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Happy 10th anniversary to us!

Today is a very special day because we are celebrating ten years of! 😀
On April 5, 2011, the day City of Fallen Angels was published, TMI Source was born. ❤
Founded by Alyssa, we have witnessed sixteen (!) Shadowhunters book releases so far and aim to be here for many more.

A lot has happened during the last decade!
We have been so lucky because we covered many of Cassie’s tour events in the USA and Europe, conventions where Cassie was at, Alyssa was given the amazing opportunity to visit the Mortal Instruments: City of Bones movie set, I attended the European premiere of the movie, we had Shadowhunters Chats on YouTube, we reviewed the TV show, shared the latest book news and snippets, interviewed Cassie and also Sarah Rees Brennan, Holly Black and Josh Lewis, we hosted giveaways, reviewed various of Cassie’s books, were kindly sent ARCs/ARC boxes by Cassie’s publishers, were part of the recent Chain of Iron Letter Game and I chatted with Cassie on Valentine’s Day over on our Instagram.

These past ten years have been nothing short of amazing and also unreal at times so I would like to at first thank Cassie, Alyssa, Cassie’s publishers, the different publicists/marketing people I worked with, Cassie’s agency and of course you! If you guys would not read the posts, like and comment – please do comment more 😉 – TMI Source would most likely not be here today.

To celebrate this big day for the page, I teamed up with Cassie’s different publishers in the US and the UK and also Cassie herself to host some incredible giveaways!
Edited to add on April 13: The giveaways are now over. Thank you for entering!
Here are our prizes (click the links to get to the Rafflecopter pages):

So that’s five winners and six books plus merchandise for our readers!
Please make sure to follow the rules and read the Terms and Conditions carefully so that you enter the correct giveaway. All giveaways will run from today (April 5) until April 13 at 12 am EST. The first four winners agree to have their postal addresses given to TMI Source and a third party (Cassie’s publishers or Cassie) to be sent their prizes.
To kick off the giveaways, I’d like to know what your favourite memory related to The Shadowhunter Chronicles (it can be a moment from a book – please add a spoiler warning if you talk about Chain of Iron – a tour event, meeting fellow book fans in unusual places, etc.). Comment below and good luck to everyone! All your comments need to get approved first so don’t worry if you don’t see yours immediately after posting it.

That’s not all, though! We are also celebrating on Instagram Live with Cassie Clare. On April 10 at 3 pm EST/9 pm Berlin time I will be chatting with Cassie about Chain of Iron and whatever comes to mind. 😉

Happy anniversary to us and thank you for the past decade!

Cathrin ❤

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212 Comments on Happy 10th anniversary to us!

  1. Shanaya Perez // April 5, 2021 at 9:37 AM // Reply

    Reading TMI for the first time is and will always be my favorite memory. But re-reading them will always have a special place in my heart. I read TMI for the first time in 2013 after watching the movie and I was literally obsessed with it. Every summer since that year, I spend a week (no sleep) re-reading those novels and every single time I read them, it feels like the first time I’m done so. Which shouldn’t even be possible considering I’ve been doing it for almost 8 years now, but they’ve somehow never lost their magic for me and that’s why this series has always been such a favorite of mine.
    Happy anniversary to you guys, by the way!!

    • Brittany Zink // April 12, 2021 at 6:33 AM // Reply

      I love Cassie Clare her writing is beautiful and she’s a big inspiration. I fell in love with her books from the first page and I am always quick to buy the next one. I’m hoping to meet her one day

  2. Some of my favourite memories are re-reading all the TMI books before watching the movie back when it released in 2013. I was so hyped for it and the day I went to watch it was extra special because a friend and I got to watch it together. We watched it twice on the same day. Then I love thinking back to reading Clockwork Princess for the first time because this book emotionally destroyed me. And I did a buddy read of the TDA books with my best friend and we read QoAaD together when it came out, just like we read ChoG and just a couple of weeks ago ChoI together.

  3. Anabelle Minoza // April 5, 2021 at 9:43 AM // Reply

    Happy Aniversary! I just like first to say thank you for catching us all up in announcement regarding The Shadowhunter Chronicles.
    !! Queen of Air and Darkness Spoiler Below !!
    I definitely can’t forget Alec’s proposal to Magnus, if anyone randomly make me recite it I think I could. „And when one day, people look back at me and what my life meant I don’t want them to think ‚Alec Lightwood fought in the dark war‘ or even ‚Alec Lightwood was Consul once‘ I want them to think ‚Alec Lightwood love one man so much he changed the world for him“. His proposal speech is swoon worthy, but other than that it is also a culmination of his character development. From that grumpy guy who value more how the Clave sees, treat and acknowledge him to this brave man who knows that love for his family, to his people is what really matters in life. I am also someone who used to get drown in the rush of things and yearn for achievements, and often forget what really matters, the time I have with my loved ones. I am glad we both have the same character growth and still growing, learning, thriving through the challenges in life

  4. my favorite moment was reading Tmi for the first time when I was 10 or 11 and not being able to put the books down! Ten years later and I’m still obsessed with the books!

  5. my favorite moment was reading Tmi for the first time when I was 10 or 11 and not being able to put the books down! Ten years later and I’m still obsessed with the books!

  6. Eurydice Blueshadow // April 5, 2021 at 10:18 AM // Reply

    My favorite memory is when I read Every Exquisite Thing. I could really see myself in Anna, more than in any other character (although I also strongly identify with Alec, Tessa and Ty). My favorite part was when she put on her new suit and I thought ‚That’s someone like me‘.

  7. Rose Marie // April 5, 2021 at 10:40 AM // Reply

    Happiest of anniversaries guys! I’ve loved following yall over the years and having a place to share my love for these books with other readers. I’m so happy for you guys!! And of course thank you so much for the chance at the giveaways!
    My favorite Shadowhunter/Cassie memory is from Bookcon 2017 when I accidentally ended up behind some tented areas so my aunt didn’t have to walk through the crowds ans while taking that shortcut we ran into Cassandra Clare herself 😍 she was so lovely and sweet and chatted with me for a moment before taking a picture with me and it was the absolute best moment of the Con.

  8. yay!!

  9. Letícia Novaretti // April 5, 2021 at 11:51 AM // Reply

    Happy 10th anniversary!
    My favorite memory about the Shadowhunters books are that they can transport you 100% to a new world where you really feel you know the characters and want to know what happened to them like they are your family or a really close friend! I remember when I finished clockwork prince I still didn’t had the copy of clockwork princess and it was like 3 pm and I needed to know what was going to happen, so I called my grama and asked her to take me to the bookstore for me to get the copy and be able to continue reading like 30 minutes later. And after reading the series for at least twice I still have the same effect, but now with a copy for me to read right away lol. And that is just and example because you can connect so deeply to all the characters so is really difficult to pick a favorite memory, because they are all favorites!

  10. Michele Mattos // April 5, 2021 at 12:03 PM // Reply

    Happy Anniversary. So many favorites in the book Alex/Magnus engagement, Tessa/Jem see each other again. Plus my other memory would be meeting Cassie at my first book signing. She was amazing.

  11. I remember when I started TMI a few years ago. I had been going through some boxes of books I hadn’t looked through in a while, and the title ‘City of Bones’ caught my eye. I mean, why wouldn’t it? I asked my mom about it and she told me she read the series when she was in college. I started reading them and immediately fell in love with the characters, plot, and the whole series in general. A few months later, I told my best friend about the series and she started reading them too! Now we’re both still making our journey through the Shadowhunter Chronicles together!

  12. Teresa O'Brien // April 5, 2021 at 1:15 PM // Reply

    My favorite memory was meeting cassie for the first time!!! She was so extremely nice and took her time to listen and answer my questions, and the next time I saw her she remembered me which made me feel very special ❤️


    My favourite memory is picking up city of bones when I was going through a spell where I wasn’t enjoying reading and getting sucked in a glued to it. I fell in love with the characters and the stories. I just loved it and it made me so happy that I was enjoying reading again.

  14. My favourite memory is when I picked up city of bones and fell in love with the characters and got pulled into enjoying reading again. Every single character and story melt my heart ❤️

  15. Erin Winter // April 5, 2021 at 1:20 PM // Reply

    Congratulations on 10 years!! My favourite book memory is when Jace and Clary were finally able to be together 💕
    My favourite personal memory is the books allowed me to meet my book bestie online as we started messaging about Red Scrolls ♥️♥️

    Thank you so much

  16. Lain Trueblood // April 5, 2021 at 1:24 PM // Reply

    One of my favorite book memories was rereading City of Bones with a bunch of friends before the movie came out and then all of us ended up rereading the entire series up to that point 🙂

    • Alessia Merlo // April 5, 2021 at 7:56 PM // Reply

      Happy anniversary dear, your hard and constant work is an inspiration!
      My favourite moment link to Shadowhunters has to be… all the lovely meals and time I spent with Cassie. I know you know ❤

  17. Madara Navaratne // April 5, 2021 at 1:30 PM // Reply

    My favourite memory has to be meeting Cassie in Birmingham Feb 2019 🙂 The tickets for the London event had sold out so I got on a train and booked a hotel for the night to see her in Birmingham! I thanked her for her awesome representation in the tsc books that have been such a reprieve and treasure to me 😁

  18. Happy 10th Anniversary! One of my favorite moments is re-reading all books with my friend and share our opinions with each other. We started in 2013 and continue our adventure with The Shadowhunter Chronicles since then. Can’t wait for many more memories to come!

  19. Tsukiakari1203 // April 5, 2021 at 2:05 PM // Reply

    i first encountered Shadowhunter via TID and I fell in love with the world, I’ve been a fan ever since QoAaD came out.

