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Cassandra Clare shares a bunch of ‘Chain of Iron’ snippets

Do I even need an introduction for this? New Chain of Iron snippets! Less than a week until release day! Happy reading. 😉

“You stole Magnus Bane’s snuffbox?”

That’s a bold move.

“I am nothing like you, Thomas.”

This sounds kind of hostile to me.

“Matthew was still glowering. He was splendidly dressed in a morning coat over a stunning brocade waistcoat of Magnus Bane levels of magnificence, embroidered with a spectacular battle scene. He had a gleaming silk ascot at his throat that looked to be woven of pure gold. But the effect was somewhat spoiled by his tousled hair and look of fury.” (x)

Matthew is always dressed to impress.

“What I want for you more than anything else in the world  is that you follow the truth of your dreams.”

This sounds like something either a mum or a parabatai would say.

“Thomas has very nice shoulders. Legendary shoulders, in fact.”

Duh! Have you seen the guy?

Chain of Iron is published in five days so there is still time to pre-order the book!
Keep an eye on our website because our Chain of Iron information post is coming soon. 😉

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