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Two new ‘Chain of Iron’ snippets and a gift guide!

Hello and a happy Saturday! Today I have not one but two Chain of Iron snippets to share with you guys! Cassandra Clare sent out another newsletter – a gift guide edition – and she also included a short but sweet Lucie and Jesse snippet with artwork:

He stroked his free hand down the side of her cheek. “Command me, Lucie,” Jesse said roughly. “I am asking you: command me to dance with you. Show me this waltz from Peru.”

Aw, I hope these two will find a way to be happy together!

The other snippet is a new installment of Reading With Reginald and it features Cordelia and Matthew:

“Well, why come to parties, then?” Cordelia demanded. “If you find everyone so dull.”
“People are dull,” said Matthew. “Gossiping about them is never dull. Look— there’s Thoby and Rosamund, already arguing. I wonder what about? Lilian Highsmith hit Augustus Pounceby with her umbrella earlier: What could he have done? Esme Hardcastle is telling Piers Wentworth all about the book she’s writing on the history of the London Enclave, but he only has eyes for Catherine Townsend. And the lovely Eugenia, rejecting every suitor. Possibly due to bad past experiences.”
“What happened to Eugenia?” Cordelia said.

Well, that’s what we’re all wondering! I hope we are going to find out straight after Cordelia’s question.

Have you pre-ordered your copy of Chain of Iron yet? And what are you gifting the Shadowhunter (or Downworlder) in your life? Click here for Cassie’s gift guide (and more Reginald cuteness).

Chain of Iron is published on March 2, 2021 aka 80 days!

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