  20. Brooke Lightwood // April 5, 2021 at 2:28 PM // Reply

    I’ve never met Cassie, but my favorite memory would have to be the time I came closest to it! My parabatai in high school knew how I’d loved the books for years, and Cassie was (and still is) my favorite author. So as the most thoughtful and amazing Christmas gift ever she emailed Cassie, and Cassie and Alberto Rosende (who plays Simon in the TV show, of course) sent a video wishing me a Merry Christmas 😭❤️. It’s the most treasured four-second video I have!
    Another fav, because I have so many, is my very first DAY reading City of Bones, which I can somehow remember so clearly despite how inconsequential it seemed at the time. My mom had randomly found CoB and CoA at a used bookstore and brought them home, intending them for my sister. After reading CoB herself to check it, since I was 13 and there IS a shirtless man on the cover, she actually had to bargain with me to read it. I was incredibly uninterested in the shirtless man. She told me to give it two chapters, and if I didn’t like it I didn’t have to continue. Of course, I continued (despite being scared to be reading about Ravener demons at night before bed), and have continued for 8 years since :). These books have changed my life! That second-hand copy of City of Bones is my most precious, even though I’ve collected 21 more since then 🌚.

  21. Caitlin Scott // April 5, 2021 at 2:32 PM // Reply

    Happy 10th Anniversary!! Congratulations and thank you for your work and dedication to the books! As many others, I also have so so many favourite memories or scenes. However, if I had to choose one, it would have to be Blackfriars Bridge scenes! Every time I visit London I have to visit St Bride’s Church and Blackfriars bridge because it is just so special because it’s Tessa’s and Jem’s meeting place. Me and my fiancé had agreed that if he hadn’t of proposed earlier in the year that it would have been the perfect spot when we visited back in September haha.

  22. Happy anniversary! Hard to choose, but the ending of Clockwork Princess was always so great to read. I love the epilogue. Other happy memories are getting Cassie’s books every Christmas to fill out my book collection.

  23. My favorite memory is probably bonding with my friends over the Shadowhunter world and just getting the same excitement every time I read the books, no matter how many times I’ve read them before. Also, these are the books that got me into reading, so if I hadn’t read TMI I don’t know if I would enjoy reading like I do today, so these books will always have a special place for me.

  24. My favorite memory isn’t about the story, it’s how my cats cuddle up with me while I’m reading. One time in particular, I had taken a snack break (don’t want to get food in the book!) and one of my kitties cuddled up WITH THE BOOK instead of me!

  25. Tasmiya Arif // April 5, 2021 at 3:09 PM // Reply

    Chain of Iron spoiler!

    My favourite moment was when James asks Cordelia to dance with him even though married people are not supposed to dance together in the first round

  26. Megan Schanker // April 5, 2021 at 4:13 PM // Reply

    My favorite memory is rereading the mortal instruments series when I was older and reading simon’s parts and being able to relate to him like and finally feeling like I have a character who I am the most like. That helped me feel so much more connected to the books and to the characters.

  27. Clara Costanza // April 5, 2021 at 4:20 PM // Reply

    Happy anniversary!
    My favourite character is without doubts Grace Blackthorn, even though she’s not really a good one, I love her and her story.
    My favourite memory is when I first known this saga, because of a friend.
    I didn’t knew, then, that I will loved these books a lot

  28. Beatrice Sanesi // April 5, 2021 at 4:21 PM // Reply

    My favourite memory is definitely the ending of “Queen of air and darkness” with Alec and Magnus proposal and wedding, even though I could just mention every Malec moment and be happy with all the memories they bring back, they’re just my favourite couple above every other one

  29. Happy anniversary!! You’ve brightened my life for the past ten years with all of your shadowhunter updates, thank you for all you do!

  30. Fernanda Zuniga // April 5, 2021 at 4:47 PM // Reply

    Thank you for the hard work and adding to this journey! Congratulations,
    My favorite moment is when Jem and Tessa reunite in the bridge. I absolutely love them.

  31. Jessi Saltzman // April 5, 2021 at 4:57 PM // Reply

    I’ve been obsessed with TSC since I first read Clockwork Angel in 2010, and have read every book,
    so it’s hard to pick a favorite moment haha. But if I had to choose, I would say the Alec and Magnus rooftop scene in CoHF. Don’t get me wrong, the proposal and the wedding were wonderful in QoAaD, but the rooftop scene was the moment I knew they would be together forever. Watching Magnus end things with Alec was heartbreaking (actually, all of their interactions together in CoLS up until that point were heartbreaking). It’s still hard to reread CoFA and CoLS because I know what’s coming. When they find each other in Edom tho, I hoped things would be all right. But it wasn’t till CoHF that we had confirmation that Alec would take Magnus back (tho was there ever any doubt?)

  32. I think my favorite memory though is when I first learned Will’s curse wasn’t real. That absolutely BROKE my heart. Honestly TID just was a whole kind of experience.

  33. Rhylee Gros // April 5, 2021 at 5:25 PM // Reply

    I remember reading the epilogue of clockwork princess, and I remember breaking down because it was sad (because i got attached to the characters) and then being happy because the ending was so beautiful.

  34. It’s so hard to pick a favorite scene in TSC. But the part where Sebastian died and Cassie wrote „His eyes were green“ was so saddddd. (Cassie why are you doing this to me..). I get that Seb was the villain and all but his death scene was so heartbreaking I CRIED.
    My other favorite part was in TiD when Will thought Jem was dying and alsleep then Magnus asked him whether Jem knows he loves Tessa. THAT scene was funny AND heart wrenching. I’ll never forgot how Jem was all like „Will… I’m not died yet“

  35. My best memory is reading Clockwork Angel in New York. (I went to Barnes&Noble for the first time and I couldn’t resist it). It was the first book I bought in English and I was afraid I wouldn’t get everything. I still remember the hotel I was in when I read William talking about pigeons and purple skies. And I remember it because I had to look for “pigeon” in Google Translate! Haha. Since then I’ve read all of Cassie’s books in English and it’s been 10 years. These books still surprise me, they make emotional but also make me laugh.

  36. Happy anniversary!!
    I think my favorite memory is when I started the series after a student in my class recommended it, and the student reread it so we could “buddy read.” We talked almost every day about what we read. So fun!

  37. My favourite memory is when I got to meet Cassie for the first time at BookCon 2019!!!
    Happy 10th anniversary!

  38. anjesh k Srivastava // April 5, 2021 at 6:42 PM // Reply

    Thank you for all your efforts here!! Uve been great help ❤
    My fav scene is when Will proposes to Tessa in TID ahhh te feels!!!

    He held her bare hand in his, his fingers curved around hers. His hand was warm and callused, and his touch made her shiver. His eyes were steady and blue; they were everything that Will was: true and tender, sharp and witty, loving and kind. “Marry me,” he said. “Marry me, Tess. Marry me and be called Tessa Herondale. Or be Tessa Gray, or be whatever you wish to call yourself, but marry me and stay with me and never leave me, for I cannot bear another day of my life to go by that does not have you in it.”

  39. Jasmine Riehl // April 5, 2021 at 6:47 PM // Reply

    Happy Anniversary! My favorite memory would have to be pushing my way through City of Ashes and falling in love with the Shadowhunters world. I loved City of Bones but struggled with City of Ashes. If I hadn’t finished COA, I would have missed out on so much!

  40. When my sister thought I had gotten her a different version of A Clockwork Princess, because I reminded her that a certain someone had to die before she was done rereading the book. I’m pretty sure the trauma made her forget he died in the first place, thus making her believe that I had acquired another version of the book.

  41. Elena Roberts // April 5, 2021 at 7:03 PM // Reply

    Happy 10th Anniversary! I have so many favourite moments from the entire Shadowhunters series so to name a few would be; the first Clace rescue in CoB, Emma & Julian turning into true Nephilim, the six-fingered Nigel comment from CoA with Tessa & Will (& Jem’s reaction) and finally Lucie calling the dead to her to save Cordelia from the Thames

  42. Happy anniversary! It’s so great to have a central space for information and extras for all things shadowhunters. Like a witchlight beacon. 😉

    There are so many great memories from interviewing Cassie for my dissertation to infecting some of my closest friends with the reading fever. But I’m certainly most glad to have been at the very end of a certain signing line in Frankfurt a couple years ago. No chance of meeting Cassie that day but I’m not complaining about the company I’ve been keeping since then. ❤

  43. Happy 10th anniversary!
    I have many favorites moments related to The Shadowhunter Chronicles.
    One of my favorite moment was reading City of Bones for the first time about 10 years ago and i’m still in love with Cassandra Clare’s books.

  44. I LOVE The Shadowhunter Chronicles, especially TID! All the characters in that book warm my heart and seeing the connection between Will and Jem really solidified what it meant to be a parabatai to me. That bond between two soul bound warriors is something that I can’t get over and is one of my favorite aspects of the shadowhunting world.

  45. JemCarstairsIsMine // April 5, 2021 at 7:52 PM // Reply

    One of my favorite memories is all the intense anticipation this series has put me through! I found TMI in 2013, months before the movie came out. It was so exciting, as it was the first book-to-movie adaptation I would get to see develop (I found The Hunger Games and Twilight after the movies had begun coming out). I was SO excited—I actually memorized the entire cast, watched every trailer a million times, and especially checked TMIsource EVERY day 😂. This website was like THE greatest discovery at the time, I was in heaven. When it came time for the movie release, which was a Wednesday, I made my mom get tickets ahead of time to the very first showing of the day (which of course wasn’t a midnight premiere or anything—more like a noon premiere). I dragged us get there early because I wanted good seats, buuuut it was a movie in the middle of the day on a Wednesday 😂 there was no need to get there early. I was unfazed lol. I continued to seriously obsess over TMIsource for City of Heavenly Fire’s release, which was Cassie’s first new book since I’d read them! Happy 10th Anniversary, and thanks for all the memories!

