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Elias Carstairs returns in new ‘Chain of Iron’ snippet

Hello and happy Tuesday! Cassandra Clare uploaded a short but cute video on her Instagram today to show how she reads a passage from Chain of Iron to her cat Reginald. This snippet features Elias Carstairs whom we were introduced to right at the end of Clockwork Princess. After that we’ve only heard about him in Chain of Gold, but now he’s back in Chain of Iron and we’ll get to read – or in this case hear – how parts of his family react to his return.

I’ve also typed out what Cassie read aloud in case she was difficult to understand.

Sona went white and laid a hand against the wall to steady herself. “Elias?”
Cordelia picked up the skirts of her dress and rushed out into the hall.
Risa had already headed downstairs, her expression stormy. She twitched her skirts out of the way as Elias passed her, racing to the top of the steps with a smile on his face.
Cordelia came to a dead stop. A wave of joy had gone over her when she heard her father’s voice, but now—now, she couldn’t move as her mother hurried past her to embrace Elias. Cordelia felt far away, as her father kissed her mother, then stood back to lay a hand on her stomach.
Sona dipped her head, speaking softly and rapidly to Elias. Though he was smiling, he looked exhausted, deep grooves lining his face, gray stubble in patches on his jaw. His suit was threadbare, as if he’d been wearing it every day since he was taken away.
He put his arms out. “Cordelia,” he said.

I hope this is going to be a happy family reunion! What do you think? Sound off in the comments!

Chain of Iron is published on March 2, 2021!

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