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Something is wrong with Magnus’s magic in new ‘The Lost Book of the White’ snippet

Good morning, afternoon or evening! The August issue of Cassandra Clare’s newsletter landed in inboxes yesterday so here’s our recap of all the news:
First things first: Chain of Iron is done! “It is now off with the publisher to be laid out, bound up and made into a book. Working on Chain of Iron has been a strange experience, not only because I wrote it during pandemic lockdown, but also because it’s been a very hot summer, while all the action in the novel takes place during a freezing London winter.”
I really cannot wait for March 2 to arrive! 😀

Before readers get to devour Chain of Iron, there’s The Lost Book of the White and we have another snippet for you:

Absentmindedly Magnus snapped his fingers in the direction of the dirty dishes, swooping them toward the sink for washing. The first few bowls were already clean by the time he noticed that his magic looked wrong.

The color of a warlock’s magic was not especially meaningful, under normal circumstances. It wasn’t like a movie, where good warlocks had pleasant blue magic and bad warlocks had ugly red magic. For that matter, it wasn’t like a movie where there were really “good warlocks” or “bad warlocks”—there were just warlocks, people like any others, with the capacity to do good or bad and the ability to decide anew each time. Nevertheless, Magnus had always been pleased by the smooth cobalt blue of his own magic, which he’d cultivated over a period of centuries. It seemed to him powerful and yet controlled. Soothing, like spa wallpaper.

Today, however, his magic was red. A bright, overexposed red, almost pink, and crackling at its edges with wisps of black curling fire. It still did what he wanted, moving plates in and out of the sink and stacking them neatly, but it certainly looked scary.

Um, what is going on? I am very worried about Magnus! Less than two weeks before we find out!

If you want to see Cassie and Holly Black, register for the launch party of the second The Eldest Curses novel:

Virtual launch event for Lost Book of the White
September 1 @ 8pm

Hosted by An Unlikely Story!
Sadly Wes Chu will not be able to join us, but Holly Black will be moderating. Join us for a discussion on the evolution of Malec, from City of Bones to the present!
Tickets are available here

Furthermore, Cassie, Holly and Kelly Link are virtually appearing at the Edinburgh Book Festival this coming Saturday!

Click here for more information.

Other news:

  • The fourth volume of The Mortal Instruments Graphic Novel is published on October 20. Here’s the cover:

I can’t wait for that one Malec scene – the sneak peek at it looked great!

  • Talking about art, who wants to see some cute Jordelia art?

  • And least but certainly not least: if you want a super cool and limited edition angelic power necklace by the one and only Hebel Design, hurry, because this necklace is selling fast!
    “Thanks for selling out the first run of pride enkeli necklaces! Thanks to you, we raised nearly $2000 for GLSEN. The second run, which will be the last run of these necklaces created to benefit GLSEN, can be ordered now over at Hebel Design. THIS IS IT! Once they sell out we won’t be making any more.”

That’s it for now. Have a good week and stay safe! 🙂

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