  46. I am very new to the TSH Chronicles as I only read City of Bones on December 31st last year. Buuuut I got so sucked in I have read all of them now, like all the series and the short story collections too. These books became my home, they came into my life exactly when I needed them. My favourite memory that involves the books is just that feeling of home. No matter what was happening around me I knew that I could come back to Jace and Clary, Will and Tessa and Jem, Magnus and his adventures and Alec.. just home. I am so grateful for Cassie and her world. “It was books that made me feel that perhaps I wasn’t completely alone.” -Will H.

  47. Congrats on 10 years!

    I have been the reading theTSC for so long and I have loved watching the world expand, meeting new characters and seeing how all the series are intertwined.

  48. Happy 10th Anniversary!

    I think my favourite memory of TSC is when I started to get into reading again after I picked up Lord of Shadows. I always loved reading but after I spend a year abroad I kinda stopped. Yet, one day I saw a copy of LoS in a bookstore and, me having read Lady Midnight a year prior, bought it immediately. I’ve read TMI long before that but after I read LoS I got really invested in the series and within a year I read every story available to me and now a few years later I have two shelves dedicated to the series…
    What is your favourite memory?

  49. Izzie Caacbay // April 5, 2021 at 9:13 PM // Reply

    Happy 10th anniversary TMI source!! I’ve only been on the fandom for almost a year and I really love it I appreciate the updates for new books and other stuffs. Wow congratulations on the 10 years and I hope there’s more to come.

  50. Happy Anniversary, my favourite moment was discovering that my favourite movie was a book series and then to find that this glorious adventure and life was also a Netflix series and the deep depression I was in was given a kick in the pants. So now when I realize the depression is setting in I grab the books from the earliest to now and read yet again and at the same time I put on Netflix and watch those amazing characters take me out of depression. Actually, I am doing that right now and from episode 1 on just made me grin, laugh and cry and feel normal. I thank you for helping keep the adventure alive. As I am a 50-year-old woman I don’t have a lot of friends that think this is normal but you do so. Everything TMI is blessed and damn exceptional. Thanks for the 10 years TMI Source, hip hip hooray

  51. My favourite memory of the Shadowhunter books was the feeling of reading them for the first time because of the twist and turns of the plot and the shock, especially at the end of City of Bones with Jace being Valentine’s ‘son’, then in City of Glass at Jocelyn’s story, and at Brother Zachariah being transformed back into Jem by the Jace in City of Heavenly Fire. I grew up with these books and I am so happy this fandom keeps expanding with more and more stories so you really feel like you could open any book and be drawn into this world where everything feels so real!

  52. Happy anniversary TMI Source! I remember reading the whole series of The Mortal Instruments for the first time years ago and I was so invested in it that I had to take the books with me everywhere. I looked a little bit like Belle walking around in my small village always with a book in my hands. (PS I strongly advice you not to cross the street while you’re reading, for you could get hurt like I almost did myself😂)

  53. Victoria Barrett // April 5, 2021 at 10:13 PM // Reply

    Happy Anniversary TMI Source!!!! So many favorite moments from the books, it’s hard to choose. I love the scene in Chain of Iron where Cordelia sees the house for the first time and all the times they play chess or read together.

  54. Clara Costanza // April 5, 2021 at 10:16 PM // Reply

    Happy anniversary!

    My favourite character is without doubts Grace Blackthorn, I love her character and her story


    I simply LOVED all of the scenes between Thomas and Alastair 🥺

  56. I don’t particularly have just ONE favorite moment from the shadowhunter world, but the one that did stand out to me the most and have carried with me since then, was when Tessa said, “ We live and breathe words. It was books that kept me from taking my own life after I thought I could never love anyone, never be loved again. It was books that made me feel that perhaps I was not completely alone. They could be honest with me, and I with them.”
    If that isn’t an exact representation of what a bookworm or book lover is then I truly don’t know.

  57. My favorite moments always included reading in the garden and getting lost in their world, with tessa marrying will, and later tessa getting to be with jem, clary bringing things to life with drawing, and our ever loving parabatai who turn into the mighty giants in battle in the Queen of Shadows. All the moments of wonder and love that made such extraordinary events that make you wish you were right there with them. I love that she continues to write even after so many amazing novels, and Cassie is easily by far my favorite author and always has been. Winning the giveaway would be a dream come true for me.

  58. Stephanie Tang // April 5, 2021 at 10:37 PM // Reply

    Will was my favorite part of the all the books💖😭

  59. Fräulein Sahne // April 5, 2021 at 10:44 PM // Reply

    I have a top three…
    1. When I was reading City of Lost Souls on holiday for the first time and was absolutely CRUSHED by the Malec Breakup, I was listening to some totally fitting (german) Musical Soundtrack. This was the first song-book-connection I ever experienced 😀
    2. When reading Clockwork Princess was the only thing to keep me sane during a flight to Rome (because I am veeery afraid of flying).
    3. When I fell in love with Kit Herondale at second sight (because I didn’t really care for him when I read Lady Midnight for the first time… how could I???) who remains my top favourite character ever since ❤
    Happy anniversary and thank you for all the memories 🙂

    • Ooh, you have to tell me the musical! 😊
      Danke for the anniversary wishes.

      • Fräulein Sahne // April 7, 2021 at 11:21 PM //

        It’s called “Flügel – Von Hoffnung getragen“ and the song is “Mensch sein“. Although it isn’t quite as fitting as I remembered, I still think of the Malec Breakup listening to it T_T It tells the story of an angel who wishes to be human because humans are allowed to fall in love 🙂
        There might still be a version on Youtube… If you’re really interested, I could also send it to you 🙂
        It’s from a small company in Duisburg called “Pro You“ which I’m a proud member of (sadly wasn’t back in the time of “Flügel“).

      • Yes, please send me a link! I’m freaking out a bit that someone from NRW/the Ruhrpott is commenting here. Small world. 😄

      • Fräulein Sahne // April 9, 2021 at 9:05 AM //

        Now I’m excited as well! I didn’t even realize you were from Germany when I watched your last Instagram Live with Cassie 😀
        I’ll send the link to the tmisource Email.
        Lots of love! 🙂

  60. Shane Querubin // April 5, 2021 at 11:22 PM // Reply

    Happy 10th anniversary! It’s awesome that you guys continue to be sources of info 🙂

  61. Happy Anniversary! My favorite memory is the first time I met Cassie in person at the City of Heavenly Fire launch in NYC. I remember the signing didn’t start until very late because it was release day and we couldn’t leave with the books until like after midnight lol. It was fun attending with friends!

  62. Afreena Natasya // April 5, 2021 at 11:42 PM // Reply

    happy anniversary!!! My favourite is just feeling like im a side character watching it all happen before my eyes. I feel like im there the whole time every battle was happening (except all the love scenes and breakup scenes tho😂) but yeah, cassie made me feel like i got the privilege to be there with the other characters too

  63. My favourite memory from the Shadowhunter books would probably Will telling Tessa that he loved her. It was so heartbreaking but in the best way possible!!!!!!

  64. Happy anniversary!! My favorite memory is just reading the entire Shadowhunter world for the very first time and meeting all the amazing characters who later became my favorites (they are everything) and just having an amazing time waiting for books to come out and connecting with so many fans who can scream about the books with me!

  65. Fay Bannister // April 6, 2021 at 4:49 AM // Reply

    Happy Anniversary!! I absolutely love this account so thank you so much!!

    My favourite shadowhunter moment is when Jem and Will reunite in their dreams in ghosts of the shadow market. It was such a beautiful moment for me because i loved Jem and Wills relationship so much and it showed the power of that relationship. Even though Jem didn’t have his normal humanity he was still able to feel such powerful emotions towards Will (tessa too as it’s mentioned). The infernal devices is absolutely my favourite series and it makes me bawl my eyes out. I also absolutely adore any moment with Kit (especially when’s he’s with Mina)

    Thank you Cassie and Cat!! xxx

  66. Diamond Ramon // April 6, 2021 at 4:52 AM // Reply

    My favorite shadow hunter memory was when I was 13 and my best friend showed me City of Bones and said I would like it, so I started reading it and I’ve loved every shadow hunter book since then. I’ve now read almost all of the shadow hunter chronicles and I am so happy that my friend recommended them to me.

  67. Fay Bannsiter // April 6, 2021 at 4:56 AM // Reply

    Happy Anniversary!! I absolutely love this account so thank you so much!!
    My favourite shadowhunter moment is when Jem and Will reunite in their dreams in ghosts of the shadow market. It was such a beautiful moment for me because i loved Jem and Wills relationship so much and it showed the power of that relationship. Even though Jem didn’t have his normal humanity he was still able to feel such powerful emotions towards Will (tessa too as it’s mentioned). The infernal devices is absolutely my favourite series and it makes me bawl my eyes out. I also absolutely adore any moment with Kit (especially when’s he’s with Mina)
    Thank you Cassie and Cat!! xxx

  68. Happy Anniversary!! I absolutely love this account so thank you so much!!

    My favourite shadowhunter moment is when Jem and Will reunite in their dreams in ghosts of the shadow market. It was such a beautiful moment for me because i loved Jem and Wills relationship so much and it showed the power of that relationship. Even though Jem didn’t have his normal humanity he was still able to feel such powerful emotions towards Will (tessa too as it’s mentioned). The infernal devices is absolutely my favourite series and it makes me bawl my eyes out. I also absolutely adore any moment with Kit (especially when’s he’s with Mina)

    Thank you Cassie and Cat!! xxx

  69. Winnie Cheung // April 6, 2021 at 7:05 AM // Reply

    Happy anniversary!
    My favorite memory was when my friend handed me Clockwork Angel and showed me an exerpt describing Will Herondale. I fell in love with him immediately and that’s when my journey into all the Shadowhunter books began!

