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Cassandra Clare shares new ‘Chain of Iron’ and ‘Sword Catcher’ snippets

Hello to you Cassandra Clare and TMI Source readers out there! Today we have two new snippets that we can share with you guys. Cassie took to her tumblr and also her twitter to post snippets from Chain of Iron and Sword Catcher, her first adult fantasy novel.
Let’s see what she’s said on tumblr:

Hands caught his wrists; he was hauled up roughly, an arm around his back. he smelled brandy and cologne.

“Matthew,” he said, in a dry voice.

“James needs water,” Christopher said. “Do we have any water?”

“Never touch the stuff,” said Matthew, settling James onto the long sofa. He sat down next to him, staring so intently into James’s face that, despite everything, James had to stifle a laugh.

“I’m fine, Matthew,” said James. “Also, I don’t know what you expect to discover by looking into my eyeball.”

I wonder what’s going on in this scene and I do hope that James really is fine.
Before posting this snippet, Cassie addressed sharing snippets from her future books:

sobachka said: can you pretty please give us a snippet of Lucie and Jesse from coi? love your writing ❤ ivylovestoread said: Hi Cassie! I’m so excited to finally read TLBOTW, but I still can’t wait for Chain of Iron! I ship Lucie and Matthew, and was wondering if you would be able to release a snippet of them please?cassie share a luciejesse snippet/quote PLEASE my-lost-tragedy said: Hi Cassie! Could we have a Christopher snippet pls? Love your writing! jemloveshiscat said: Can we have a james and matthew snippet? And something about Christopher! itsnotmika said: can you please give us a lucie and matthew coi snippet 💗queenofnorta said: Hey Cassie!! I’m actually so excited because I always miss it when you open your ask box,, but not this time!! Can I please have a Thomastair snippet?? I love them so much. ariadne-lightwood said: By the end of CHOG, it was revealed that Anna owed a favour to Magnus for putting up wards around her family’s house. Can you please share a snippet between these two because I’m really intrigued.juliegreene said: could you give us a snippet of the italian girl coming to the institute?😁fallininjapan said: Hi! I was just wondering if we could get another Thomastair scene? 💜

Hello my darlings! I am sure you can see the issue here: while I would LOVE to rain snippets from the sky, it would mean there wasn’t much left of the book to read when it was published. I will of course continue publishing snippets as we get closer to the publication of Chain of Iron — less than six months! — and in an attempt to be fair right now, I closed my eyes, waved my finger around the screen, and randomly picked one of these. My husband found the whole thing very amusing.

So — the random snippet turned out to be James/Matthew/Chistopher. Enjoy! And while you can ask for snippets if you like, I can’t guarantee snippets or replies to queries like that. Better to ask a question!

And now the Sword Catcher snippet:

Oh, I like this! I cannot wait to read the book to find out about Kel and Conor’s relationship!

Chain of Iron is published on March 2, 2021 and Sword Catcher is scheduled to be relased in fall 2021!

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