Magic—tell us your favorite scene, draw a picture, illustrate a quote, cosplay as a character, get creative!

That said, please no Photoshop. This is about love for the books and having fun, not showing off your (totally awesome) photoshop skillz, plus we don’t want to exclude people without Photoshop.

  1. Post your picture to social media: tumblr, twitter, facebook, instagram. Whatever your favorite platform is.
  2. Then email a link to that post to shadowhunterchroniclescontest@gmail.combefore August 7th. We have to be able to click the link and see the image so it must be publicly available. If it is on a private or locked account we can’t see it so we can’t include it as an entry.

The giveaway will end on August 7th, midnight EST. Winners will be contacted shortly after the contest ends and the ARCs will be mailed to them posthaste so they get them before Lost Book of the White is released.

This contest is open to readers all over the world, ages 13 and up. One entry per person.

Good luck, everyone! I can’t wait for Cassie to share the best entries. 🙂
The Lost Book of the White is published on September 1!

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