  70. One of my favorite memories was reading clockwork angle for the first time. Not only did it reaffirm my love of the Cassandra Clare books but it also got me into reading more period dramas which have come to be some of my favorite books.

  71. My favourite memory of the Shadowhunter World has to be when I met Cassie for the first time. The person I went with secretly had her sign My City of Glass book with my favourite quote—that I now have tattooed—and I broke down and cried because I wasn’t expecting and it was so sweet of her to do that. Then over the years since, just meeting her and being able to sit and talk with her—she’s always so welcoming and listens to me rambling 🧡

  72. Bookish Balrog // April 6, 2021 at 9:35 AM // Reply

    My favourite memory was getting to see Cassandra Clare in tour. It was my first ever book signing so it holds a really special place in my heart. I can’t wait for the world to go back to normal so I can attend even more events. I’ve still got so many questions I want to ask her !

  73. Hard to tell, my favourite memory is probably reading Red Scrolls for the first time – one very special moment for me was finding oit that Raphael is aroace like me (yay! Rep!).

    Other than that, it is having CoHF with me on a school trip. It was my forst preorder and without it, my week at summer sport camp would have been so much more boring

  74. Happy Anniversary!! I have been following your accounts for some time!
    I have so many amazing memories from these books its so hard to pick one but I’ll forever be thankful to my camp counselor from when I was around 11. She introduced me to City of Bones and I have been obsessed ever since. I have at least one copy of every book!!! I will say one of my favourite memories from the books would definately have to be one of the scenes from Chain of Iron. However I don’t want to spoil anything so I’ll leave it out and opt for another one of my favourite memories which is when Emma Carstairs killed a rider of Mannan. These books have helped me through alot and I will always love them! I will also add that Tessa is one of my favourite characters and its not just because her name is close to mine😂.

  75. Happy anniversary! I’m a new fan of the Shadowhunter Chronicles, and I’ve loved seeing everyone’s passion and love for these books. I’ve watched so many videos of people raving about the books on YouTube and I’m so excited to start them myself! I am going to start buddy reading City of Bones with one of my friends this week 🙂 I went to one of Cassie’s stops on the virtual Chain of Iron tour, and I absolutely loved the event! I’ve heard everyone rave about the Infernal Devices series so I’m most excited to read that. When I joined Cassie’s newsletter, I got the Will and Tessa wedding scene as my free story. I know I probably shouldn’t have read it because I haven’t read the series yet, but I already knew Will and Tessa ended up together and I couldn’t help myself. It was so beautiful and I almost cried like three times. It made me so excited to read all of the Shadowhunter books!

  76. Mariana Malpica // April 6, 2021 at 11:37 AM // Reply

    Thanks for making this giveaway and congrats on being the best fan page 🥳

  77. How do you pick a favorite memory?? I loved the whole TMI series, but I truly fell for the Shadowhunter world when I read The Infernal Devices series so reading that series is my pick for favorite memory. And I get emotional every time I read a new story involving Tessa, Will, and/or Jem/Brother Zechariah. I just love them so much haha!

  78. bookbloggirl // April 6, 2021 at 12:26 PM // Reply

    As much as the ending to Clockwork Prince broke my heart it’s probably one of my favourite moments because even now YEARS after reading it on release day I still remember how my heart broke for Will and Tessa. It was probably one of the first times I felt that invested in a book and the characters involved.
    But thinking of happy moments, as much as I love Will and Tessa’s marriage in Clockwork Princess (and the glimpses we’re getting the TLH series, thanks Cassie!) I love when Tessa meets Jem on the bridge and he’s no longer a silent brother. I really like Tessa and Will together, but it was such a sweet scene when Jem and Tessa finally get their chance at a happy life together

  79. Kristy Kelly // April 6, 2021 at 2:42 PM // Reply

    It really is hard to pick a favorite memory when these were the books that got me back into reading as a kid and I’ve loved every one written since then. I think my favorite thing about the series as a whole is that Magnus is truly a tie in point for all the series. He’s such an amazing character and I was so happy when it was announced him and Alec were getting their own story! My favorite memory of Magnus is when he’s talking to Julian and he’s remembering the moment with Will. Like I said I love that he ties all the stories together!

  80. Aislynn McCarron // April 6, 2021 at 3:42 PM // Reply

    These books are so special to me and have definitely helped to define the person I am today. One of my favorite/most special memories is when I was reading City of Heavenly Fire in middle school. I remember it was raining that day and I had the window open to listen to the rain. I was laying in bed and got to Sebastian’s death. I just started crying because in a way he is one of my favorite characters, and Cassie really developed him, and when he became the boy with green eyes again, it touched me in a way that no other book had until that point. Really the entire time I spent reading The Mortal Instruments is so special to me because I discovered a world and characters that I fell in love with!

  81. Betül Şimşek // April 6, 2021 at 4:01 PM // Reply

    My unforgettable Shadowhunter moment was full of fear. I really live to collect things into books, like flowers, leafs, feathers, packs etc. Because of that, i had put a brown feather into my The Shadowhubter’s Codex. And i had forgotten that i put it there. Months later, when i was searching for a thing in books, i opened my Codex. While shuffling the pages i suddenly saw a brown fluffy thing. My first thought was “OMG It is a rat! I have a rat in my book! I have rat in my hands!” And my heart literally stopped for second because of fear. It was a absolute shook for me. I closed the book immediately and i was trying to take deep breaths. After i realized that “This book looks normal (thin). There can’t be any rat in this?!” And i opened my book to check it. And there was it, a brown feather i put it…

  82. aprilkirkland // April 6, 2021 at 4:20 PM // Reply

    My favorite TMI memory is reading the series for the first time and absolutely falling in love with Jace.

  83. I think when I read City of Bones, it was the first time that I saw close third person alternating povs in the chapters. I was like, „wait a minute, you can do that?“, and I started writing 3rd person, alternating POVs within chapters. It’s not that I was copying Cassandra Clare, but that the book showed me what was possible to do, and also I really enjoy multiple pov books.

  84. Zsófia Cs // April 6, 2021 at 6:29 PM // Reply

    Happy anniversary!
    My favourite memory is definitely reading the TMI books for the first time. I joined the party later (better late than never) because one of my friend loved the series. Hearing her enthusiasm made me want to read it. I never thought that I get to be a part of a wonderful family. And reading the books gave me that enthusiasm. And of course „getting to know“ Magnus was a wonderful journey itself. 🙂

  85. Shadowbooks // April 6, 2021 at 6:31 PM // Reply

    My favorite memory is the epilogue of QOAAD. That was such a „Holy s***!“ moment! 😂

  86. Maria Graceffa // April 6, 2021 at 9:02 PM // Reply

    I don’t really have 1 favourite memory specifically, but I do remember when I first heard about this series. A friend sent me the trailer when the movie was coming out, because she thought it looked like something I’d enjoy. I immediately had a quick Google, and on discovering it was based on a book series, I decided I had to read them first. Fast forward to a few weeks later and I had absolutely devoured every word CC had ever written and an obsession was born lol
    I’m currently trying to decide which rune I want (first) as a tattoo, and where to get it 😀

  87. Happy 10th Anniversary!!
    Although it’s hard to me to pick one favourite memory, I’d have to say it’s reading about Cordelia in Chain of Gold! I love a lot of Cassie’s characters but Cordelia is the first one I could actually relate to on a personal level. I love how her actions are always driven by fierce determination and that she’s always so kind and good to others, even when she might be feeling down herself. Plus she is an absolute queen! I have a feeling The Last Hours will be my favourite series in TSC, although TID will forever have a special place in my heart.

  88. Thomas Lenoir // April 6, 2021 at 9:38 PM // Reply

    My favourite memory is when i found City of Ashes with its beautiful cover in a bookstore, eleven or twelve years ago, when i was fifteen or sixteen. That is what mades me want to read the first book, City of Bones. I didn’t know at the time that The Shadowhunters Chronicles was going to be my favorite book series!

  89. My favourite memory has to be finding such a well written and spectacular love triangle. The story of Will, Tessa and Jem is heartbreaking yet so beautiful.

  90. Happy Anniversary!!!!

    I have so many memories regarding the Shadowhunter Chronicles
    I remember reading City of Ash on a boat on a beautiful sunny day
    I remember (and still am) being very confused as to why everyone believed Valentine straight away

    I remember reading Fallen Angels in school during a lesson
    I remember reading Glass in the sun and near a playpark
    I remember Heavenly Fire looking after a family friends child Emma whilst they were off cheering on their elder children

    I remember getting the Infernal Devices as a gift and reading them straight away
    I remember my sister giving me a clockwork angel for my birthday

    I remember planning my sea glass bracelet (just like Jules)
    I remember making a sea glass rune set

    My favourite series thus fur of TSC is the Dark Artifices followed by TMI and TID
    I remember the excitement of reading Queen of Air and Darkness for the first time

    and my joy at finding the Waterstones rune edition still in Waterstones funny enough and on that same day finding the spine art editions of The Infernal Devices in a charity shop

    I made a daisy chain after finishing Chain of Gold for the first time

  91. I discovered the books because of the film and fell in love with the whole series the mortal instruments, then read the infernal devices and that made me fell in love with reading and fantasy books!! Cassie’s books brought joy and color to my life with the amazing characters, storylines and the overall experience, because reading her books are a true experience!! you cry a lot (especially on second books *cof cof clockwork princess and Chain of Iron), you laugh, fall in love, get angry with characters and what happens, there so much representation for all communities and I could go on and on!! Honestly my favorite memory was reading City of Bones because after that books became one of my favorite things and for as long Cassie publishes books, I’m going to be one of the first people to buy it and support her!! THANK YOU TMI SOURCE FOR SHARING FOR 10 YEARS NOW ALL CASSIE’S WORK AND DOING LIVE WITH HER, IT MAKES ME FEEL SO MUCH CLOSER TO HER!! HAPPY ANNIVERSARY!!! MANY MORE TO COME!!

