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Cassandra Clare shares first ‘Chain of Iron’ snippet of 2021

Happy New Year, everyone! 😀 May 2021 bring you happiness, health and many good books! One good book that is going to be published in less than two months is Cassandra Clare’s Chain of Iron and we have a brand new installment of Reading With Reginald aka a new snippet:

Aw, Reginald is so cute! ❤
Here’s the text in case you weren’t able to understand everything.

“We were just telling Thomas he shouldn‘t patrol,” Lucie said earnestly.
“At least not alone. Not after what happened,” said Christopher. “Two deaths in such a short time, both killed on patrol—it seems reasonable they might be connected.”
“Or it might just be bad luck.” Thomas threw up his arms. “Patrol is always going to be dangerous. That’s just part of the job, like demons and Alastair Carstairs—”
He broke off, turning bright red. “Ah, Cordelia, I, ah—”
She smiled pleasantly. “Did you just remember that Alastair is my brother?”
“Yes. No,” said Thomas. He looked around at his friends beseechingly.
“Oh, no,” said James. “You have to get yourself out of this one, Tom.”

I completely agree with James, it’ll be fun to see what Thomas is going to say. 😀
What do you think of this snippet and do you like Reading With Reginald?

Don’t forget to pre-order Chain of Iron – if you are in the UK or ROI, you can even get a little pre-order goodie!
Chain of Iron is published on March 2! (It feels so good write this without having to mention the year.)

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