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Read a new ‘Chain of Iron’ excerpt thanks to

Happy hump day! We are getting closer and closer to the release of Cassandra Clare’s Chain of Iron – thirteen days left for many of us – and today I have a super cool thing to share with you. released an excerpt from Chain of Iron that shines a light on a certain character a lot either hate or love: Grace Blackthorn. Enjoy!

GRACE: 1893-1896

Once upon a time, she had been someone else, she remembers that much. A different girl, though she had the same skinny wrists and white-blond hair. When she was still small, her parents sat her down and explained that she and they and everyone they knew were not ordinary people, but the descendants of angels. Nephilim, sworn to protect the world from the monsters that threatened it. The girl had a drawing of an eye on the back of her hand, from before remembering. Her parents put it there, and it marked her as one of the Shadowhunters and allowed her to see the monsters that were invisible to others.

By all rights, she should be able to remember the details of her parents’ faces, the house they lived in. She had been seven years old—she should be able to remember how she felt in the stone room in Alicante, when a crowd of adults who were strangers to her came and told her that her parents were dead.

Instead that moment was the end of feeling. The girl who had existed before she went into the stone room—that girl was gone.

Visit for the rest of the excerpt!

Wow, that was certainly interesting and makes me even more excited to read the book. Thank you, for sharing!

What do you think of this excerpt? Sound off in the comments below.

Chain of Iron is published on March 2, and if you want a first edition with exclusive content, you better hurry and pre-order your copy now!

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3 Comments on Read a new ‘Chain of Iron’ excerpt thanks to

  1. I still can’t say that I feel sorry for her. She ruined my shipping between James and Cordelia and that is unforgivable. Sorry, Grace.

  2. Can Grace redeem herself, I don’t know, only time will tell. Fear is a formidable cage to grow up in, but now her mother is locked away with The Iron Sisters, so now that Grace is out of harms way, and Lucy is invested in helping her protect her brother Jessie, so hopefully Grace will do the right thing and tell the truth about her mother’s plans and free James from the spell attached to her bracelet keeping him in her thrall.

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