  92. Zoe Balderas // April 7, 2021 at 2:43 PM // Reply

    Congratulations!!! I love y’all’s content sm ➰💕

  93. Happy 10th Anniversary!!!
    My favourite memory has to be Cassie jokingly calling me out at a book signing 😂 let’s take a little detour (this is gonna be aong one):
    As soon as I got Clockwork Angel in 2010, I was not-so-mildly obsessed with it. Meaning I re-read it for a bunch of times until I even touched another book. Shortly after, I had to move out of my family home for college. I was quite lonely and not really ready to live on my own. Whenever I’d read CA I would instantly feel better, like someone I knew was with me. I took the book with me for the whole first year of university. Lessons? It was there. Parties? It was there. Clubs? It was there. Trips? It was there. (And even of use, since my best friend and I planned a whole London trip around it.) In the end, the book sadly also looked exactly like that. Cover thinned out, bent, dog ears on most of the pages. (Yes, I am one of those horrible people!)
    When Cassie came to Cologne for a book signing, I was indecisive of which book to take since I had gotten a pretty new Hardcover Version of CA shortly before. I still went with the old one because it was more meaningful to me. I was one of the last persons at the signing and pretty nervous. When it was finally my turn and Cassie had gotten my book she started to laugh and asked me „Why does it look like it fell into a bathtub multiple times?“ You have no idea how much I wanted the earth to swallow me in that moment. I stuttering explained to her what I carried it around with me for such a long time. Still, I kept questioning why I hadn’t taken the new version with me. Cassie just looked at me for a split second and then shouted out“ OH, so these are marks of how much you like it?! I am glad! “ We talked about the book had helped me out to adapt to my new surroundings and she told me in the end“ It’s great that you brought out the book that means the most to you. Will, Tessa and Jem will also keep you company in the future. “
    And what can I say? She was right.💙

    • I love this!! When was this? 2012 on the boat, 2014 in the book shop or 2017 when Cassie returned there? I wanna see a photo of your book!

  94. Brooke Roberts // April 7, 2021 at 3:19 PM // Reply

    Happy 10th Anniversary!!!

    I would have to say my favorite Shadowhunter memory is the moment I knew these characters and stories would always be a part of my life (I’ll most definitely make my future children read all of the books too). Back when I first started reading The Mortal Instruments I was only 13 years old, I fell in love with the character Isabelle Lightwood, her fierce confidence was something I was searching for in myself. I was insecure and anxious, and Isabelle Lightwood was the opposite, when she walked in a room all eyes were on her, and she would take the spotlight gracefully. Me on the other hand at that age I wished I could turn invisible. For Halloween that year I dressed up as Isabelle Lightwood (there’s a photo somewhere of a tiny girl in all back leather, runes all over my skin, and a spray painted sliver whip). Isabelle taught me to exude confidence even if you’re faking it, the only person who knows is you. Every room I walk in now, I think of myself as Isabelle, with electrum whip in hand and ruby pendant pulsing at my throat, and I look in my eyes that if could speak, would kill.

  95. maiden_daisy // April 7, 2021 at 6:00 PM // Reply

    My favourite memory of Shadowhunters was meeting Cassie at the first book signing I’d ever been to. It was so exciting seeing other fans of the books since barely anyone I know has read them, and I loved being able to talk about my favourite characters/scenes with other people. Congratulations on 10 years – I love your Twitter and Instagram content! 🎉 🎉
    (Also I forgot to add an underscore when entering my Twitter handle in the topatco giveaway – does that mean the points don’t count as I can’t change it? Sorry)

    • Tell me your twitter handle and I’ll see if I can edit the entry. If you don’t want to share it here, just send a tweet to us. 😊

      • Varuni R // April 7, 2021 at 8:20 PM //

        Happy 10th anniversary!! My favorite memory is coming across the news about an upcoming movie called ‚City of Bones‘. The name stood out to me then and when I visited a book shop soon after, I saw the book with the same name. I bought it and convinced two of my friends to read the series as well. Then started my obsession with TSC and here I am theorizing about Chain of Thorns, 7 years later.

  96. Brooke Lightwood // April 7, 2021 at 6:50 PM // Reply

    I’ve got a couple favorites… I’ve never met Cassie, but she wished me a Merry Christmas once! My amazing parabatai in high school emailed her and somehow got sent an incredible four-second video of Cassie and Alberto Rosende (Simon from the tv show, which was filming at the time) wishing me a Merry Christmas and lots of time to read in the New Year !!!
    My other favorite is my first DAY reading my first Shadowhunters book ever, which is odd I remember it so vividly since it seemed so inconsequential at the time! My mom had found City of Bones and Ashes at a used bookstore, and bought them with my sister in mind, actually. And after checking out CoB herself to make sure it was appropriate (since she’d never previously heard of it and there IS a shirtless man on the cover), she actually had to bargain with me to give it a try, lol. I had no interest in the shirtless man! But just a couple chapters in and I was hooked! Even though reading about Ravener demons at night before bed was a little scary, I couldn’t put it down. And here I am, eight years later, still owning that very first, precious copy of City of Bones, along with 21 other City of Bones in my collection (so far)!

  97. Happy anniversary!!!

  98. Maria Ortega // April 7, 2021 at 8:21 PM // Reply

    My favorite memory of Shadowhunters was getting to know others from the Fandom. There are so many amazing people who are so amazing. I got to see amazing artworks that blew my mind. It was fun to talk to others and getting to hangout.

  99. Louise DiMarcello // April 7, 2021 at 9:59 PM // Reply

    I have a zillion favorite memories from the Shadowhunter books… but my most favorite is still when Alec kisses Magnus in front of the Clave

  100. Jenny McLeod // April 7, 2021 at 11:40 PM // Reply

    It’s so hard to choose! Probably the Clockwork Princess epilogue

  101. Merissa Rivera // April 8, 2021 at 7:03 PM // Reply

    Happy 10th anniversary!!!! My favorite memory was finding The Mortal Instrument book the City of Bones and being helplessly sucked into a new and amazing world. Years later I love the books and all the charters but Clare and Jace are my favorite.

  102. Florea Mihaela // April 9, 2021 at 9:51 AM // Reply

    Happy 10th anniversary! 🎉My favourite memory about the Shadowhunter books was the summer when I first started reading these books. I would spend every day almost nonstop reading TMI and TID. I was 15 and I was so into the idea of this world and how it included bit and pieces from different legends, mythologies, religions. Also, I wasn’t really a reader back then. These books are what got me into reading in the first place and that’s why they will always be special to me.

  103. I love TMI I started reading it because of a friend and I was like omg I’m dying! I’m dying! help! It was my first big saga of books and I think it help me become how I am

  104. purplebass // April 10, 2021 at 3:07 PM // Reply

    Hi TMISource, and happy birthday!!! Thank you for all of these years full of news and for the effort you all put to run this amazing blog ❤

  105. I can’t believe it’s already been 10 years of these amazing stories! Here’s to the next 10 – and many more!

  106. Fanny Larsson // April 10, 2021 at 3:09 PM // Reply

    Congrats on 10 years! I remember reading TID years ago, so long ago that I only remembered snippets of it and I didn’t really remember why I loved the characters so much (while still loving them). My favourite memory is rereading these books this year as part of my preparations for Chain of Iron, and falling in love with the characters all over again.

  107. My favorite memory is sooo hard to choose (I have so many). I think it was probably when I read The Mortal Instruments for the first time between the 5th and 7th grades! They were what totally got me into reading, and the world was so immersive and unique, and fifth grade me was so obsessed. These are my comfort books and will always have a special place in my heart.

  108. kimberlykoser // April 10, 2021 at 3:13 PM // Reply

    Happy Anniversary 🙂
    My favourite memory is probably listening to the audiobook with my friends on a class trip. Sharing one of my favourite books with my best friends is something so special and personal to me that I don’t think any other memory (past or future) will be able to compete with that.

  109. My favourite memory was Alec kissing Magnus in front of the whole clave! Happy 10th anniversary.

  110. Johanna Stubenrauch // April 10, 2021 at 3:17 PM // Reply

    I love the Shadowhunter Chronicles! It all started when I watched the TV show which led me to reading the books. My favourite thing is that there are so many different series and characters. With each book you get to know more about each family and their connections. Also, I’m really happy whenever a character reappears in different series!😍
    Happy 10th birthday!🎉

  111. Happy 10th anniversary! My favorite memory is reading the books for the first time and talking about them with my mom, who had already read them. I loved exploring more about the story and the characters and the world for the first time, and then discussing the intricacies with someone who already knew them in depth.

  112. Lizzy Sanchez // April 10, 2021 at 3:29 PM // Reply

    I love the TMI books!!! Just begin able to read these amazing books over the year and to see the shows and the movie was such an amazing and fun experience. I have to thank my older sister who not stop nagging me to read them and my memory was reading the books for the first time and entering the Shadow world that I didn’t want to but down. But my favorite was seeing the relationship of Alec and Magnus go through its ups and downs and see their relationship bloom!!

  113. Aleksandra Borisova // April 10, 2021 at 3:43 PM // Reply

    Happy 10th anniversary! The City of bones movie is what got me into reading the books and they became a truly important part of my life and Clary was my first comfort character. I went to the bookstore the day after I watched the movie and picked them up. I remember bringing the books with me to school because back at the day I didn’t have that many friends and I used to spend most of the time reading. Thanks to the books I got to meet one of the most amazing people in the world who happens now to be my best friend and has been for the past 7 years. The day we met it was raining and I was curled up in my chair and the classroom was empty because everyone was outside. I was reading City of Ashes and she came to me, asking who my favorite character was and we started talking. She told me that she was truly happy that we like the same books and from that day on we started spending time together during the breaks and we read together. We laughed and asked each other questions and also acted some of the scenes. Now when a new book comes out, we go to the store to buy it together, we laugh and we cry, we discuss things and create all these memories. I will be forever grateful for Cassie creating the Shadow World and for making our lives more colorful with her stories. I will cherish that for the rest of my life

  114. Lisann Rothe // April 10, 2021 at 4:09 PM // Reply

    I think my favourite moment concerning the world of the Shadowhunters was just when I kinda rediscovered it. I read the Mortal Instruments during my teen years, but never got to the last one and finally I managed to read it and just kind of fell in love again. I think, I spent multiple weeks just in a bubble reading all the other books. It was amazing and now I am just forever chained 😀

  115. Emma (HamaiyalSana) // April 10, 2021 at 4:16 PM // Reply

    My favourite memory will always be the first time I cracked open City of Bones and suddenly found characters that spoke to me as if they were real people and that sense of finding your crowd that this community gave me from the very beginning. It just warms my heart

  116. Feliz aniversario!! Mi momento favorito fue al terminar “Princesa mecánica”. Todavía lo recuerdo como si fuera ayer. Lloré a mares y quería dormir abrazada al libro por siempre 💜.

  117. HI! Happy anniversary and thank you for everything you do for the fandom!
    My favourite memory (which is actually very recent) has to be reading about Cordelia and Alastair and their mixed heritage. Growing up mixed in the central Europe was always kinda challenging for me and I have never felt represented in anything until The Last Hours. The struggles Alastair has been through at school (when he first started the academy ofcourse) just becasue he has dark skin/ is mixed really resonate with me and with my own upbringing and it just makes me so happy to read. I feel so connected to them both and feel so seen.
    Also I’m sorry for any grammar mistakes I might have made.:)

  118. Happy Anniversary!
    My favourite moment was reading City of Bones on my way home from my first internship in another country. I was so homesick but this book gave me another home

  119. Sarah Dennehy // April 10, 2021 at 4:38 PM // Reply

    My favourite tmi memory would definitely be picking up City of Bones for the first time, I was into reading but it was the Shadowhunter world the turned me into the reader I am today, when I picked it up for the first time I absolutely fell in love with the writing , the world, the characters and finding these books will always be one of the happiest memories of my life , it’s been a long time since I found them and I’ve reread The mortal instruments at least once a year since picking it up for the first time ( sometimes twice , I think I’m somewhere around my 17th read) because they have such a huge place in my heart, I did I complete Shadowhunter reread during quarantine and it was one of the only things that made it bearable. But my fondest memory will always be getting introduced to Clary Fray, I could go on and in about how much I love everyone but Clary has a special place in my heart. As long as I can still dream, Sarah ❤️

  120. My favorite TSC memory was when Alec took the Fearless rune, and almost exposed Malec to his parents. Hppy 10th birthday TMI Source!

  121. Halla Þuríður Steinarsdóttir // April 10, 2021 at 5:15 PM // Reply

    Happy 10th anniversary
    My favourite memory is reading the red scrolls of magic because I laughed so much about the fact that Magnus created a cult that worshipped Asmodeus and in stead of doing bad things in his name he did a bunch of good thingn.

  122. Dulce Boteo // April 10, 2021 at 5:24 PM // Reply

    One of my favorite memories was the time I read Chain of Gold and I was crying, because I thought Cristopher was dead, AND I LOVE CRISTOPHER, then my mom came into my room and she started laughing at me! but she was willing to hear me about the book and why I was crying and then she took me to eat ice cream and it was an incredible afternoon!

  123. Daniela Barrientos // April 10, 2021 at 5:29 PM // Reply

    Hello, congratulations on your 10th aniversary!!! My favorite memories of these books is honestly being swept away from reality into a world that feels like home! I’m a person that struggles to keep reading while also being actively in school, but for a new shadowhunter’s release I always have the energy and excitement to spend time with these characters, and they are the books that remind me how fun reading is and inspire me to read more. So every time there is a new shadowhunter book, I know that I can take time for me and be a little bit distracted from just working all the time.

  124. Favourite moment of mine was in Clockwork Prince when it was revealed Will was right about demon pox and he ended up singing a song about it 😂

  125. Fabiane Rosa // April 10, 2021 at 6:13 PM // Reply

    Happy Anniversary! How wonderful!! 🤍🤍🤍

  126. Happy Anniversary!! You have been a huge part of the Shadowhunters fandom and we’re all appreciative of your contribution!

  127. Tiffany Prather // April 10, 2021 at 6:46 PM // Reply

    My favorite memory is Magnus telling Alec about Max and how he wants them to be parents.

  128. mangapenguin44 // April 10, 2021 at 6:59 PM // Reply

    So I just recently read all of the books for the first time and I really loved how the feeling I had when Tessa and Will were finally able to be together. It hurt that Jem was out of the relationship picture but I was thrilled with joy that ultimately I go the two ships I wanted the most.

  129. aribiasoni // April 10, 2021 at 7:00 PM // Reply

    This is so cool! Happy 10th anniversary 🤍 my favourite TSC memory is Will dancing the demon pox song haha iconic

  130. So many many great moments and memories that I can’t even choose but since the infernal devices it is my favorite series of all times and I love each character so so much and there will be always live in my heart I will choose the moment of the last meeting of Tessa and jem on blackfriars bridge I can still remember how much I cried there and having my partner looking at me like what happened to you 😂😂 and of course I have to put one more the description of the last day the Will was alive and how everyone said goodbye to him I don’t want to talk to much about that scene because I will cry again!! But I wanna say a big thank you to Cassandra because whenever I walk over the black friars bridge I get goosebumps and have a smile on my face on the same time (since I live in London ) I also wanna add that it was great experience reading that books and be lucky to live in this beautiful city ! Of course the are much more scenes from all of the series of Cassandra Clare but if I carry on I will end up writing 1000 pages regarding shadowhunters books .. love you Cassandra so much hope once covid finish you will come in London so I can finally meet you in a event :)))

  131. Happy anniversary!!
    My favorite TSC moment was Malec’s wedding :)))

  132. Wow happy anniversary!!! My favourite memory of the shadowhunters books is how I came to find out about them; I went to watch a Twilight marathon previous to the midnight showing of Breaking Dawn (no hate) and there was a chapter extract for City of Bones on my chair. I read it waiting for the adverts to start and was hooked. I’ve not looked back since!!!

  133. My favorite TSC moment was when Alec says “Because I am not your b**ch” to Jace, haha!

  134. Morgan McKinney // April 10, 2021 at 8:32 PM // Reply

    Happy Anniversary!!!! I’m newer to the Shadow World however I’ve read TMI, TID, Lady Midnight, both novella bind-up books and what is available so far for TLH! I’ve become obsessed with collecting as much of Cassie’s work as possible and own quite a lot of special editions! I have to say my favorite memory form my Shadowhunters Chronicles journey was finding TMI & TID series’ at a library sale and falling completely in love with the world of Shadowhunters! I absolutely love all the diversity! Thankyou so much Cassie and TMI Source for all your work!

  135. Lauren Hughes // April 10, 2021 at 9:43 PM // Reply

    My favorite memory of the shadowhunter books is reading them and experiencing them for the first time in my high school library with my all time favorite human, my librarian! She is the best person ever and I couldn’t have my memories of TSC without her! Also, getting a signed ARC from Cassie was surreal as well!

  136. Happy Anniversary! My favorite moment was the war council in Queen of Air and Darkness.

  137. Jackie Richardson // April 10, 2021 at 10:37 PM // Reply

    Fav memory is finally meeting Cassie last year right before the pandemic hit my community. So glad to be able to meet her and I totally fumbled over my words talking to her but she laughed it off and she and I talked about my fav character Jem! Brother Lipsmackariah!!!

  138. TID is my favorite series of all time. I’ve read it countless times and it always comforts me. My favorite TSC memory is rereading the entire series when lockdown started in India. I read TMI for the first time 3 years ago and I adored it. Rereading TMI is like visiting your old friends and the comfort you feel with your close ones. Reading about them in the lost book of the white was ❤

  139. Holly Davis // April 10, 2021 at 11:48 PM // Reply

    I first discovered the Shadowhunter Chronicles through a friend telling me about the book series and the tv series. I remember wanting to read the books when they first came out, but I was in the middle of other series and kind of got sucked into the other ones more. I am kind of happy I waited though because whole incest plot line in TMI may have turned me away completely. Being able to have all 6 books of TMI to read, lead me to be completely sucked in. I never felt like I related to characters as much before and a world that I can completely loose myself in. I’ve now read pretty much every book and short story published in this world and can’t wait to read more! Reading one of these many books truly feels like coming home! My brain is always partially in shadow world!

  140. My favourite memory from TMI is always going to when I first started the series. I was struggling to get a book from my school library in middle school but one of my teachers recommended it and thus began my adventure with the Shadowhunters. I really liked Clary as a character as she was just a normal girl who was consumed by a paranormal world where all legends are true. I had a great time reading the books and well, now I am just in love with the shadowhunter world. Well, for me being a Shadowhunter is cool!

  141. Happy 10th anniversary! I had a great time reading TMI in my 1st year middle school. I was just wondering around my school library and the books caught my eyes. Well, that took me to an adventurous journey to the Shadowhunters world! I was so obsessed with the books that I finished them in 2 months. And I almost recommend every friend of mine to read these books. My favourite memory was probably when Inwas reading and then suddenly I just realized how a fifteen years old girl(Clary) just found out about her reality that she is not a normal girl. It was just an awesome fantasy story with climax. Well, in my opsion, I would love to become a Shadowhunter. C’mon, killing demons sounds cool!

  142. My favourite memory was reading City of Bones for the first time and not sleeping on an 8-hour flight because the story was so entrancing.

  143. My favorite shadowhunter memory is when I dressed up as Izzy Lightwood for Halloween at school. And people knew who I was.
    My second one is. I was reading Chain of Gold and leaving class and there was guy who is a football player and he stopped me and said “oh is that chain of gold, I love that author but I haven’t read her newest book yet”.
    These are my favorite memories. I love Cassie and her books so so much.
    Thank you and happy anniversary!!

  144. My favourite memory is when I went into the cinema and watched the film not knowing what would start with this. Then, 6 years later I remembered that I liked the film so much an googled it. The moment I saw that it was based on a book series I had to read it. Now, 2 years later I have a passion for the whole fandom. I am so happy, that i started to read these books, because I`ve gotten new friends and a new passion.

  145. Karen Chavarría // April 11, 2021 at 12:39 PM // Reply

    When I started reading TMI I didn’t imagined that it would become such an important part of my life, I can’t stop talking about the books and the Characters, specially Magnus and Alec. They made me believe that there’s someone for everyone, and it doesn’t matter how different they might be. You can find Love in unexpected places. Love is Love.

  146. UnderestimatedGenius // April 11, 2021 at 12:52 PM // Reply

    I can’t believe it’s been 10 years! I have such specific memories connected to every single book of the saga, I’ve been reading them for so long (the very beginning! man I’m old!) that they have become a part of me; I always had one for every phase of my life, I’m getting emotional even thinking about it… I’ve bought the books in italian first and then in english, I’ve dressed up to cosplay as a Shadowhunter, and next month I’m getting my fisrt tattoo which may or may not feature a little something from this world (coff coff Cortana coff coff). I’m so happy I’m part of this world full of beautiful and strong and loving warriors. Thank you for being on this journey!

  147. Lujza Michalcová // April 11, 2021 at 3:02 PM // Reply

    My favorite memory must be the moment I received my first book from the world of shadowhunters. It was a City of bones and I read it in a few days. It’s a beautiful memory that connects me to my sister, who brought me into the world of books and fantasy as well as the beginning obsession with all the stories from cassie.

  148. First of all, English is not my first language, so correct me if I make a mistake, I guess.
    My favourite memory of the Shadowhunters books is really hard to choose. Reading the first book (by that I mean „The Mortal Instruments“) was a very special moment for me. I was thirteen (or fourteen) years old and I didn’t know that the books were going to be so addictive! I usually had a hard time reading, because I get distracted very easily (because of ADD). It was different this time, though. I couldn’t stop reading. I loved (and I still do) living in this fantasy world, creating my own version of it and forget about everything around me. The experience was so magical! I honestly want to relive that moment. Opening that book, not knowing what to expect and being drawn into this beautiful, but also mysterious and scary world that Cassandra Clare has made. Another favourite moment is when I talk with two of my best friends about the books we’ve all read. I just love fangirling with them about Jace, haha. I once recommended Cassandra Clare’s books to a girl in my class and she loved them! I guess that’s one of my favourite moments with the Shadowhunters books too!
    Well, it wasn’t one favourite moment, but I loved writing this comment, because it took me back to all these lovely memories and they made me smile.

  149. Reading TMI for the first time is my favorite memory. I was in high school and I started reading and I realized that I would not stop reading this book. I just wanted to skip class. I had a great idea to move to the back of the classroom and be calm and read a book in class. Which I did. I just read and read all day at school. Since then I read them again every March every year !! Every time I read them, it seems like the first time !!! TMI are my favorite books. Whenever I need a break from the real world, I read about world from Shadowhunter Chronicles . I enjoy and rest at the same time with them. Books, the world of Shadowhters , have somehow never lost their magic for me and that is why this series has always been so popular !!! In Serbia, where I am from, we have only a translation of TMI and the trilogy The Infernal Devices trilogy, but that does not stop us from reading other books in English. I hope that other books by Cassandra Claire will be translated as well.
    Happy anniversary to you! Thank you for everything you have done over the years !!

  150. Anna Papineau // April 11, 2021 at 3:51 PM // Reply

    My absolute favourite moments of the Shadowhunters books are when two people who clearly have feelings for each other and have been hiding them from each other finally come together. Like Will and Tessa, Emma and Julian, and the moments with James and Cordelia (even though their feelings have not been admitted to each other it is clear in their actions)

  151. Happy 10th anniversary !
    My favourite from reading the shadohunters books was going to the local libray in my town and from all the fantasy books they had there i picked out city of bone, i thought the sipnosis seemed like a really interesting plot but i never thought i would completely fall in love with the shadowhunter world that i ended asking my mom to get me the next books of the mortal instruments so i could read them asap and when i was finally able to get them i remember i binged read them within a week because i literally couldn’t stop reading but to be honest every little or big rollercoaster each other of the books has given me are ones of my favourite memories ever.

  152. Elise Clayton // April 11, 2021 at 4:29 PM // Reply

    Happy anniversary!!! My best shadowhunters memory is reading TID when I was 12. I had always read as a child but as I went to high school, I fell into a slump, until TID, which not only reignited my love of reading but lead to me purchasing every other shadowhunter book since and leading me into the world of booktube, bookstagram and book Twitter, all of which I now absolutely love. It also introduced me to fantasy books and now I will never turn back. In fact my dream now is to write and release my own fantasy series one day. Plus falling for Will Herondale is a moment I’ll never forget 😂

  153. i think my favourite memory was picking up the infernal devices and binge-reading the books because i felt less alone after reading about will and tessa and their love for books and i just really relate to and adore the characters so so much ❤

  154. My favorite memory is just reading City of Ashes while looking for a new house, it was such a vibe!

  155. Happy 10th Anniversary!! My favorite memory would definitely be first picking up the city of bones copy of my friend at school, completely oblivious of the rabbit hole I’d fall into. I didn’t even intend to actually read the book then and I was in a year-long reading slump. This series made me fall in love with reading again. ❤️

  156. Carolina Polanco // April 11, 2021 at 5:41 PM // Reply

    I remember reading every single TMI wishing I could forget the story so I could feel this amazing feeling of reading page after page and being amazed by the characters, their stories, their personalities.
    I feel like I know them so well that if I ran into them on the street I would hug them for hours and thank them for being next to me while I was growing up and still are know every day. 💖
    I found a little bit about myself in each of these characters and all of them have a special space in my heart as well as Cassandra Clare and all the wonderful people I’ve meet trough this amazing fandom 🤗✨

  157. My favourite memory is the first time my sister made me read The infernal devices. I was hooked from then on out!

  158. There is simply too many memories to choose from, but one of my favourites is loving the mortal instruments so much that I cosplayed Isabelle Lightwood at comic-con!

  159. The moment I cherish the most is having my muy recommending me TMI and loving the series from the very first page 😍

  160. Anjili Valla // April 11, 2021 at 7:24 PM // Reply

    Congratulations on 10 years!!
    I had only started reading and managed to finish all the Shadowhunters books last year. It’s so hard to pick a favourite memory but Red Scrolls of Magic is an absolute emotional favourite😍🥰

  161. Maria Rosaria Gagliardi // April 11, 2021 at 7:41 PM // Reply

    First of all, congrats on the 10th anniversary.
    About my fav memory related to Shadowhunters, I really can’t pick only one and tbh, it’s kind of hard to put into words what this entire story means to me. When I think of SH, in my mind I see a 12-years-old teenager buying her first book (CoB), I remember a 14-years-old girl not being able to read because of the tears in her eyes and completely gone crazy for Jem and Seb, I remember myself asking my parents for books instead of clothes, but also I remember myself during quarantine reading my first book in English (TID), trying to find a „way out“.
    Now I’m almost 19, I’m not the little girl I was 7 seven years ago but as then, whenever I feel a bit lost or just not in the mood to read anything, I start re-reading Shadowhunters, because it’s not just a story anymore, it’s a shelter, a place where I feel completely myself, where I can talk to people I’m interested in (@Jem, I’m in love with you, not only interested), where I can dream and just get away from reality.
    Years ago, many „grown-ups“ told me that I would have quitted fantasy because it’s for teenagers, but I don’t think I will ever stop reading or even forget Shadowhunters. Because I think that without it, I would be a completely different person: it introduced me to the magnificent world of reading, it influenced the way I think, it taught me courage, humanity and love in its purest aspect, it made me meet some of the most important people of my life and, LAST BUT NOT LEAST, reading shadowhunters made me improve my writing skills (and now my Italian teacher loves me).
    These are just a few reasons why Shadowhunters represents a fundamental part of my existence, but I hope I managed to make you enter in my heart and in my mind anyway, even if just for a little.

    Excuse me for any typo/ language mistake!
    Greetings from Italy.

  162. Sofía Ramírez // April 11, 2021 at 8:13 PM // Reply

    I’ve been reading Cassie Clare books since I was 13! It’s amazing how this books have followed me so many years and I love everyone of them, I get exited every time I see something shadowhunters related. I thinks it’s a part of my life now and I’m proud of being in the fandom and be part of the shadow world ❤️

  163. Rebecca Robles // April 11, 2021 at 8:22 PM // Reply

    The best part about the shadowhunter chronicles for me has been Tessa Gray. She was the character that who I related to the most in all the books I’ve ever read as well as who I aspired to be. Yes, she is a bookworm, which i I relate to, but she loves with her whole heart and would do anything to defend those she loves. I first read Clockwork Angel years ago and I almost feel like I grew up with her as one of my role models. I am 20 now, just a bit older than she was when the books occurred, but I still reread TID continuously as I still feel like she is someone I can learn from. Seeing her as a mother in these past books has been a true pleasure as I can see myself taking inspiration from her parenting when I do myself. I cannot wait to read more of her in COT and Wicked Powers.

  164. Catherine Habbouche-Bossé // April 11, 2021 at 8:50 PM // Reply

    Mh favourite memory related to shadowhunters was devouring « city of heavenly fire » in english at 14 (my first language is french and back then I didn’t really read in english) because it wasn’t out yet in french. Still not over that emotional roller coaster. Plus I read it while vacationing in Italy and for some reason that made it all the more magical. Maybe it was because I was close to Idris haha

  165. Humera Jabeen // April 11, 2021 at 11:08 PM // Reply

    My favourite memory has to be first discovering The Shadowhunter Chronicles OBVII!! Honestly I was so intigued by this world of amazing characters who had such interesting lives though i wouldnt last 5 minutes as a shadowhunter i felt happy that there were characters whos lives i could live in my head also just explaining the plot to my mum who would act so intrigued by this magical world and would still listen to my rants everynight!

  166. Happy anniversary I’m so happy and excited to see what’s next in store . My favorite moment will always be the malec wedding in queen of air and darkness because after so long I saw them Finnally get married and Alec is also consul so that’s adds to the excitement!!

  167. Brandon Yoplac // April 11, 2021 at 11:41 PM // Reply

    Happy tenth anniversary! My favorite moment is when the fandom share all their hype when a new shadowhunter is released! I love to watch their comments and photos of shelves or everything shadowhunter related

  168. My favorite memory was getting a copy of Chain of Iron from the library and just sitting outside reading it for hours! I’ve been a fan of the series for a couple years, but I’d never before read a book right after its release, but I got to do that for the first time this year. The weather was perfect, and I’d just started my week-long break from school, and reading Chain of Iron was the best way I could think of to start it!

  169. Happy anniversary!!!!! If I had to choose a favorite moment next to the saga it would be when I bought the first book without knowing how important it would become in my life.

  170. My favourite memory related to TMI is the fact that it helped me get to know my current best friend! We bonded over our love for Jace😂

  171. Happy 10th anniversary!! One of my favorite memories is just scrolling through Instagram and seeing some amazing fanart and memes and other textposts. I love seeing posts where people express their opinions about certain characters, and others comment their own perspectives below. And I love seeing the artistic talent this fandom has!! I have seen some amazing fanart and it makes me so happy to see how others see some of my favorite characters ever!

  172. Happy Anniversary! My favorite memory is when I first read city of bones and from there I completely fell in love with this book !!!❤️😘❤️

  173. I’m rereading the whole Shadowhunter Chronicles and honestly, it’s hard to pick just one favorite memory! Obe of them sure is when Alec kisses Magnus in the Accords Hall! And another when Matthew tells Cordelia about the meaning of his pin or something (great art and that he likes men as well). Happy 10th anniversary to you!

  174. HAPPY 10th ANNIVERSARY!! My favorite moment was when i read The Infernal Devices for the first time! It was the first ever shadowhunter chronicles that i’ve read and it made me enjoy reading so much more. This series also became my comfort book. Also when i first read Clockwork Angel I hurt my foot because i can’t stop jumping up and down around the house because I just met Will Herondale😂

  175. Sekar Agtaputri // April 12, 2021 at 12:06 PM // Reply

    The Infernal Devices have always been my comfort books. When I’m down and I’m sad, or when i get my anxiety (i was diagnosed with mental health problem last year), will herondale, james carstairs, and tessa gray are my go to characters😊 My favorite memory is when i was down and cant do anything, i pick up any books (between the three of them) and started to read. It’s very comforting and even after 7 years (since the first time i read them) I still do it until now

  176. Oh man where do I start??? 🙂 My favorite would have to be meeting Cassie in person last 2019, and then having the chance to interview her afterwards. Of course I waxed poetic about superior trio Herongraystairs the entire time! 😉

  177. Wow it’s been 10 years for TMI source!! Insane to think most of my life I have I have immersed myself into the Shadowhunter world. Since 2008 when a friend recommended I start city of bones, I’ve been hooked! I feel into this world head first and that initial friend has no idea how much that one recommendation changed my life. Throughout that whole time TMI source was the thing that kept me in the loop about events, special editions, etc. TMI source helped me know I wasn’t the only one obsessing, crying, and laughing about these books and characters. I say it all the time…. my world would be different without these characters. They have truly taught me so much! So thank you to Cassie!! Of course! And thank you to TMI Source for helping through it all! I can’t wait to have another decade of talk about this world with you!

  178. Happy Anniversary!

    I think my favorite memory will be always seeing S. Meyer post “Dear Edward and Jacob, I adore you both, but I’m spending the weekend with Jace. Sorry! Love, Stephenie”. Without it I would never find Cassies books… and freaking out when I finished the CoB… the end was so shocking… are they or are they not… and I feel in love with Cassie. And until today Cassie has still the magic to make me cry and laugh… and sometimes hate her… I say only Epilogue and now Paris. This is my favorite memory. I am grateful for finding Cassie and her books. She helped me so much. And I met fantastic people who I still appreciate and love very much.

    and btw #Wessa forever!

  179. Happy anniversary, dear TMI Source! *Hugs*
    I loved meeting some of my dearest Shadowhunter friends and Cassie in London, back in 2019. It’s been such a fun, moving experience, and I’ll cherish those memories forever.

  180. Some of my favorite memories involving the shadowhunter books is begging my mom to take me to the bookstore on release day so I could get the books as soon as possible.

  181. Happy 10th anniversary TMI Source. I have a lot of favorite moment/memory of The Shadowhunters Chronicles, especially battle/fight scenes or scene where everyone is together like the one in City of Ashes where Jace, Clary, Alec, and Izzy exit the Silent City and the Enclave is waiting for them outside or when Everyone is together in the Accords Hall in City of Glass. Or the scene in City of Lost Souls in The Battle of the Burren. One of my all time favorite scenes is when all the Shadowhunters are together in City of Heavenly Fire and they find out that the Downworld representatives (plus Jocelyn) are all missing. Another scene I like when everyone is together is in Wueen of Air and Darkness when Julie sadly dies (that’s not my favorite parts) and Alec shoots a lot of arrows and Maia says “After him! Follow Alec!” Other than scenes where everyone is together, one of my favorite scenes is when Gideon proposes to Sophie!!!! They are one of my favorite couples of all time. Another scene that I like is when Cristina kills Oban and Kieran becomes King of Unseelie and Mark says “Prince Oban is dead. Kieran Kingson is the new King of Unseelie! Long live the King!” I have way more but those are the ones I’m putting.

  182. Happy birthday, TMI Source! I’ve just joined your giveaway! I’ve started reading „The Shadowhunters Chronicles“ recently and till now my favourite moment from the books is Malec’s first kiss. Also, thank you, Cassie, for your amazing job! Love you!

  183. Hunter Hawk // April 12, 2021 at 10:01 PM // Reply

    I posted this comment previously, but I realized I posted it in a way where you couldn’t see my name (because I logged into an account that I used to practice making a website for a school competition). So, I just posted this again so my real name was there for the giveaway 🙂
    Happy anniversary! I’m a new fan of the Shadowhunter Chronicles, and I’ve loved seeing everyone’s passion and love for these books. I’ve watched so many videos of people raving about the books on YouTube and I’m so excited to start them myself! I am going to start buddy reading City of Bones with one of my friends this week 🙂 I went to one of Cassie’s stops on the virtual Chain of Iron tour, and I absolutely loved the event! I’ve heard everyone rave about the Infernal Devices series so I’m most excited to read that. When I joined Cassie’s newsletter, I got the Will and Tessa wedding scene as my free story. I know I probably shouldn’t have read it because I haven’t read the series yet, but I already knew Will and Tessa ended up together and I couldn’t help myself. It was so beautiful and I almost cried like three times. It made me so excited to read all of the Shadowhunter books!

  184. Julianna Lobo // April 12, 2021 at 10:27 PM // Reply

    Happy Anniversary! When I first heard of your account on Instagram I was so happy because it was ALL shadowhunters related, so grateful! I created twitter just to enter this giveaway lol. One of my favourite moments from the books is when Kieran starts falling for Cristina too. Love to you and Cassie!

  185. Shelby McConnell // April 13, 2021 at 12:00 AM // Reply

    There some many great memories I have day with Cassandra Clare‘s books. I could never say just one it even hard to explain the way I felt read about The passion between Jace and Clary or the love between Simon in Clary.
    I have had so many laughs and crys reading, The mortal instrument series I cannot express what these books have given to me. I’ve read them three time over im such a geek but I will always love these characters and books. There always have a special place in my heart. happy anniversary the immortal instruments!

  186. My favorite memory is reading city of heavenly fire for the first time. I was so excited when it came out and of course I couldn’t stop myself from flipping to the last portion of the book and I spoiled it for myself!!! I cried so long over Simon’s sacrifice. It was so heartbreaking for me.

  187. Happy Anniversary! I think my favorite moment was reading Clary’s birthday on CoB, since that day was also my 16th birthday and something like this had never happened to me. Almost 9 years have passed, and the greenhouse is still one of my favorite scenes! Thanks to these books I am a better person, I found refuge, I became interested in supporting the LGTB + community … It is difficult to choose a single moment of something that has meant so much and has accompanied you for so long.
    Thanks Cassie! and thanks to you for this giveaway ❤

  188. This giveaway is so exciting!!!!!!! I love the shadowhunter books so much! They are my go to cure for any bad day. I first read the infernal devices 4 years ago and till this date I always get a smile on my face by just looking at the books. Cassandra Clare has created such a special world where I can forget all my worries and troubles. I found TMI source this year and I was so happy to find such a community of people who love Cassie’s books as much as I do! Seriously no words can describe my love for the shadowhunter world and for the amazing Cassie Clare!

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